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Want More Referrals and Sales-Get Involved in Relationship Building

Running a business off referrals is the gold standard of having an established name. You do such great work and have such a great product that people share you as a resource! This is when advertising for new customers takes less time and maintaining relationships takes a little more. Referrals is where you want to be in the long run. When you can run your business on referrals everything becomes easier. People see you as a credible business and are actively passing your name. These referrals indicate that your business is working well within its social networks. What is a social network? It is a system in which people act and interact on each other. They share information and resources. They defend each other and look out for each other's needs. In essence, they are system of people. Getting in with the right people makes a difference in your business. If groups of people see you as credible and like what you have to offer they will naturally want to share that resource with

3 Tips on How to Put Your Best Foot Forward in Interviews

Your resume gets you the call but  the interview gets you the job! Its true...we as a people want to see, talk to and determine if we relate to someone before we hire them. It is a little like a marriage in the sense that we must be stuck in that relationship for some time. When you walk into that room here are a few tips that might help you earn that job! 1. Look and Dress Neat: People judge...that is what many people do. They judge you from your very first appearance. Make sure you look great with tie and suit. Don't get fancy and dress neat. 2. Research Their Business: Make sure you research their business. If you know about their sales, revenue, markets, your job, etc... you are prepared to put your answers in context. They will know this! 3. Be Confident but Not Cocky: Be confident in your knowledge and skill but don't be cocky. The minute you get cocky is when you start looking more like a liability as a hire.

Don't Waste Your Marketing Time on Social Media Sites that Don't Generate Leads

Marketing is about spending your time wisely and reaching those people who are most likely to need your product. We can waste a great amount of time marketing on the wrong channels and getting very little return. This is one of the reasons why it is beneficial to include ROI calculations for each channel.  When you are marketing wisely you will often find.... 1. Lower amount of time spent attracting clients. 2. Higher return on investment of monies spent. 3. More motivated customers that are willing to make a purchase. Not all sites are build the same. Social media is a growing method of reaching people. The Internet offers opportunities for people to connect and share information and knowledge. It is that sharing capacity that is currently driving marketing. Consider a number of different social media sites.... Facebook-You can do a lot of stuff with Facebook that is easy to use and ready made. Twitter-A lot of people watch twitter everyday. I get most of my hits from th

Rainbow Over the Military Base-Thank you for your service!

Very nice rainbow overlooking the Navy Base. I guess the "pot of gold" is our military!!!! Thank you for your service!

Bullies Spread Rumors to Gain Flying Monkey Supporters (Proxies)-A2

Creative Commons Bullies are a menace to the people they create conflicts with but it is us as a society that have tolerated them. Without a supportive network of people bullies are just plain "angry, disgruntled people" who don't know how to engage in appropriate conflict management. They are sort of just...well.....inconsequential! Add a network of people and the bully turns into a little "Hitler" running around and punishing those who shake their false sense of security. I'm spending some time raising awareness of bullies and their devastating impact on communities, people, and victims. I will also post a link to an organization that you can volunteer and support if you desire. Stopping bullying requires people to raise the standard of behavior and discouraging poor behavior. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that far to often such behavior is consider fun, exciting, and gossipy which allows such behavior to continue. This makes such organization

Focus on Solving Customer Problems For More Sales

Your customer should be your #1 priority! Selling isn't so much about making a sale as it is about helping your clients achieve their goals. Your job is to fulfill those needs and entice them with solutions a way that motivates them to seek more information. If you focus on the customer's goals, needs, and problems you are going to improve your sales through providing greater value. Customers Are Goal Directed Customers don't often just walk into a store randomly. Most customers having something in mind when they are shopping. These ideas many not be fully formed such as "looking for a great deal" but could include "I want socks on sale but will consider other items as well". Understanding what the customer is looking for helps in directing them to things they may want. Sometimes it is beneficial to just ask what they are looking for while at others times you should intuitively understand and help them form an opinion of what they want. Custom

Water Helps You Lose Weight

I didn't know just drinking more water will help me lose weight but apparently that is true! I'm not talking only about burning calories by swimming but also drinking! Something as simple as drinking water helps you get into better shape and get rid of that layer of fat. Last night I was talking with a soon to be doctor that is also heavily into fitness. I talked about that layer of fat that I can't get rid of around of my stomach and she said drink more water because..... Water is an Appetite Suppressant- A natural suppressant of appetite when you have sufficient water in your stomach. Have some water a little before you eat. Water Burns Calories-Water will actually burn calories as it metabolizes fat. Water to Remove Waste-As your body gets sore it needs to remove toxins. Water will flush your body. Water Weight Removed-Too little water forces your body to retain what it got.

