Monday, April 19, 2021

Shooting at National Guard Not Acceptable Form of Protest

We are in difficult times and one can hope that peace is going to be the primary goal that holds each of us together. Most protestors want to find a way to a world where hate is no longer acceptable. They want reform and to put institutionalized racism into a challenge of the past so they can move on and live happy lives. The worst possible thing to happen, is to allow a few to turn a difficult situation into an impossible one (.....not to mention the long-term ramifications if this becomes common practice).  If people have legitimate concerns they should not let illegitimate agendas derail their voice (See Distorted Decision Making).

The National Guard is made up of our community members, our families, and our friends. Instead of shooting at them it might be wiser to wave "Hi", offer bottles of water, lay down flowers, and sign up to serve our communities in a meaningful and helpful way (A positive outlet for feelings of angst). The National Guard and Military were one of the first institutions to equalize racial disparity. Let us honor the sacrifices of our fallen warriors with love. I'm more than sure most of those soldiers are hoping and praying for peaceful resolution so they can go back to mowing laws, spending time with kids, and taking care of their domestic affairs. Peace has a purpose!

I encourage our leaders on both sides of the perspective to think long and hard about what values they hold and where we want to go as a nation before giving advice to others. See Critical Thinking and Critical Action

Sunday, April 18, 2021

April 16th, 2021: Congressional News and Global Opportunities for the U.P.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has been ringing in Congress's ear as of late. With global shifts and emergence from COVID the U.P. and its strategic interests to the rest of the nation are becoming increasingly apparent. We are not just a land of beautiful shores and dancing celestial lights, but also a hardy people that can sharpen the pick axes of the past to pierce the global market of the present with ground breaking products and innovations. Keeping the 906 thriving will mean attracting and retaining international investment in emerging industries that are in line with global/national demand. Staying abreast of market changes sometimes leads to the opening of a window of opportunity where the right investment at the right time creates a butterfly effect throughout multiple industry lines leading to national transformation (see Schumpeter Entrepreneur and Digitized Productivity and Government Innovation Methods)

There are are important considerations of infrastructure,, international collaboration(....if we call Canada international. I grew up in the U.P. and Canadians were more like cousins who happened to like Curling. Mostly we see them on the holidays. 🤷), military & space stuff, COVID tax help and other activities like Plug In the U.P. (See Rural Advisory Committee). As plans formalize you will notice that further collaboration between North American countries is likely as manufacturing supply chains are drawn back home (Unless someone wants to make them longer? 🙉 Thinking U.S., CAN and MX). The U.P. once fueled our wars with raw materials, and may come to fuel the materials and technology needed tomorrow.

Reading below you will notice that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been on the lips of our politicians. There are lot of interesting things going on in the U.P. as it relates to private and public investment in the aerospace, military, and logistical industries (Perhaps we can improve Great Lakes Shipping. See Shipping Infrastructure)(I have a few ideas on how to push the industry to grow and adapt faster than our competitors. See Start-up and Incumbent Firms Delta County and Military Innovation). The Act extends to include the Space Force that will rely on radical technologies not yet available on the market. 🤔🚀(As Buzz Lightyear and Woody in Toy Story say, "To Infinity... and Beyond!" means endless possibilities and even beyond that into the unknown.). If you are the explorer type that might sound kind of cool! 

You might also want to consider the needs of our U.P. workforce to learn new STEM skills and create other leading market capital. The U.P. may soon be a hot spot for great ideas (Hopefully, Delta County with under developed opportunities in engineering, logistics, metals/mining, manufacturing/testing, and micro-tourism industries....or variations thereof. See Creating New Innovative Industries). Matching local skill with Industry-University R&D can be a lucrative match (See Industry-University Research).

