Sunday, February 10, 2019

Would You Die for Your Kids? Primal Urges Sometimes Take Over

At the very deepest part of our souls, before all the socializing, is the primal need to protect our loved ones. Our very soul and nature depends on the survival of the next generation. It is only our rational minds that have put in place other ideas of value that include wealth, land, and status symbols. Kristina Stratton tried saving her children and died in the process. Would you do the same?

Her children were at home upstairs sleeping in a California fire and she ran into the fire to save her children. Sadly here children survived but she did not.

Of course we all say we would! Its expected of us to put others before our own needs. This includes our offspring and progeny. Yet it is a choice about who we are and many parents are unlikely to put their children's needs before their own unless they are healthy and aware. 

Healthy means living in the modern world and existing in a way that leads to greater growth of self and society. At the end of the day, it is the next generation that makes all of the difference. Our time has come but may of us don't know that. We are still focused on ourselves. 

I wonder why some parents do and some don't sacrifice for their children. The world is full of people who take resources from their kids. They may suck their feelings of safety or take their inheritance. It just happens as part of our species. No one really knows another's soul until they have everything to loose and that is where you see miracles happen. 

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