Changing Up the Work Routine for Busy Business Professionals: Complex HITT

I am a fitness trainer certificate and of course also a busy professional. With all the things going on I rarely take clients. However, sometimes what I write is beneficial for those who are also busy and want to get in shape. The advise is geared toward people with busy lives that work in desk jockey occupations, have limited time and want to double up on activities.  Your health is important to focus a little on it! Every second counts..... First, let me say that staying in shape even if you are spending time on major goals is important for the achievement of those initiatives. Not only will you feel more confident and aware, you will also have the stamina needed to make it through the work day. ( Cognitive and physical benefits ).  Over the years I thought about doubling up on different fitness categories helps save time. Creating combinations of strength, flexibility, cardio, and balance are helpful for maximizing time in gym. What I have done as of late is use lighter/medium weigh

Cheney's Defeat: She may find solid footing somewhere else.

Cheney lost her primaries so that is going to create some difficulties for those Republicans that are not necessary Trump supporters. Before you get all upset, I'm talking more from an observational and sociological perspective. Step back and sort of look at the mechanics of it all. She was a challenger of Trump within the Republican Party. She stood as an outlier and Republican voters made a choice that the challenge will not be rewarded within their party ( I respect her bravery and fortitude ).  That could also mean that the party turned further Right and has an enforcement mechanism for those who disagree with current political trajectory ( You don't have to agree or disagree to understand. ) Just take note and pay attention.  My two questions are 1.) Will the Republican Party turn further Right and 2.) will Cheney gain footing somewhere else to reemerge as a leading figure ( Foresight and hindsight are two different things )? Let us say the Republican party turns further R

Russian Speech Indicates Military Expansion and Possible U.S. Solutions

You will want to listen to this speech to gain a sense of understanding of working dynamics. What I believe Putin is saying here is that he wants to expand his military alliance and that includes the use of science and tech collaboration across allies. It is likely an attempt to shore up support for redrawing parts of the Iron Curtain and as a method of placing Russia as the center of that paradigm ( i.e. Peter the Great comments and era of unipolar world ). You can read in Ignoring Ukraine setbacks, Putin touts 'superior' Russian weapons exports .  The one thing that seems to be coming from this is that Russia would like to develop and sell more military equipment. They have a large international sales base and they are likely seeing that as a line of desperately needed revenue. Not to mention I suspect that international arms dealers have all types of ways to circumnavigate sanctions.  That being said, I think we might think about how we can create rapid innovation systems an

Why Free Passes Cost Society? The Cost of Placation

 Free passes for hate does cost society and eventually they do catch up to us. We see this now with more radical members of society willing to call for and engage in violence to get their way. I would suspect if we looked back at the histories of many of these members there were probably crumb trails leading back to all types of aggressive displays at different times and locations.  We had the sacking of the capital, targeting of law enforcement, uptick in attacking minorities, feelings of mistreatment by minorities, mass shootings, and much more. There is a general increase of  the acceptance of violence and scapegoating. If we think about the possibilities of growth in the acceptance of violence and our willingness to direct it like a tool we should all cringe a little  ( From a national development standpoint there is likely a point where if violence rises too high it begins to lower the productivity of the entire nation and increase disagreements as hypervigilance moves upwards. Th

Picture of the Super Moon on a Ship

Super moon shot taken from a ship. Its interesting because while the picture is a little dreary it sort of has its own charm. I guess many things depend on taste. You can see these and other pictures in my gallery HERE . Ship Under Super Moon

Governor Hogan Discusses the Political Environment (i.e. Classified Documents) and His Thoughts the State of Affairs

 I like what Governor Hogan is saying in terms of sort of looking at these things and waiting to fully understand them before jumping to conclusions. While allegedly keeping classified documents, and in turn the raid to recover them, is highly unprecedented we can't say at this point it is unnecessary/necessary. That will be dependent on what transpires in terms of evidence/justification ( I believe they likely have solid justification as one would know the action will go under a magnifying glass. ). No one should be above the law and sometimes it may be necessary to act for the greater good of society ( Why we have bodies of legislators vote on laws as a social group . Keep the concept of individual within the collective in mind as important for a later discussion. i.e. I, Me, We. ).  What I found interesting is Governor Hogan is talking about an increase in independent voters. I think its possible that such a middle group will grow. Whether or not they form into their own party d

Rising Distrust of Other Party: Do We Need More Centralists/Rationalists?

 If you have been watching politics for a while you will start to realize that we have two highly opposed sides within the system. There are seen as two opposed ways/habit/logic of thinking. Some of the hyper politics seems to be fostered by those members of either party that have something to gain through the conflict ( They are actually similar but you can't see that on the surface. There is a blended path I think . ). The very nature of politics i.e. Will to Power as coined by Friedrich Nietzsche , often entails some level of conflict but it doesn't have to be destructive and could very much be constructive ( There are other avenues for our leaders to find power. I would think of problem solving as a useful political tool .)  Most of the problems could be resolved with the right leadership, party members, and stakeholder sitting in the same room and having a heartfelt conversation about the direction of country. Throw radicals in a functioning group and your going to mess it