Monday, February 4, 2019

Keep Your Body Moving Throughout the Day-10 Minute Sessions

We sometimes think that the only way to get into shape is to work out at the gym every morning. While this is great in order to get it done it doesn't necessary mean that it is the only way to get your workout in. Some people can simply workout throughout the day and receive the same benefits. Here are a few benefits of working out in 10 minute sessions.

1. Burning calories is an additive process. You don't need to burn them all at once.

2. People with responsibilities, kids and short time frames might not be able to work out all at once.

3. Walking up stairs, leg lifts at your desk, high knees around the house, push ups and sit ups while your listening can all be done through the course of your day.

4. It is wise to get up 5 minutes an hour from work. If you can have your workout while getting your blood flowing helps your body and brain function better. 

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