Space Force's Tactically Responsive Launch

Space Force launched Tactically Responsive  satellite  from Vandenberg Space   Station. While it may seem to some that the Space Force isn't necessary it would be without knowledge of the next major economic revolution (hopefully with the U.S. leading it) in which advanced global networks, high tech manufacturing, digital economy adjustments and much more. We are talking 5 G and beyond in a way that helps our environment become cleaner through more accurate metrics while pushing our industries to the top.  The U.P. is developing its own space and naval capacities as well as the U.S. looking at the Great Lakes as one of those waterways that will help manufacturing come back in the region. I'm working on a Digital Age economic cluster model for Delta County that include the aerospace, military, outdoor prototype manufacturing mixed with an export oriented port (Could also be used to repair military ships and other high tech retrofitting as well as shipping prototype/custom produ

Munising Diving Pictures-Crystal Clear Cold

 Munising's (Technically Au train) water is cold but crystal clear. We went diving the other day and I have a few nice underwater pictures to share but need to process them. You can see some of the one's I took with my camera. Notice the old smelting operations. We followed some of the wreckage from an old ore dock. The town and furnace was destroyed by fire in 1870's and no one rebuilt. See Bay Furnace History . The dock was 1400 feet long and when we were there I came across what looked like an old cart wheel (will show pictures later). You can out a ways before the drop off. The water was freezing! I took my glove off and my fingers started to sting. 

Four Mass Shootings Over Weekend-Early Detection Necessary

Mass shootings are horrific and perplexes leaders on how to address such issues. There are likely many environmental and political factors that contribute in some way to such situations but they will be hard to nail down precisely what is causing what.  That doesn't mean we don't have some ideas on potential solutions but that we should continue to explore methods of resolving mental health service deficiencies and putting in place better strategies to allow for early detection and intervention. A few of those considerations might be... 1.) We don't have a grasp of mental health help in this country, 2.) Research on deterring potentially violent individuals in the non-prison population is lacking, 3.) Finding a balance between gun rights and safety needs (..and yes I hunt sometimes.), 4.) how the online chatter is radicalizing some people (I actually saw someone radicalize their social group through social media to cleanse their community. It only takes one or two individua

Biden Speech G7 Outcome: Democracies, Taxes, and Timing

President Biden discusses the commitments agreed upon between the U.S. and its partner nations. It appears from his discussion there is a need to create a more inclusive economy. The emerging digital economy platforms will allow countries to conduct and coordinate business internationally with much more ease. This could be an opportunity for the U.S. to realign countries and reorient supply chains back toward the U.S. (I guess that depends on how you do it? šŸ¤·) There was also some discussion on the international tax commitment. There have been companies moving overseas and leaving the U.S. and Europe while still benefiting from the lifestyle and introduction here. To stop firm rate jumping means providing value more than taxes alone. Countries are total packages that range from the skill of law enforcement/justice system all the way over how our education functions and moving into other sectors such as infrastructure/shipping/internet.  Here is a calibrated tax plan I was starting to w

Camping in Munising

Munising Michigan is one of those places that is on the north side of the U.P.. The town is small, perhaps a couple of thousand, located on Lake Superior. Its becoming known as an outdoor destination. They also have ice climbing which is still part of my possible Everest long term plan (I'm a conservative but very much believe in universal justice and the equality of man/woman).   A couple of us went up last evening to camp and then dive. Its a group of divers that like plunge freezing cold water to dive for ships and other structures. Today will be shallow diving for me. I forgot my regulator in CA on didn't realize it until now.  We camped in an RV park because some of the divers have RV and all the gear. We were tenting it but I found out my sleeping bag works really well in cold weather. I know some people camp a lot but for my city friends, they probably don't camp enough. I plan on doing some more. There are probably worse ways to spend time. 

Three Generations of Canadian Muslim Family Murdered by Truck Driver-Its Important to Have Better Legislation

There is no words that can take back the lives of three people mowed down by an angry truck driver. While they were Muslim it could have easily been because they were Jewish, Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, or anything else that disturbed this driver. Unchecked hate is dangerous and in Michigan we have an opportunity to stand on the right side of history. We have an opportunity to make America stronger by pulling people to a central identity of what it means to be an American without any differentiation to the flavors of human life.  We just need to convince our law makers that tagging and finding solutions for extremism is important on a local and a national level. Opportunities for Hate Crime Reform in Michigan

Austin Shooting-The Motives Matter

Life is precious. There are people in our world that don't feel that way and they just pick up a gun or resort to violence when frustrated. We have a way to go to understand violence and how to deal with people who are bent on causing chaos and mayhem. While, based on the limited information available, it is hard to determine the cause (mental health, gang, etc...)  As single shooter often indicates mental health or personal grievance issues. Once a suspect is in custody it is important to ask the right questions so we can improve upon the laws to better protect the public. It looks like the officers responded quickly and did a solid job saving lives. This is one of the essential purposes of having highly trained officers responding to live events.