Monday, February 11, 2019

Why Marketing Students Should Learn Database Management?

Graduating students have new responsibilities to deal with, manage, and manipulate data. With the advent of online marketing and increasing use of customer information it is important to store and understand data. Without the proper database management skills it will be difficult for marketers to reorganization data in a way that leads to more meaningful marketing results.

How Does That Skill Help While Working?

Lets say you are selling product "bubbles". As you source potential candidates you will come across those that are either interested in your product or have already made a purchase. That sourcing can come from any number of different sources ranging from content marketing to cold calls. Once you have talked to someone you should input the information into your database.

What does the Database do for Sales?

Tracking leads, understanding customer preferences, and following up on previous contacts makes a huge differences. Databases collect information that are likely to be useful for sales or customer service. As the database gets populated with information and opportunities it is possible to scan that database for resources as well as generate useful reports.

What Type of Information Should a Business Collect?

That depends on the type of business someone operates. One business may only need email, phone number, name, address, and purchase history. B2B sales may need lots of detailed notes that allow you to understand complex solutions and information.

How to Teach Students Database Management?

It is helpful for students to understand the broader reasons for database management that includes feedback loops, research, and customer impressions. Yet that isn't all of it. They also need very specific information on how to use those databases. It is wise to expose them to simple databases that can be created using basic software as well as industry specific databases.

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