Friday, July 13, 2018

Did you know that horses Snort when Happy?

Your riding and pushing your horse a little and a huge "snort" comes out. You think Whoooo this horse is getting upset. Maybe its riding or maybe its pushing flys away. None of that is true! Research from the University of Rennes in France seems to indicate that snorting is a sound when horses like what is going on around them.

What makes them Snort?

1. Socializing with people and other horses.

2. Ability to graze pastures.

3. Big open spaces.

Those were not the only signs. Ears pointed forward or to the side meant happy while those pointed to the back were discomfort.

Because horses are emotional by nature they work on friend and threat based on those emotional systems. If they saw an angry picture of someone they may treat that person more as a threat when they met them in real life.

The study was published in PLOS Journal.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Portable Solar Light and Bug Zapper for Your Picnic Table and Home

You know those times when you are sitting on a picnic table, camping, or your deck and the mosquitoes attack you. It can be very uncomfortable and can ruin your good time. People want to relax and talk but run inside cutting your good times short. A portable solar bug zapper with a light would work great at those moments.

The light is strong enough to give you a solid glow over your table. No need for batteries because the sun will charge it if left out or you can plug it in to get the power. Most of the time it can just sit there and will continue to work night after night.

Better yet, it kills the bugs in a quiet and non toxic way. If your in a tent or RV this works fantastic. You can even use it next to the door of your house or out in the yard. Bugs are drawn to light and when they get in there they are "poof" gone.

For the price this product is offered for there are lots of great uses. It is handy and can have multiple functions which helps make it more versatile and raise its value when compared to cost. You may even consider that it doesn't use batteries that damage the environment.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Americans are Quitting Their Jobs-A Few Things to Consider Before Taking the "Plunge"

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that people are quitting their jobs more now than in the past 17 years. Hires were 5.8 million and separations were 5.5 million while job openings are 6.6 million. This indicates that people feel confident about taking the "plunge" and finding a new job. They felt with the economy being strong they could pick up better quality work quickly.

You may be considering taking the "plunge" yourself. Research after research has shown that the best way to earn more pay is to move to another company. Yes....executives don't often know what they have until they lose it and are more willing to pay someone new and untested. It is the nature of business and management that we don't see the people in front of us as beneficial than the "unknown"

...but before you "burn the bridges" behind you there are a few things you can do and should consider before leaving.

1.) Always keep your spirits positive and be on good terms with other coworkers and bosses. You may just need that job in the past.

2.) Collect good references from people you trust.

3.) You may want to apply within your company for different positions.

4.) Consider asking your boss for a raise.

5.) Finish up as many projects you can to leave the position in a good spot for the next person.

6.) Make sure you are critically evaluating the pay, commute time, work benefits, atmosphere, and people before "jumping".

7.) Find a job before you leave. While you might think it is easy it could take a considerable time costing you money. No unemployment for people who quit.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Photography of the Ancient Mayan Ruins

The Mayan ruins of Belize offer a unique glimpse of society before the modern advent of time and technology. People lived in this region for centuries before being wiped out by mysterious force. Whether these were of natural diseases or other forces of nature the people left a permanent reminder of their presence.

The Mayans were well developed with a large economy and solid administration. They have been compared with the Roman Empire and left to their own development may have bore a greater modern nation. Nevertheless, the people are gone, except a few descendants. Their time has come and past.

Photography raises awareness of their lives and their ability to construct amazing architecture. If it wasn't for looters in the area these ruins would have been completely untouched and hidden the forest until now. It must have been an amazing site to discover parts of a lost civilization overrun by foliage.

Local Bands Contribute to Life Satisfaction in Escanaba and Gladstone

People want a quality life and offering outlets like bands and events helps people connect as a community and find recreational activities that improve their happiness. From an economic standpoint this makes sense. As people enjoy their lives and feel positive they also spend more, make better decisions, and avoid the negativity that can creep into idle lives.

Think of a town that has nothing going on for days on end. The people don't do much but go to work and come home. Often they don't connect with their neighbors and don't feel much of a commitment to their community. Engaged people take ownership of the city and do their best to improve it.

Bands, public events and activities do increase the appeal of the community. Small towns like this often die out as people move to larger cities to find work. It is necessary to attract new families and retain old ones to keep the town vibrant. Having lots of social engagement helps draw people to visit and with any luck choose to live up here.

It would not be a full discussion if we don't mention that getting people out and meeting their neighbors also is good for business. As people walk the shopping districts and see vendors they also become more aware of local commercial activity and purchase more products. With so much shopping online anything that helps small businesses is welcome.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Where Local Artists Sell-Photography Sailing in the Caribbean!

Artists offer opportunities to create unique works of production that are not easy to copy by major manufacturers. There are small artists around the country that work from their garages and homes to sell their works anywhere they can. Most artists do this as a paste time in an effort to enjoy the process of creation.

Today's world artists have moved from local fairs, farmer's markets and galleries to sell the products online. It can be difficult because they must compete with companies that product these productions by the tens of thousands for cheap. Yet them are making a dent on Ebay, Etsy, and even Amazon.

