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A Few Words on Hate: Making it Past the Facade of Legitimacy

(1431-1506) Andrea Mantegna 'The Triumph of the Virtues Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue', 1502 Renaissance Humanism Hate is a problem in ours as well as others societies. In the U.S. we are posed to overcome a big portion of hate in the next few decades as new technologies lead to keen insight into some of the underlining mechanisms of the hate trap. As we challenge hate broadly across society at precisely the time technology and communication patterns are changing we can change the narrative and push society to consider the merits of man (a general term for mankind) before superficial characteristics to ensure the best and brightest come forward.  A more pure and purposeful capitalism that maximizes our human capital and opportunities broadly as technology puts more power in user's hands. The underlining mechanics of hate are still very much human to human and need further challenge to put back into the cave by which it came.  With all hate is the s
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Playing with Firefighter Knots: Can You Perform Them Under Stress?

It takes commitment to be a volunteer firefighter and requires regular self and group training. Its great to help the community but one must stay up-to-date on their skills and knowledge as much as possible. Most of the time you don't have an issue but there may be one day where one of these skills might be useful. In emergency the stress levels rise and one must have the knowledge already in their muscle memory to as to avoid cognitive overload.  Firefighters ( and others ) often must be able to perform under serious stressful situations where there is lots of confusion and lots of pressure to get things done now with multiple unknown risks ( Cognitive data overload based on multitudes of possibilities and not enough time to analyze. ). That high cognitive load situation is easiest managed through preparation and training that helps embed information into multiple possible auto responses that would be the leading tools for an immersive environment.  Typically these trained respons

Click Demographics and Why they Are Important (Academic-Capital)

Click demographics are important because they tell you who is reading your publication. Academic-Capital is a blog on national development and covers lots of different topics as they relate to that economic, business, education, and lifestyle. Naturally it will appeal to some and be rejected by others. What these demographics tell me is that there is a certain kinds of people that read these topics. That allows for better future content management to ensure that topics relate directly to the readership. Furthermore, if we add that to other page information (page impressions, time on page, etc.) we begin to understand our demographic. For example, I have 535+ impressions this morning ( That really doesn't mean anything unless I verify the time frame in which these impressions are counted. i.e. 2 hours or 24 hours .)  You can find this information under Top Demographics in LinkedIn. ( Dang! I guess I got to spell check more! 😬💨)

Voters Want Santos to Resign: Could he be prosecuted?

I'm a little confused. 🤔When someone joins Congress I have to imagine they have paperwork that they have to submit that to someone. That paperwork might include prior employment, education, things that people need to sign in order even get a door pass card or computer access. I'm surprised there is no legal mechanism to remove people who intentionally misled voters with false information and the Federal Government (including its documents) in a way that would be considered fraudulent.  We have something like  The False Statements Accountability Act of 1996 (FSAA), Pub. L. No. 104-292, H.R. 3166  and the  Ethics in Government Act 1978 . I'm curious if either these apply to this situation. We might need to ask a professional with experience in potential Congressional type fraud ( Honestly, I know its not that simple but it should be .). We should ask the man who started invented the automobile along with Atari and the modern microwave Congress Santos? I'm really confuse

Abram's Tanks Going to Ukraine: Let's Rethink Military Industry Innovative Pace of Change

 We are starting to move as a nation at a jogging pace in terms of development. The U.S is in the process of updating its innovative structure and new technology will need to be integrated into advanced weaponry. Yet as with all government spending there are limits. This is where industries can come together to create innovation that not only improves their products but also advances the military. When you have multiple industries you are also creating economic synergy. While government is often the beneficiary the use of industrial clusters with community oriented aspects can do wonders for speeding up innovation in participating companies/industries. ( Sounds good to me. Please disregard if you don't like the idea . Would Esky be a good place for prototype customization of Frigate size and smaller Navy ships? FYI more Frigates will likely grow in demand because of their multi purpose use .)

Digital Nomads on Boats: Emails into the Cold Blue!

Filling Water Tanks Cold! Part of this publication is to talk about emerging trends and lifestyles. Digital Nomads are a growing economic force fast forwarded 15 years by business adaptations to Covid. The world is going digital and the digital workers will have more freedom and power then they ever had before ( Global Nerds 🤓).  Ok sorry I was just being a little light hearted and silly this AM. A poem....even if not very good....... Digital Nomads on Boats (Emails into the Cold Blue) The clock struck 10, I put down my pen, Looked into the cold blue, Quickly sent an email to you.

Gold Standard: What is it according to Steve Forbes?

Students often ask me what is the Gold Standard and what does it mean. I have seen countries use the standard and there has been some benefit to doing that. There are some limitations. One has to really look at the Gold Standard because it can stabilize the value of money. That can be helpful when we have high inflation. Of course as with all strategies and fiscal policies there are positives and negative. Overall......I think the Gold Standard concept has merit. I wonder if one could balance the two methods by including a battery of Gold with a few other valuable resources? Need to think about it....