What happens in the U.P. could impact opportunities throughout the region and nation (See Regional Industry Cluster Detection) as we try to find footing to compete with China. Wouldn't it be great if we were able to rejuvenating our fighting spirit with the collective effort not seen since the Greatest Generation(See US-China Econ Platform)? Yes the tools have changed, skills have adjusted, and we are now in an global era (See Global Managers) but the ultimate mission of our nation hasn't changed at all!  The youngsters today might want to take note of a generation that overcame serious international challenges because it was the "right thing to do!" (The struggle continues on with the spirit of the past and the idealism of today's youth!👥)

The following was taken from Congress Bergman's Brief HERE. If you like to keep up for the news you can go on the site and subscribe. I encourage people to stay as informed as possible. Keeping up with the news can help businesses find new investment opportunities. Industries that are recovering from COVID are seeking new locations for investment. That can't happen unless they understand opportunities and information that creates an investment rich environment (See Trade and Investing in Global Supply Chains).

Sunset Cliffs Video San Diego

This video was taken over week ago and let me say it is one of the most beautiful places in California. I keep thinking I want to grab a friend, a safety float and snorkel the place with camera in hand. I'm not sure what the rules are when it comes to certain locations but its best to check local ordinances. These are beautiful places and we should protect them from pollution and damage so we don't hurt our fragile ecosystems. 

It should be remember that the less variability in the world's species there is an increased chance that we won't be able to adapt to problems (COVID or anything the future brings).

In the next decade or so I think we will get really smart about our world and will take more coordinated efforts to preserve (someday to enhance) the natural world we live in. I suspect we could design cities in a way that all of the run off gets recycled and/or cleaned before making it into "nature". 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller Discusses 2021 Economy

 Federal Reserve Governor Christopher J. Waller discusses 2021 economy in recent interview. A few short hand notes that seem to follow closely with Chairman Powell. You can read more about Mr. Waller HERE.

See below......

1. Ready to Rip!

2. Projection 8% GDP Growth Q2 

3. 6.5% GDP Growth for 2022. 

4. 2.5% inflation.

5. Surge in opening of economy and then back to fundamentals. 

6. Making up for lost ground. 

7. Still 8 million jobs lower than last year. 

8. No plans to remove support anytime soon. 

China GDP Flourishes 18.3% Q1 2021 -American Debate Action

China experienced 18.3% GDP growth in its Q1 2021 and it is expected it will maintain 8+/-% for the rest of the year based on global goods demand. While the market is heating up and will be renegotiating production contracts that impact global supply chains, the U.S. isn't yet ready to fully engage the global market. Political stagnation and party line economics have taken precedence. I wonder if we will get the same opportunity again reorient our manufacturing supply chains back North American (U.S, MX, CAN) and our global trading partners?🤔(See Time and Choice Economics) At this juncture American politicians probably should avoid the inefficiency of squabbling and focus on quickly settling those things they agree upon and in turn place to the side those that are not so important. (See Negotiation and Org. Health) Greasing the wheels with small agreements can lead to bigger agreements if people are capable of compromise (Compromise as a Value). Decisions are not made in a vacuum and impact employment, families, and the opportunities of our children.

You can read more on the National Bureau of Statistics of China HERE.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Data Triangulation-Validity, Measurement and Perception!

Data triangulation improves research validity by grabbing information to understand a subject form multiple sources. One may also want to explore varying types of measurements to improve upon the formulation of a mental image of what a particular phenomenon looks like. Just like we wouldn't rely on a single opinion (or vantage point) before making an important decision we also don't want to rely on a single measurement (perhaps an incorrect one) to anchor our understandings (leading to incorrect assumptions throughout the chain of logic such as a conspiracy theory, racism, bigotry, or erroneous belief because people didn't go back and check the initial false assumptions/measurement). 

