Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Power Cardio Yoga Workout

Cardio power yoga is good for building your core strengths and developing greater flexibility. This is a tough little routine that will get your heart pumping and your muscles a little sore.

The Nature of Man and Social Groups

Social groups are what we exist in and comprise our friends and family. Social groups can be a sign of personal strength and they can help us feel as though we are part of a community and supported by a network of people. While most of this is good groups are also a place where people seek to obtain their needs and therefor there is both a positive and negative aspect to groups.

There is a saying that your 5 closest friends sum up who you are (or something like that). I think this to be only partially true. Certainly we attract people that similarities in interest and needs. However, as we get to know each other we change each other and impact each other's personalities.

The friends we keep do become a reflection on us and we should be sure to choose good friends when we can. Friends are for different things. Some friends are for fun, some are for closeness, some for sports, some for convenience. Knowing which friends are for what will help you navigate the pitfalls of friendship.

It is beneficial not to be naive. Good friends want what is in your best interest but most people have their own interests in mind. There may be social rules in place but there are also plenty of people who will violate those rules in order to get what they want. As these incidence occur you should adjust your friendship strategies to draw closer good people and back off those who you might consider to be toxic.

Social groups come from our deep needs to be within a community. Pre-modern man worked in small groups and tribes in order to obtain his needs. Community orientation was beneficial for survival. While we don't hunt in groups we do obtain our needs in groups. The social rules are important for social cohesion.

When someone violates these rules they are basically stating their needs are important than another person. Sometimes they are willing to violate people's boundaries to anyone they think they can get away with it. Other times it might be a specific person. Having confidence, maintaining strong social connections, and knowing when to confront or back off is important. The nature of man is good and bad all mixed up on the same person. Some lean a little more in one direction while other lean in another. The more socially skilled you become the better able you are to determine between the two. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Combination and Conditioning Boxing Workout

This is a fairly solid kickboxing workout. What I like about it is the coordination between hands and feet. Shadow boxing is a common form of practice. I prefer working on a bag but shadow boxing can still be a solid practice and raise your heart rate while still giving you a feel for the movements. He also combines actual practice with some core strength building techniques. 

Improving Employer Satisfaction of Recent Marketing Graduates

Employers hire graduates for positions within their firms. The marketing field requires significant "hands on" experience in order to function fully. Because it is a dynamic field much of the skills will need to be learned on the job but there are a few things universities can do that will help improve student's abilities to function within new positions. Gaining actuation experience while in school and designing curriculum around employer needs are just a few. 

Employer perspectives on graduate readiness to immediately work within their field is at a mismatch (Walker, et. al., 2009). The researchers interviewed 14 graduates and 14 employers to obtain their results. There is a lack of skills to fit the organization. Specifically, this relates to obtaining and applying relevant skills. The authors recommend that students gain some level of real business case experience, develop closer business-university relations, and switch from seeing higher education as an extension of high school to an entry point for business.

Real experience could come through internships or actually working on businesses cases that reflect what they will be doing in the outside world. 

Developing stronger relationships with the business world could be found through partnerships, surveys, and actual development of a community of executives that like to review curriculum objectives. 

We think of education as an extension of knowledge. While this is ok, we way also want to ensure that we are specifically focusing for our jobs and giving the right components based on industry needs. 

Walker, I. , et. al. (2009). The development of competent marketing professionals. Journal of Marketing Education, 31 (3).

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Finding Workout Routines that Fit Your Schedule

Commitment to a workout schedule is an amazing feat. Being consistent every day requires dedication. However, there are times when it is beneficial to change your workout schedule to accommodate yours lifestyle. That doesn't mean skimping on your workout or not being as dedicated, it only means adjustment to make it easier to accomplish.

Some people work out in the morning and get it all done in one shot. They wake up early and then head to the gym at 5 in the morning. Good for them they can do that.

That doesn't work for everyone. If you have kids and need to get them to school it isn't going to work well. The other option is to do it during your lunch hour. That works for some if they know when they will have lunch.

Others do it at night and this works for many but sometimes it can get in the way of other activities that are going on.  That will mean flexibility is important.

It is also possible to split your workout by doing a little walk at lunch and then a bigger workout at home. Depending on your goals you can adjust the type, place, and time as you see fit. The biggest thing is to keep doing it and making it a consistent activity in your life.