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UoM Study-Detroit Outlook to 2028: Lower Inflation, Higher Wages, Job Growth and Optimism Rising (Should Industry Notice?)

Detroit is looking like a much stronger and optimistic place when compared to when it slipped during the bankruptcy, wobbly got to its feet, and is now off the ropes swinging and landing punches! For some industries, Detroit could garner additional interest from a global market still looking for places ripe for advanced manufacturing (i.e. as a place of growing industrial power.). Sometimes you can build from the infrastructure and skills of the past to develop something stronger. ( Boxing Motivation .) (Met a few boxers in my life. I happened to meet him briefly for a second in Greektown as one of the many millions of people he has likely met in his life. I still box for fitness but was never good good because i had other pursuits. It is a good augmentation for fitness. Sorry...side note. Remember its a blog so there may be random stuff included. )  Things are looking cautiously optimistic for Detroit. They might beat the market on a number of metrics that can increase its market appe
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The Need to Enhance Military Supply Chain (US Secretary of Navy Challenges Suppliers)

The U.S. is in a situation where capacity needs to speed up, innovation quicker, and recruitment enhanced. While we are still the strongest military in existence at this time we are being challenged on multiple fronts. That will require doing things in new ways and pushing the supply chain to develop and be more nimble. New thoughts, new ways to do things, and perhaps in some cases new suppliers.  In all business we should be nimble and adaptable. Where there are deficiencies, there is room for improvement. That requires thinking about how we are currently doing things and improving on existing processes. Trust me, there are always ways to improve any system. That is any system. Sometimes we can do completely new things and find higher results. Nothing stays the same for long and when it does it typically gets lets effective over time. Adjustment is part of the overall process for enhanced performance. You may read. US Secretary of the Navy criticises industry suppliers -Poor delivery

Conference Board Index CEI Indicates No Recession but Possible Slow Growth Q2 and Q3, 2024

The Conference Board Coincident Economic Index (CEI) for the U.S. rose by 0.2 percent in January 2024 to 112.1 (2016=100). That is after a 0.2 percent increase in December 2023. It does not signal a recession but does project slower real GDP growth Q2 and Q3.  We will just have to wait to see what happens. Let us keep an eye out for other information from other sources that comes forward to see which way the winds are blowing. Key Points: -Six out of its ten components were positive contributors over the past six-month period. - Three out of four components of the index were positive in January, with payroll employment and personal income having a bigger factor. -Slow real GDP growth around Q2 and Q3. There are 10 components of The Conference Board Leading Economic Index (Conference Board, 2024, para 6.), quoted,  ( If you don't know what the components mean read  Description of Components ) "The ten components of The Conference Board Leading Economic Index® for the U.S. inclu

What is Presidents Day?

 In case your interested today is Presidents Day! Interesting video I was listening to in the background while I was working on other stuff. 

The Science of Hate: Should People be Judged by Merit or Superficial Differences?

Hate is one of those things that is destructive to society but persists in the nooks and crannies where the light of good moral conscious is dim. There are evolutionary aspects to hate that persist today in various facets of society. One only needs to talk to the recipients of hate to grasp the profound impact it has on society. Where it exists we should improve, where it is protected we should correct, and where it is actualized we should reform ( Words of Wisdom ). Each man and woman in society should be judged on merit and not on superficial race, religion, or other variances in existence (any society and any place). We owe it to the concept of justice and to the very basic aspects of social contracts to improve where there are deficiencies of judgement and outcomes. One might even argue that every person has a moral responsibility to improve when they have the capacity to do so (A higher metric). ( I have been using a long running hypothetical example of targeted hate. In this exam

The Hypothetical Feather Party Supports Improving National Decision Making (Illustrative Example Only)

We have changes coming in this country because each sprouting generation brings with it newer and more enlightened values learned from the successes and failures of the past. The founding fathers knew that we should never be sticky or irrationally staunch without considering the greater needs of society. Thus, they developed a system that can handle beneficial change and we do that in a democracy through discussion and vote. A younger generation will take their seat at the table and they will vote in act in ways that overcome the problems of their time. Values, structure of democracy, and whatever assets we earned from good governances of the past are the only things we can pass on. Society also adapts by incorporating new ideas and people into decision making positions at various places and levels in society. Gen Z and Millennials are large and different when compared to prior generations and thus will have new needs, hopes and desires. All the decisions should focus just over the hor

Feb. 15th, 2024 Escanaba MI. City Council Meeting: Water, Art Center, Skating and Renewable Energy

This meeting was a little longer at 1 hour which definitely means something important was happening. The conversations were deep and focused on water valve replacement which is expensive, some great stuff happening at the Bonifas Art Center , renewable energy sources, and an interesting idea to create an ice skating rink in Ludington Park. The city is in a problem resolution stage so if you have great ideas on how to fund and fix this problem, and it seems like a substantive solution that helps the community, I'm sure you can send them an email at the Escanaba Site.  Good ideas can come from anywhere just make sure you are not sending people down rabbit holes without substantive well thought out plans. A Scene on the Ice , c. 1625 I picked up some skates from Good Will 3 years ago. I'm ready! The water repairs will be expensive but I believe if we piecemeal grants, money and options together we can get over this hump. Definitely not insurmountable. Water and energy independence