When trying to grasp the nature of a phenomenon it is helpful to think of all the different ways in which one could "see"👀 the problem. Selecting the methods with the most promise for exploration is an important strategic consideration. Where there are no existing ways to measure you may need to use multiple measurements in multiple ways to explore the edges of a concept (thereby defining it). Sometimes you will need to invent new ways (advancing scientific methodology) to reach into latent variables (You can read about latent variables HERE).
Italian Renaissance Painter
Vanishing Point Depth Perspective Example
Extra data point turns two dimension into three dimension. 
Points create perception(see/aware), to knowledge (understand/truth), to wisdom (act/responsibility).

In other words, one might use triangulation of data, investigator, theory, environment, etc... (You may want to read about triangulation categories HERE) to paint a mental picture much like an artist paints a picture with a vanishing point perspective. I look at this LIKE a category of information that allows one to pull multiple measurements from the same category that provides greater insight into the nature of a phenomenon. Triangulating multiple categories helps create a more well rounded (hoping for a 360 degree) view of the subject problem. 

You can use triangulation as a scientific tool that can be applied to business, market trends, societal trends, stock selection, medical fields, business intelligence, etc...The more we know about a particular phenomenon from multiple sources, the more likely we will be able to create a mental model for further testing. When we measure and verify form a wide range of data, that which measures other data, we can create metadata through secondary and third level triangulation (creating a spider web of data at different levels into a data catalog. You can read about meta data levels HERE). 

You can kinda get the point....this is a little chart I'm including for blog readers.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Fed Chair Powell Discusses Economic Changes at the The Economic Club of Washington, DC

If you like business you should keep up with the news. Federal Chair Powell, oversees the Federal Reserve and in turn the Monetary Policy the government uses to influence the markets. The video discusses the changes in the economy and the way in which we are approaching new market factors as they emerge. Powell indicates our economy is shifting toward a more digital existence and further discusses how the Federal Reserve relies one data from other sources that they use to make decisions. Personally, I think that base of our society has shifted (See Expected Covid Eco Adjust and Covid Economic Projections and U.S./MX Orient) since COVID and will need to consider emergent economic models to better narrow the gap between our economic understandings of the past and the unfolding economic phenomenon of the present (See Digital GDP Govt. and Theory of Transactional Clusters and Perp. Sust. Dev.). We can also say that older economic models based in physical good transference and human behavior in the physical world (Kantian perception) will be integrated with new understandings of how we conduct commercial human behavior (i.e. economics) in the virtual world where products have no physical reality. The video discusses human capital development, inclusive economy, and the reliance on private sector investments as potential strategies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Geological Core Samples Find Storage Location at KI Sawyer

Kind of cool to watch what is going on in the U.P. I suspect as we begin to return manufacturing back to the U.S. we will also likely need to have additional resources/research on new metals for development in core advanced industries.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

GOP Memo Indicates Changes in Party Focus and Demographics

Congressman Jim Banks release a memo indicating fundamental changes are occurring within the GOP's demographics. You can read a little more about who Jim Banks is HERE (It should be noted that when I include a name I'm not endorsing and/or not endorsing as its only further neutral contextual information for understanding). Reading memo's like this and/or other activities helps you stay aware of the political landscape and the future strategies as they unfold and influence others.  I couldn't really find a way to get the actual document to upload but you can take a look at it below. A number themes emerge out of the document.....

1. The different sectors and demographics support different parties.

2. Shift toward working class and small business supporters. 

3. Its interesting that Mitt Romney received so much interest from Wall street in 2012.

4. A greater discussion on how political changes impact current options/strategies.

5. The 100's occupation donor graph is super cool! Marketers use that stuff like that all the time!

Document: RSC Working Class Memo

I thought about politics once and then I took notice of the conflict between political entities and wasn't sure that more political division is helpful (Republicans and Democrats). I've met some really great politicians (on both sides) who truly believe in what they are doing and act in ways that they believe help the country (See Political Moral Persuasion). At the same time, I've met some politicians I would not trust managing our nation and/or any of its assets (We owe loyalty to our nation/constitution before any particular party or group. There is a whole chain of logic that would sort of show that this creates the best long term outcomes. The party defines the approach but the fundamental values and general principles of democracy must be central to all decisions. Take notice of the key terms of what makes a country a democracy). I got a sense of the underlining logic some politicians use to justify their points (This is personality within politics and/or any organization and not necessarily any particular person or party). Not that simple logic isn't used to sell ideas but that the meaning of their words within conversation indicates a pattern of thinking (We all have patterns of logic but some are way more complex than others based on their personal development and sophistication🤔. See Meta-Cognition:States of Awareness). 