How to Use Guerrilla Marketing to Increase Sales Revenue

Mastering Guerrilla marketing can make all the difference in whether or not you gain a new client or you don't!. The term indicates some type of combat attack on clients occurs which doesn't really do the process any justice. It more accurately entails using multiple methods of reaching a client through uniqueness. You don't just introduce them once, you introduce them multiple ways with something that doesn't cost much and is personalized to them. You can create a guerrilla marketing process that you can operate with potential customers. The type of business you run will determine precisely how you want to do this. Creating a plan on how you are going to guerrilla market to your customers can create the highest impact. Here is a great generic process..... Creative Commons 1. Introduction and elevator speech. 2. Follow Up 3. Send them a personalized email 4. Offer them something unique to their business. That is a process but you also need to do somethi

How to Keep in Contact With Customers?

If you are a small business you can't always afford those expensive customer relationship management systems (CRM) the big companies use. More than ever you need to stay in close contact with your customers as you know small business thrives on its relationships. Without some type of database system you are unlikely to remember all the details that allow you to maximize your sales. I like to use Excel to create a customer spreadsheet and then ensure I am maintaining my relationships. 1. Excel: Put in demographic columns for name, phone, email, etc... Make sure you put in a column or two that discusses contacts and conversations. 2. Keep it Maintained: If you are selling services or pricy products you will want to keep this sheet up-to-date with sales, conversations, likes/dislikes, etc... 3. Follow-Up After the Sale: Follow-up with sale and ensure the customer is still happy. An unhappy customers won't come back! 4. Reach Out from Time-to-Time: If you want to establish

Dog Grooming-Look at the Price! How to Save?

It is tough to imagine the cost of dog grooming. In Michigan it is $20 and in California it is $60. Considering a men's haircut cost $20 it is 2 x the price. Pooches are big business! Personally, I like my dog clean. I usually wash him myself and try and take care of what I can on my own. Yet sometimes this can get difficult if the dogs hair gets matted. A few ideas on saving are.... -Cut yourself every other time. $35 for a descent cheap electric razor. -Brush your dogs hair regularly. -Instead of a full cut get one short and one clean up which is cheaper. -Look for people on other sites that work from home. They are also cheaper. -Wash and clean regularly to extend grooming time.

Eat Small and Integrate Workouts For Maximum Health

There is a trick to getting in shape but don't share it! Shhhhhhh! To get in shape one must eat in smaller portions and integrate workouts throughout your day. That means smaller and more frequent meals with less calories. You might want to add more protein. Of course all of this is useless unless you have a fitness oriented lifestyle! Add as much fitness activities and options as you can! Eat Small: While calorie reduction is often the key for most people so is the portion size. Each smaller more frequent means. Know what your eating and don't just eat because your hungry. Get some healthy snacks and leave them around so you can easily grab them. Integrate Your Workout: Go to the gym in the morning but don't forget about the rest of the day. If you have a lunch break eat a quick bite and go for a speed walk some days. Take the stair case or do some yoga in next to your desk.

Is a False Perception Holding You Back as a Successful Executive? Looking Glass Self Theory

One of the biggest obstacles that hold executives back from success is themselves! You would think all executives are confident but that isn't necessarily true; they are human like the rest of us. When executives lack confidence they may have a difficult time pulling ahead and could even be inadvertently self-sabotaging their own successes. To truly unlock your potential you will want to review your true and false self through the Looking Glass Self Theory. Executives often hold themselves back! Started in 1902 by Charles Horton Cooley the theory states that how our identities are formed are through the eyes of other people ( Lumen ).  This means that we only understand ourselves when we interact with other people. It is this interaction that helps us form our first identities. The very beginning of our lives is formed through our first contacts which include sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and close relatives. If you have a positive first experience you will be healthier

National Debt Reaches 22 Trillion Dollars Forcing Future Concessions

The national debt is rising at an alarming rate and is likely to be part of growing concerns about what will happen to our economy in the future. Out of control spending with little fiscal control is part of the problem! We must find a way to reverse course and build a strong economy while reducing debt. Moving through this mess means improving economic synergy found through innovation. Income must rise more than debt and this requires increased transaction speed between businesses that leads to more products/services that the market is willing to pay for. Watch the latest video at Without quick change we may run the problem where programs will have draconian cuts that leave people unable to adapt quick enough. Likewise, high debt increases risks to the U.S. economic and military position if there is not enough resource cushion.

