Tuesday, May 23, 2017

9th Annual American Business Research Conference

9th Annual American Business Research Conference
DATES: 10-11 July 2017
VENUE: Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, New York, USA
EXTENDED Submission deadline: 16 June 2017 &
EXTENDED Registration deadline: 26 June 2017
Website: www.uniconus.com
Email: uspapcon@gmail.com
Theme: Research for Advancement

Full-length papers, research-in-progress papers, case studies and /or abstracts, relating to all areas of Accounting, Banking, Business Law, Finance, Economics, Investment, Management, Marketing, E-Commerce, Business Ethics, Business Education, Econometrics and Statistics are invited for the above international conference. This conference is organised by: American Research and Publications International (ARPI) USA and supported by London Academic Research and Publication (LARAP), UK and World Business Institute (WBI), Australia and 5 peer reviewed international journals which are listed by Excellent Research Australia (ERA) of Australian Research Council, Ulrich's Directory of USA. There are also affiliated journals associated with this conference indexed by SCOPUS.


Please send full papers and/or abstracts by 16 June 2017 (please note you can submit papers any time before this deadline) via email address: uspapcon@gmail.com. All abstract and/or full papers must be prepared as per guidelines (see the link in the left-hand side of the website). Please include author title (such as Mr. Ms. Dr.), the name of author(s) and affiliation of the corresponding author, email address and the field/track of research in the paper itself. Papers which do not contain these information will not be considered for this conference. All submissions will be blind reviewed on a continuous basis so that we can send decision about review outcome to the authors as they are reviewed. We will try to answer faster to those who need to submit funding application more urgently.


Option one: Affiliated International Journals: The following three international journals which are ranked B by the Australian Business Deans Council (www.abdc.edu.au) and indexed by SCOPUS are affiliated with this conference: Outstanding papers will be considered independently by the editor of these Journals

a. Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting
b. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management
c. IIMB Management Review

Thomson Reuter and Scopus Indexed Journals:

- Banks and Banking System (Indexed by Scopus)
- International Journal of Supply Chain Management (indexed by Scopus)

If you decide to publish in any one of the above journals, you need to mention the name of the journal you selected while sending us your full paper via uspapcon@gmail.com. If the paper is accepted, after blind review, we will inform you and at the same time your paper along with our review report will be sent to the Editor of the respective journal who will decide the suitability of your paper. At the time of your full paper submission, please mention the name of the journal you are interested in.

Option Two: Special Issue of ERA Journals without fee: Quality papers will be considered for publication in 2017 special issue of any of the four peer reviewed international Journals such as Global Economy and Finance Journal (Editor: Prof. William Lim, York University, Canada), Global Review of Accounting and Finance (Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Ming-Chang Cheng, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan), World Journal of Management (Editor-in Chief: Prof. Stuart Orr, Deakin University, Australia) and International Review of Business Research Papers (Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Maggie Liu, University of Winnipeg, Canada) which are all listed by Excellent Research Australia (ERA), Australian Government and indexed by Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (USA). Indexation of these journals by Scopus is under process and each paper is assigned with DOI number provided by CrossRef of USA. There is no submission fee at all if your paper is considered as outstanding paper. Authors of the papers published in the above journals will receive one hard copy of the journal, in addition to online access (which is restricted only to the authors).

Option Three: Publication as Proceedings Papers: All accepted papers, except those accepted by the above journals, will be published, as per choice of the author, electronically with ISBN via a dedicated website (http://wbiworldconpro.com) which contains papers from previous conferences. However, papers accepted by the journals can publish only abstract in the proceedings. Before uploading, we do the extensive editorial work on your paper to maintain quality and professional standard and no fee is charged for processing /editorial work.


We provide written report on each paper presented after the conference so that the author can improve the paper. This service is rarely provided by the other conference organisers. Written feedback is our landmark activity.


This award will be announced from a block of 10 papers in each track and will be published in any of the above ranked journals and a certificate will be issued. All awardees will be awarded Membership of World Business Institute which will allow you to receive discount for future conferences and to serve in the International Scientific Committees.


This international conference is featured by arrival, morning and afternoon snack foods and hot lunch for 2 days. Conference materials such as writing pad and pen, printed program book and certificate will be issued to all attendees, session chairs and designated discussants. Basic Registration fee is US$450 and there is 5% discount for early bird registration.