So, I'm not sure what the future holds for me but I will say if I ever get involved it will be more out of necessity (or forced) than anything. It can be difficult to agree 100% on this side or disagree 100% on the other side because life is a series of contingencies with different outcomes  (I can't even imaging standing on a podium trying to explain the dangers of mutually exclusive thinking while discussing something like taxes, healthcare, conflict, and/or necessity of bi-partisan policies. Saying stuff like I agree with 75% of that policy but might be willing to change to 60% if XYZ ends up being true so I think if we focus on unexplored option C we can really do some good things for the people of this country and do so at half the cost.🤔 See Welfare Theorem. Likewise, saying I economically lean Republican (fiscal responsibility) but Socially Democrat (human capital inclusion) might not sit well with those who need sound bite/byte all THIS or all THAT answers. My base would probably take it as non committal, versus thoroughly exploring options with quantitative aspects, and go home thinking I'm kind of dim witted! 😬😱😣). I suspect most American working families don't care much about the verbal sparing in so much as they care about what decisions are being made (i.e. evidence based management). At this point in history (and its just a point built from other points within a trajectory), Its probably better to stay more neutral and focus closely on what I believe our country needs as it faces emerging crisis (We are defined by our ability to adapt to environment changes 🙈🙉🙊).

The political disagreements within the Republican Party does create some instability for the party itself; and in turn its options. There are the "Old Guard" Republicans and there are the "Trump" Republicans (They will either work it out or split). Each has their own brand appeal but together they conceptually blend into a total brand image of the party (quick recalled impressions). That brand image has changed over the last 10 years as new ideas and concepts make their way into the party. I would agree with the memo in the sense that there are demographic shifts and that will influence the base (that is nor isn't an endorsement of the memo...its just an observation). What we will likely find is new ads focused more on working families and small business owners (...and should be way more diverse in their appeal). 

Like all of you (🙋💫) I'm sitting and on the edge of my chair waiting to see what happens next!

Army Throws Support Behind Pepper Sprayed 2nd Lieutenant

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael A. Grinston tweeted support for the Second Lieutenant Caron Nazariopepper sprayed by officers. You can read about the Sgt. Major HERE. I'm impressed that members of the Army are taking a stand against hate and bigotry in this country. Our Armed Services are the best not because they have the strongest firepower but because they are a thinking entity that owes its loyalty to the constitution and not to fringe groups or unquestioned beliefs (See Military Information Rich World and Gifted Officer "Game Changers".

I'm 100% behind police and I'm 100% supportive of reform methods. No one should ever take my words to mean I don't have great respect for the function of policing. The vast majority of officers are good people who are trying to protect the public. From first hand account I can count on my hands and toes+ all of the great officers but it only takes one person to infect a unit (i.e. police unit) and in turn sour its members. I also know first hand the destructiveness rogue police officers can have. 

Reform isn't against policing. Reform is FOR policing, for the Constitution, and should be a mechanism to support honorable officers and remove "bad apples" who owe loyalty to no one but themselves and their false ideologies (See Institutional Ethics). Hats off to our Military and its ability to stay focused on the true values of our nation (See Adaptive Military Learning and Military Management Knowledge). As an institution, it has done well seeing the power of cross-cultural collaboration and should continue to hire different people from different backgrounds to hedge its adaptability. I've always said that if there was an institution I trusted in this country its the military (See Military Honor Through Centuries).

You can read the article HERE.