Using Desktop for Instagram App to Market Your Business

Instagram is a great resources for marketing purposes. A single picture might create enough buzz to put a business on the "map". The social sharing site works well with cell phones because the community is focused on spreading thoughts and ideas (the very essence of a community). People who want to edit their marketing pictures before sending them may be at a loss. The Desktop for Instagram App makes it very easy to post these pictures from your computer. There is a way to upload pictures to Instagram from your desktop without using this free software. I tried it and wasted about an hour and never got it to work. Perhaps there was a difference in the technologies being used. Companies use Instagram for marketing purposes by uploading pictures and other content people may find useful. With a billion monthly users (Statista)  it makes sense for companies to start using this platform. One of the advantages is that most of the young people are already using this system and

Theory of Interactive Clusters

This Research is in process of being created. Chapter 1 is being offered here. You can then click the link to see the rest. As the Theory isn't completed it will take more time to edit and improve the theory for public consumption. Read Theory Here Clusters and Cities Clusters can be the foundation of the American economy and in one way or another are part of the historical foundation of the people. The way we think about economics in a modern era is changing and to spur further growth will mean moving to new economic platforms that are data driven and more responsive to market needs. Competing with other nations will require faster innovation and growth while drawing intellectual, financial, and physical resources to regions that contain the best ability to develop them fully for maximum financial profits and economic advancements. The Theory of Transactional Clusters helps to better explain future growth in the new economy. An economic cluster can be defined as, “socio- t

Is Your Cover Letter Important?

Employers use resumes to determine whether or not they would like to contact a potential employee for recruitment. The resume does state your most basic information and your overall history but doesn't tell people much about you or how you approach issues. The cover letter letter gives you an opportunity to show how your knowledge and experience relate directly to the position you are applying for. The cover letter is used as a quick "sound bite" of who are and why they should hire you. It should address two fundamental issues. 1.) How Your Knowledge and Skills Relate to the Position 2.) Why your the Best Candidate Create a lead in paragraph that states why you are the best candidate for this position considering 1 and 2. The next paragraph (s) will give a little more detail on why that is the case. You will want to close with an action statement and request to contact.

Why Marketing Students Should Learn Database Management?

Graduating students have new responsibilities to deal with, manage, and manipulate data. With the advent of online marketing and increasing use of customer information it is important to store and understand data. Without the proper database management skills it will be difficult for marketers to reorganization data in a way that leads to more meaningful marketing results. How Does That Skill Help While Working? Lets say you are selling product "bubbles". As you source potential candidates you will come across those that are either interested in your product or have already made a purchase. That sourcing can come from any number of different sources ranging from content marketing to cold calls. Once you have talked to someone you should input the information into your database. What does the Database do for Sales? Tracking leads, understanding customer preferences, and following up on previous contacts makes a huge differences. Databases collect information that are l

"Get the Word Out" About Your Business.....and Relax!

3 Tips To Pick Food While Dining Out

Eating out can reek havoc on your diet. The really good tasting stuff seems to be fried, greased and smothered in stuff you don't want. Food is one of the biggest battles for people who must travel. When you don't know what to pick then consider using three simple rules. 1.) Low Calories: If you are trying to loose weight eat lower calorie food. 2.) Low Carbs: Avoid bread and pasta. 3.) Vegetables, Protein, Fruit: Focus on healthy foods that contribute to the body in a lean way.

Small Joys- True Beach Bands

It's true that sometimes the simplest things in life make a big difference in how our day turns out. A speedwalk and a coffee run can be lots of fun!

Why Some Businesses Should Hire Marketing Consultants?

Companies are turning to marketing consultants to help them achieve marketing goals while staying within budget. It is said that marketing is 90% of business and without it you really don't have a business. Find an affordable marketing consultant that can help you achieve your sales goals while allowing you to focus on what you do best! 1. They Don't Have Internal Knowledge: Some businesses don't have sufficient marketing internal knowledge and should consider hiring a marketing consultant. 2. Focus on Core Business: Businesses should focus on what they do best so they can raise their income. 3. Sales Revenue is Declining: Misalignment of the marketing strategy or declining sales needs an improved strategy.