The process isn't exactly the same as for large producers. They must try and niche out their products so that it attracts a community of followers. Facebook and other social media make this more possible. Once they have the followers they can update them when new productions come out. For Amazon they may want to put it on a product like a coffee mug or T-shirt. There are restrictions on art products unless invited.

That doesn't mean good old fashion face-to-face techniques don't work. As a matter of fact, they are often more effective because people will purchase these products right away. When something moves their emotions they simply just go and buy it on the spot. There could be a lot of unsuccessful sales as well.

This artistic production is of flowers in Belize. It comes in two sizes 8.5"X11" and 16"X20" making it possible to use in an office or on a wall. It reminds people of sailing in the Caribbean. It was actually taken while diving off of the coral reefs. There is a spot that boats come to see the sharks and throw chum overboard to attract them.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

TrainingYour Horse to Be Responsive to Turns Through the Use of Cones

Horses need consistent training to understand how to interpret the commands on the bit and reins. They aren't born with this knowledge and must learn it through their riders. Sometimes responsiveness is extremely important so that you can get them to move where and when you want. A less responsive horse will fight the commands and won't be able to turn quickly without much effort.

One way to increase horse responsiveness is through constant turning back and forth much like you would find with someone running an obstacle course or practicing on a motorcycle. Using cones to create a mini obstacle course that they must learn to weave through based on your commands can be helpful.

Set out your cones about 3 feet apart. You may want to use 5 or 6 of them in a direct straight line. Walk your horse through the cones back and forth until he/she learns to manage them easily. It should only take a slight hand movement to get the horse to do what you want. If you must pull hard then the horse needs lots of practice.

It should be noted that the horse should not push his or her backside out in the wrong direction. It should continue to walk between the obstacles without moving sideways. If it does it means the horse has not learned to continue forward and may be confusing commands. Additional different types of training may be needed before mastering this exercise.

Marketing Student are Satisfied With Their Education But Schools Could Do Better

A review of 400,000 marketing students from 600 different colleges and universities within the U.S. found that most students saw the skills they learned favorably but not as much as other students from different fields (Hartley, Routon, & Torres, 2018). They authors argue that greater emphasis on experiential learning and ability to apply their knowledge is important. The ability to practice their skills is important in the curriculum. More analysis, hands on experience and actual application is helpful in this regard.

What is experiential learning? It is the type of learning we gain by doing things. It often involves more active engagement in our minds where boring school curriculum is geared more towards passive learning. As we work with our hands and do things we have more ways to remember the information and commit them to our knowledge banks.

There is a big difference between reading something in a book and actually working on it. This is one of the reasons why schools have field trips, work-study programs, internships, and actual laboratories. They want the students to touch and work with the materials they will be using when they are employed.

In online education the process works a little differently. Internships, labs that offer the materials, case studies and application of knowledge are used. Sometimes videos, virtual reality, and interactive programs help create better knowledge retention.

In either case, it states that improving curriculum will be helpful for making college ready graduates. Employers are pressing universities to do more with limited resources. Expanding the learning time is not a possibility and wouldn't be well received. Therefore, it becomes necessary to remove some less helpful curriculum and replace it with higher quality curriculum.

Hartley, P., Routon, W. & Torres, L. (2018). The Skills Marketing Majors Believe They Acquire: Evidence From a National Survey. Journal of Marketing Education. Retrieved

How to Get a Motor on an Inflatable Boat? Everything You Need for under $700

An inflatable fishing boat is convenient primarily because you can pack it and tuck it away almost anywhere. Most come with just ores and you will have to do a lot of work to get where you want. There are engines that you can put on them that make things easier. Your standard inflatable boat won't come with them so you will need to buy something that is aftermarket.

This motor bracket will allow you to put up to 110lbs of motor weight on the back. That should be enough to get you a few horse power. Maybe not enough to hydroplane but definitely enough to get around get some fishing done.

Easy to install and capable of pushing a few people around you will find that it is convenient and worthwhile investment. Plug it into the top and bottom brackets and you are all set. Electric and gas motors work equally as well.

You can get a boat for about $300, a Bracket for under $100 and a Motor for $250 leaving you with a new boat $650.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Farmer Markets in Escanaba Michigan

Farmer markets allow people who grow small batches of food and create crafts to sell products. It can be difficult for them to find stores wiling to sell small items as large companies push products at a much cheaper price. The handcraft abilities of local artisans has a place to connect with customers.

Every Saturday morning local small producers come together to set up their tables. What you will find is fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, cookies, coffee and crafts. It is free to put up a table and get your stuff out there.

Located in downtown Escanaba and close to other shopping areas that host coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other retail one can hit the local farmers market and then make their way over to the other establishments.

Escanaba is home to lots of fun things to do in the outdoors and shopping districts. A small city that serves the needs of just about anyone that lives within 30 minutes drive. Campers, vacationers, and others come out and visit the downtown scene.

If your interested in renting a cabin and going on some tours I can put together a little package for you. Email, call or text. 619-540-0501 or