Sunday, April 22, 2018

Yoga Routines that Help Your Body Recover from Workouts

I came a pretty good low impact yoga routine that works well on days you have to take a rest. True growth comes from working out hard and then giving your body time to heal the little tears. Engaging in light walking and yoga on your days off help to keep your muscles flexible and your blood flowing to encourage healing.

Integrating a Horse into a New Herd

Recently my horse Sass was introduced into a new herd. Apparently, she moved into the top mare position and the other horses respect her needs. Surprising since this horse seem to so mild and will be used to train children in horse riding. She also won a few awards and loves to trot and canter. Might be one of the reasons why she came out on top.

I will say that there is a way in which one should introduce a horse to a herd. Remember that horses are creates of hierarchy (like we humans aren't) and will kick, bit, and fit a little to create a social order after a few hours or days. Make sure you do a few things that can help lessen the issue.

1.) Separate the new horses into paddocks but let them introduce each other.
2.) Feed all the horses before introduction to keep them calm.
3.) Walk around the yard to show the horse where it will be staying.
4.) Remove places where horses can get trapped in scuffle.
5.) Watch the horses for a while to ensure they are not getting excessive.

Here is a really good article.

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How to Get Bags of Name Brand Clothing for Under $100? Shopping Tips

Shopping name brand on a shoestring is possible when you know where and what to look for. You work hard for your money and shouldn't just throw it in the trash to pay for overpriced products that are not even made in the U.S. anymore. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you get what you want for the prices you can afford.

It is first important to understand that many of the name brand products like Polo and Micheal Kors sell for $40 a t-shirt and $120 for a pair of pants. It may actually cost them somewhere around $3 and $20 respectively. Of course there is some overhead. Mall space isn't cheap!

The point is that sometimes these store will sell for a much cheaper prices to move out clothing that has surpassed its season, has odd sizes, or in an effort to attract people. Today, I went to update my wardrobe and spend under $100 for two pants, two shirts, and two shorts from Calvin Klein, Polo, Gap, and Aeropostale,

Since most of us purchase off of emotion make sure that you come with a plan first.


-Frequent Outlet Malls.
-Don't be embarrassed of the Clearance Racks
-Know what you want and your budget before you get there.
-Walk around the mall first and select what you want and then go back and buy the items after you have seen everything.
-If you aren't sure you want it then don't buy it!
-Avoid anything that isn't at least 50% off.
-Look for quality and style. Don't buy something you don't need or won't wear.

Trouble Shooting Your Bilge on a Boat

In San Diego, the sailing capital of the world, when visiting I stay on a boat. Sometimes I leave it for a long time and this means everything needs to be working fine or I will have problems when I come back. One of the biggest issues is the bilge pump. If it isn't working you can sink your ship. No one wants to incur the cost of removing a ship from the bottom of the ocean.

I have been gone for two months and when I came back everything looked normal. I noticed the battery was dead. Apparently, I didn't have it plugged in the right way for charging while trying to hook up multiple batteries. I looked at the bilge and it was full of water. Thankfully, it was excessive which means it was working for a while.

After trouble shooting I came across the problem and the bilge started removing water as it was supposed to. However, I have to be more mindful to ensure that I don't sink my ship if I get a leak or heavy storms fill up the cabin.

1.) Check to make sure your bilge is plugged in.
2.) Ensure you have appropriate electricity running to the bilge.
3.) Check the fuses to ensure they are in good working order.
4.) Check the float to make sure it isn't stuck.
5.) Remove debris and check water lines to ensure they are not plugged.
6.) Make sure you have enough volts on the batter.

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

It can be difficult to eat healthy while traveling. This can be frustrating when you are seeking to get into rippling shape and all you see is fast food and snacks. Among the trans fat are a few nuggets of healthy eating at common establishments. More importantly is that they are an alternative and easy to grab and go!

1. McDonalds: Oatmeal and Salads
2. Burger King: Veggie Berger and Salads
3. Subway: Whole Wheat Tuna Sub
4. TA Truck-stops: Fruits, Salads, Sandwiches and Other Options
5. Starbucks: Feta Spinach Wrap