Would You Die for Your Kids? Primal Urges Sometimes Take Over

At the very deepest part of our souls, before all the socializing, is the primal need to protect our loved ones. Our very soul and nature depends on the survival of the next generation. It is only our rational minds that have put in place other ideas of value that include wealth, land, and status symbols.  Kristina Stratton tried saving her children and died in the process. Would you do the same? Her children were at home upstairs sleeping in a California fire and she ran into the fire to save her children. Sadly here children survived but she did not. Of course we all say we would! Its expected of us to put others before our own needs. This includes our offspring and progeny. Yet it is a choice about who we are and many parents are unlikely to put their children's needs before their own unless they are healthy and aware.  Healthy means living in the modern world and existing in a way that leads

How to Be Scientific and Creative

Scientific minds and creative minds are often seen as separate things. They are not! The scientific mind might explore minute details and the creative mind may experiment with new forms but they share something in common. They share that they are actively seeking to understanding something. The process of using specific data and creating a framework for that data to put it within context is important. Scientific people weigh and balance. They use measurements to determine the strength between variables. They also seek out additional information to help "fill in the gaps". By learning the scientific method they can investigate ideas with sufficient confidence. They create valid and supported results. The creative mind is more about creating forms and exploring the relationships between different variables. They are willing to think outside of standard wisdom and find new ways of seeing information. The creative person like art, music, and other exploratory activities. Th

Concerns over Income Distribution and Wealth for the "Little Guy"

Life isn't always fair. People with lots of money get an easier time than people with little money. If you haven't tried to climb up from the bottom you have no idea how difficult that is. Even people who work very hard, all the time, receive very few of the rewards. Those that do seem to be in "hot" markets and knew where and how they needed to spend their college dollars. Let me say that the system does seem a little rigged but also that higher wages don't solve all the problems. If we pay Americans more, companies just move overseas and circumvent our laws. At the same time, we do know that those who are wealthy and in charge of such companies receive advantages by keeping wages low. There is no easy solution to this and people who say they do often have no idea what they are talking about. They are either on the Left or the Right of the argument. No doubt we need to do something about how people are paid and how they are not. The system must be cleaned fro

Businesses That Sell Something Unique Win

Businesses are competing for clients and trying to make things work. They are buying and selling products but not sure how to get the next step up from their competition. Small businesses should be focused on selling something unique in order to compete. Trying to compete on price and quality is difficult when you are not buying in bulk. The other day I went down to Kansas City BBQ and had a great sandwich. This was where Tom Cruise was filmed in Top Gun. An excellent place to visit that has become famous for its food and the show. It isn't upscale and isn't the nicest place in town but does offer something the others cannot. If you have a small business you will want to sell something unique. Something that no one else in the area has. You can do this by conducting a comparative analysis of businesses that may be your competitors and then offer something they don't have.

Knowing What Type of Workout to Do and When? Growth and Recovery

The first rule of working out is to enjoy yourselves! Much of what you do and what you don't do will depend on whether or not you are having fun. Beyond that there are plenty of different exercises and activities you can do that will encourage recovery and improved health. I have created two lists that may be helpful. Growth and Recovery: You are in your growth period trying to gain muscle and actively improve health. -Weightlifting -Jogging, speed walking, elliptical, etc... -Sports and competition. Recovery: You are sore and need time to recover. Some light activities will help you do this. -Yoga -Speed-walking -Tai Chi and moving medication

Poll Shows American Adults Don't Value Higher Education as Much as Executives

Eighty-two (82%) percent of executives believe that it is very important for people to get a college degree according to a survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities . You can contrast that to a Gallup Poll that says only 45% of adults have high confidence in the value of higher education. There seems to be a disconnect between companies and people. Americas may not see the inherent value in higher education like they once did.  Creative Commons I often wondered what life would have been like if I focused on getting certificates and working without being an intellectual of some type. I cannot say I would enjoy work as much but I don't know. Not having student loans seems to be helpful. Maybe I could just go to my library for free! Of course one could also argue that you can go to the library and get all the knowledge you want without stepping into a university. This is actually true but you are unlikely to have any guidance on that information. There w

Tranquility on the Beach-The Way We Live Our Lives-Beach Tranquility Poem

Beaches bring with them a sense of tranquility and quietness. I can't even imaging living in San Diego, or other beach area, and not being on or near the beach. Walking, jogging, surfing, socializing and shopping become a beach community affair. If you spend enough time there you will eventually get to know most of the people that also live in these small communities. Beach of Tranquility Poem Soft waves roll their way up the sand.  Ever reaching for something more in a soft stretch.  Fingers roll up and roll down.  Stretching and slowing with each tide.  Inner tranquility comes from connecting with the beginning and knowing the end. 