Abstract or Paper Submission Deadline: 16 June, 2017
Full paper submission deadline after abstract is accepted: 26 June 2017
Registration Deadline: 26 June 2017
Review Outcome: Within 7 – 10 days after receipt of the paper


Please click on the links provided on www.uniconus.com for more information.
Send your paper to: Ms. Nuha Jahan via email: uspapcon@gmail.com

Friday, May 19, 2017

Challenges of Small Businesses

3rd International Conference on Accounting, Management and Innovation in Business

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the 3rd International Conference on Accounting, Management and Innovation in Business, Graz, Austria, May 31st. The 2017 Conference is jointly organized by FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria and California Lutheran University, California, U.S.A. The place where distinguished scholars and businessmen get together from all over the globe.

For more information regarding the conferences, use the links below to explore our conference websites.


Enquiries: Dr.Ali Dehghan

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Global Awareness Fosters International Expansion

Companies that desire to compete on a global scale should learn to develop intellectual abilities beyond the capacities of most domestic businesses. Managers with global knowledge are a highly sought after commodity during this expansion process. American employees often lack international exposure due to limited travel and overseas assignments. Without this knowledge recruiting managers sometimes find that they must rely on immigrants and new comers to society to support their international operations. Consider research on what pressures are likely to push companies to expand internationally in the Journal of International Business Studies (Dastidar, 2009):

1. Companies with high technology and/or marketing based resources.

2. Small home markets with higher production capacity.

3. Managers with global knowledge and experience that can accelerate the process.

Global awareness and knowledge are necessary components to competitiveness and if businesses forgo learning or recruiting this knowledge they may not be aware of international opportunities or how to capitalize on them appropriately. Poor attempts to further overseas expansion investments could waste precious resources.

While businesses need technology, marketing, and higher production capacity to expand overseas they won't be able to effectively do it without proper guidance. Having the necessary resources and capacities is one thing but knowing how to do it is another. However, the major intellectual capital component is employees and managers with international business knowledge. They are the workers that experienced global operations, understand different market segments, and have a systematic way of handling far reaching operations.

Protiti Dastidar, “International Corporate Diversification and Performance: Does Firm Self-Selection Matter?” Journal of International Business Studies 40, no. 1 (2009), pp. 71–85.

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 8th, 2017 Gladstone City Commission Meeting: Parks and North Shore Lakefront Development

The Gladstone Park-n-Rec expenses and the North Shore Lakefront Development Project were center stage in the May 8th, 2017 City Commission Meeting. Occurring the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at the Commission Chambers at 1100 Delta Avenue at 7:00PM. Two important public interest topics were raised. While smaller issues arose the primary purpose is to raise awareness of the "big ticket" items.  You may find more information here.

Park-n-Rec Costs/Profits
Discussion over costs and benefits were proposed. The total expense over the past year was $735K. When approximately $609K in profits were subtracted it led to a $126K deficit. However, this deficit is considered smaller than previous years and costs approximately $43 dollars per person.

There are a number of factors that influence park usage and could have an impact on budgets. Parks must have neighborhood accessibility and walkability in order to improve the overall number of visitors (Van Dyke, et. al. 2013). Another factor that influences park usage is neighborhood income. However, people who use the parks a lot are not from the highest income brackets.

While direct income and expenses seem very high you will notice that parks increase the overall value of homes located in close proximity. This increased value impacts how well the houses are maintained as well as the tax income derived from these houses. A small deficit in spending doesn't necessarily take into effect city tax increases on house value.

North Shore Lakefront Development Project:  There will be a community presentation on June 5th at 6PM at the Yacht Club for those interested in seeing potential development in the area. Food and entertainment will be provided. There is some discussion on developing the shore area with mixed use with housing and retail. You can read more about the North Shore Lakefront Development Project Here.

Waterfront development can have a major impact on smaller towns like Gladstone. According to a research study in Environments, the waterfront should be clean, green, accessible, connected, diverse, usable, affordable and attractive (Barrett, 1996). They are spaces for commerce and the community activities that fit within the natural landscape.

The goal should be to attract people to the area and encourage appropriate commercial and recreational activities that lead to the financial and social health of the community. When developed properly they will often create greater attraction for the city and encourage new businesses and investments in the area that raises its appeal.

Barrett, S. (1996). Everything is connected to everything else: Toronto and the waterfronts, shores and coasts of the Great Lakes. Environments, 24 (1).

Van Dyck, et. al. (2013). Associations of neighborhood characteristics with active park use: an observational study in two cities in the USA and Belgium. International Journal of Health Geographics, 12 (26).