People Who Dream! We Need a Few More!

Dreams are the stuff that creates new futures. There have always been dreamers among us that think the world can be a better place. They are the ones who change things, create things, and improve things. Without them we would never change and our society would stay the same forever. We would stop progressing as a species because the dreamers are all gone. What does it mean to dream? It can be a dream about oneself or the world around them. It could be accomplishing some great feat or something as small as thinking about improvements in your life. It may be to rally a nation or rally a family. Without the dream there can be no change. One must first think it before one does it. We must dream because we must advance or die. It is hardwired into our system that some of us will always strive to be a little more than what the world tells them is possible. Not all dreams become reality but all dreams do help improve the world. Some dreams simply don't come true or people are not ab

Why You Should Encourage Bullies to Get Help? Life Long Disruption

In real life people don't not always have an inner compass or concerned about the rights of others. While the majority of society sort of follows standards and codes of conduct, there are others who seem to violate them on a regular basis. While bullies feel they are entitled to whatever they want they are masking deeper pain and this presents an opportunity. Typically, they are looking for targets so they can feel better about themselves. They also receive the rewards that society gives them...up until a point! Why is Bullying Bad in the Workplace and In Life? Society runs by certain rules. If someone is not attacking you and they are living their lives in a way that doesn't bother anyone, they should be allowed to go unimpeded. Bullies don't see it that way! Whether for physical or psychological gain they attack a target and disrupt the course of life in an unfair manner. Why People Should Encourage The Bully to Get Help? Bullies not only disrupt life they also d

Protecting Small Business and Local Wealth Through Legislation

Small businesses were always part of the American landscape from the beginning. While many small businesses still thrive there are many more that are going out of business because they can't compete against the large corporations. The businesses simply must have a higher margin simply because they don't have the volume of sales. Protecting them helps create a more vibrant economy that keeps money local. You can have 5 good family businesses or you can support 1 larger business and a bunch of minimal wage workers. Ok...maybe things aren't this black and white. There are many shades of grey when evaluating the benefits and detractors of consolidating businesses. Many times value of actions are evaluated by how much they contribute to the economy. The biggest question is not how much money is made but who actually receives this money and where does it go after? We will find that money is made, moves to fewer hands, and then out of the area. Local businesses keep money lo

Triangulating Data and Business Research

While conducting research and other ideas it is helpful to use triangulation to help determine the validity of a finding. In general, triangulation includes the use of two or more data points to references and cross-check the conclusion. This cross-validation helps in ensuring accuracy and lends additional support of the findings for implementation. If you are working in for a business and want to conduct a study on how a company can improve employee perception you will not want to use a single data sources. The same can be said of using data to determine the effectiveness of a particular skill in the market. If you were an executive making a decision on how to invest money, or what strategic choice, or where to move your business you are likely to want research. That research can be supported by a single data source or multiple data sources that are triangulated. If it was me....I would want multiple data sources before I make a big mistake!

Why Wisdom Should be Encouraged In Politics and How to Foster It

When we look at politics and behavior in today's world we might be shocked by how certain concepts such as wisdom is not as important as say concepts like power, strength, and "being right". Our culture has shifted somewhat in political landscape to be something less than its full potential. Wisdom is an idea that encompass using past experience and reflecting on knowledge to make the best decision. It is a fundamental guild to "doing the right thing" in any given circumstances. It is important for people in society to reach beyond the debase into some loftier idea of how humans can be. They are thinking and feeling creatures that have the capacity to take a moment and be objective about life. Wisdom is the highest form of knowledge that should be encourage among our politicians and our youth to ensure they are helping society. How to Improve Wisdom: 1. Recognize your emotions and let them go before making judgement. 2. Reflect on behavior and choices.

Got to Love the New One Almond Bliss!

Eating protein is a natural part of getting in shape. Your body needs protein to repair muscle and grow. Browsing the Trader Joe isles I made my way up to the selection of health bars. Young people seem to like them a lot and they have lots of different kids. I grabbed a couple different types to try them out.  The One Almond Bliss bar was fantastic! Some protein bars are pretty good, some not so good but....this one was fabulous! Chocolate and coconut reminded me more of an almond bar but with a healthy twist to it. It packs about 20 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar with 230 calories. That is pretty good if you can also get the taste with it.  You may need to keep it out of arms reach as it is soooo good you just might eat more than one and pack on the pounds. 

Protein, Eggs and Avocado After a Workout

I like to workout but don't always get the results I want. Through trial-n-error, reading and talking to people I found that eating an adequate amount of protein after a workout helps in improving your muscle tone and fitness levels. Having eggs and avocado after a work can make a big difference in your health. Eggs are high source of protein punching somewhere around 80 calories and 6 grams of protein. Having 4 or 5 eggs puts in your body 30 grams of protein. Avocado has great fats that help your body with good carbohydrates, fats and potassium. It will ensure greater electro activity in your body. The key is to each something within the first hour after working out. Your body is in need of nutrition and will likely begin to use this food to help encourage muscle growth. The best bet is to eat within a half hour because this is when it counts!

Make Choices by Focusing on the Long Term

Each decision we make moves from one possibility to the next one. We are the sum of the choices we make as they represent how we view and navigate through the world. Each time we face a problem we make another choice. So on and so forth each and every day. One could theoretically go back and check all your choices throughout your life and determine your patterns of thinking. We are Limited by Imperfect Information. Of course we also know that "perfect" information isn't always available when we make these choices. We are at a disadvantage with our limited understandings so looking at short term gains is not always helpful. Without perfect information it is often wise to make choices so you maximize opportunities. Limited information poses a risk. Make Choices that Maximize Opportunities. Likewise, it is helpful for being strategic about your life and about business. Having some goal that maximizes opportunities in the future allows you to weigh and balance the d

Why are we having such a hard time fighting global warming?

New reports from  Kathmandu-based International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in Nepal indicate that one of the world's largest polar caps is likely to thaw out by 2100. T'he report took into account more than  350 researchers and policy experts, 185 organisations, 210 authors, 20 review editors and 125 external reviewers. Why are we having such a hard time understanding and tackling global warming? I can break this down into two reasons. Lack of coordination and lack of industry interest.  1. Lack of Coordination: We don't have the mechanism to force all countries to adhere to new standards. In many cases, it is voluntary and such countries are more interested in economic growth than something a few decades down the road.  2. Lack of Industry Interest: Some companies get the message and are doing the right thing. Many others are putting their fingers in their ears because they hope to make some money and reduce the possibility of legislation a

Anchor Your Business in Ethics

All businesses should have some ethical stance that guides employees to making the right choices. Ethics is a system that people compare and contrast possible outcomes against to ensure that their behavior is sociably acceptable. When the ethical system is not open or easy to follow people begin to skirt such ethics in their own self interest. Ethics, values, and societal harmony come together. Sharing is inherent when we can receive the benefit of receiving when we are in need. Biologically we are designed to need status among our peers and support of our friends. Because society is full of people we don't know and often don't connect with, we may not feel any real obligation to follow the rules. As long as we don't break the law or people know about our behaviors then we can break all the ethical rules. Add in court battles and everything seems ok. The problem is that as soon as we do this we also reduce the need for others to follow the rules as well. We cannibali

Keep Your Body Moving Throughout the Day-10 Minute Sessions

We sometimes think that the only way to get into shape is to work out at the gym every morning. While this is great in order to get it done it doesn't necessary mean that it is the only way to get your workout in. Some people can simply workout throughout the day and receive the same benefits. Here are a few benefits of working out in 10 minute sessions. 1. Burning calories is an additive process. You don't need to burn them all at once. 2. People with responsibilities, kids and short time frames might not be able to work out all at once. 3. Walking up stairs, leg lifts at your desk, high knees around the house, push ups and sit ups while your listening can all be done through the course of your day. 4. It is wise to get up 5 minutes an hour from work. If you can have your workout while getting your blood flowing helps your body and brain function better. 

Keeping Your Home Together with Duck Tape

Last week I was walking around the beach and came across an interesting RV that was duck taped together. I believe this truck may have ran into an overpass and had much of its cabin ripped apart. The owners decided they would rather keep it running than retire the truck. Duck tape was used to keep the air out. In the end, I'm surprised the car is still in use. It takes a special kind of person to use this car in this way. I'm not knocking it...I'm just saying WOW.

Why Research is Fundamental To University Contribution and Image?

Research in today's world is hugely important as companies seek to be innovative and generate new and unique ideas. Research is often out of the reach of the average person and is typically completed in business or in academic settings. Encourage universities to conduct research based on the needs of the market can help push innovation in society. Universities have something to say. Incorporating research into a professors responsibilities helps to develop the full purpose of the university system to increase knowledge. That is difficult unless new knowledge is being generated. While not all professors must do research they should be contributing to their fields in some way. Industry-University partnerships can help in the development of specialized knowledge that furthers a particular industry. This could be a new method of plastic injection or anything else. It is using the researchers abilities applied to specific problems that have practical utilization. While we think

No Need to Fill Out Those Long HR Application Forms

Having enough information to make a decision is important. Companies are selling all types of information management systems out there that have pages and pages of fields that get you all the right information! Right? Wrong! Such systems are bulky and lose as many candidates as they catch. No one wants to spend 6 hours filling out a form for a job they may not even have a chance to obtain! Sure it separates the really motivated people from the not so motivated. Not really either. People who are busy and have a good sense of time and effort don't want to fill out forms and waste time. They want to apply within a reasonable time and move on. A better way to manage such systems is to upload a cover page and resume and let the system do the work. There are plenty of excellent resume scanning software out there. There are also plenty of ways to obtain access to Linked-in and online profiles that save time and money. No need to fill out those forms!  Long forms are useless. Employe

Why are "Up Front" Disclosures on Information Important

The amount of data in the world is massive. It is so massive that foreign governments are taking this information, from a variety of sources, and creating profiles of important figures in society. Companies are collecting information without your permission to improve sales and then keeping it in an unsecured way that leads to data theft. We are weak human beings sometimes. If we have a love for some product we have a hard time not buying it. Yet if a company puts lots of ads in front of us targeting our interests we may make even more purchases. Data and information can be useful for marketing but also can be destructive. One of the biggest problems is that people don't know how much data is really out there. Companies collect this data and then use it for many types of purposes. Even if they were only using this information for sales it is hackers and others that collect this information for devious purposes. Let's say that someone really wanted information about a poli

Satellites Determine Breaking of Glacier Could Raise Sea Levels by a Number of Feet

It seems like these news stories are becoming more common.  While new technology and increased awareness leads to lots of news time there seems to be more extreme weather. My Michigan home was under a polar freeze for a week. I don't know but it seems like we are continuing to "play with fire" with our environment.

Bar People Don't Live as Long as Vegan Joggers! - Life Choices or Brain Pre-Determination?

People have argued that behavior is a choice. Yes...conscious behavior can be a choice but much of it comes from the deeper recesses of our minds and we choose to accept or not accept the urges. Thus we are not sure whether choices are willful or not but we do know that we have limited control over it if we don't have the ability to slow down and think. There is a pretty strong argument when we look at the deepest choices of neuroeconomics we act off of our urges. Some people are better able to arrest their first urges and think about them enough to make the most strategic choice in each situation. Its not easy but it is possible to learn. Same thing with exercise or any other choices. Vegan Joggers live longer than Bar people because they can weigh and balance options on their time. They make other choices about food, recreation, etc... because they use a little more logic in their choices. 1.) Stop and Think Before Talking or Acting. 2.) Review and Analyze multiple choice

Boxing as a Sport of Competition-Tips on Perseverance.

Were playing around! I went to boxing today and no one that usually shows up to the class was there. So I got a private lesson for much less (I know them so they probably would have gave it free.). The coach Jim, per this article, is a Golden Glove type boxer who was once very successful in his field. Like a lot of young sports stars his time came and past. Kind of a sad story but anyway that is the way we are as a society. If we need you we love you and if we don't need you, or your time has passed, we sort just move on. The money goes away, the respect goes away, and the fame goes away! Not that I was ever famous, but that this phenomenon occurs over and over in society. The smart people know how to take advantage of their "time" and use the resources to create something else with it. They build brands and companies with it. Anyway, Jim is a great boxer and loves to give tips. One of things I do wrong is that I put my elbows out too far. I learned today to simpl