Thursday, May 26, 2016

Is your Pefectionist Boss Hiding a Problem?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

36th International Business Research Conference

DATES: 14 – 16 July 2016

VENUE: Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Submission Deadline: 6 June 2016 and Registration Deadline: 27 June 2016

Website: and email:

Full-length papers, research-in-progress papers, case studies and /or abstracts, relating to all broad areas of Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Investment, Management, Marketing, Business Ethics, E-Commerce and all other areas of Business Studies are invited for the above international conference. An author can present up to two papers. This conference is supported by 5 internationally peer reviewed journals, World Business Institute, Australia and American Research and Publications International, USA.

Submission Guidelines, Review Process and Announcement of Acceptance:

Please send full papers and/or abstracts directly via by 6 June 2016 (please note you can submit papers any time before this deadline). At the time of submission, please include information relating to your title (Mr. Ms. Dr. etc), author’s names and full address of the institute/university with contact email address for correspondence. All papers will be double blind reviewed and the notice relating to acceptance of abstract and/or full paper will be provided within 10 working days after we receive them. Please see the submission guidelines.

Publications Opportunity Without Any Fee

Outstanding papers will be considered for publication, without any fee, in the following international peer reviewed and indexed (EBSCO, Ulrich, ABDC, ERA etc) journals with ISSN: Journal of Business and Policy Research. World Journal of Management, Global Economy and Finance Journal, International Review of Business Research Papers, Global Review of Accounting and Finance subject to compliance to editorial comments. However quality papers will also be considered for World Journal of Social Science and World Review of Business Research, subject to compliance to editorial comments and conference feedback that would be sent after the conference. Please note there is no fee involved for submission or publication in online issue of these journals. However, there is subscription fee of US$150 for a printed copy of the journal.

Awards and Conference Proceedings and other Benefits

Best paper award will be announced in each track and will be published in any of the above journals and a certificate will be issued to the winners. All winners will be awarded Fellowship of World Business Institute and Membership of American Research and Publication International without any cost. All accepted abstract and full papers (for those who register for the conference) will be published in the refereed conference proceedings with ISBN and will be published electronically via a separate website, namely, which is linked with Google Scholar. There is an option that the participant can serve as session chair and/or discussant of a paper of his/her own area of interest and certificate will be issued to such participant.

Research Networking Tour

On 16 July 2016, we will organise a Research Networking Tour to Niagra Falls. The cost is US $125. Please see the link provided on the conference website for more information about what is included as part of the tour.

Further information:

Please click on the links provided on for more information. For other enquiries please email Ms. Nuha Jahan via email address:

Economy and Jobs Important Concerns for Californians

Americans are concerned about their jobs. According to a USC Schwarzenegger Institute/Field Poll printed in an MSNBC article, 73 percent of Democrats and 77 percent of Republicans feel that the economy and jobs are the most important concern for the looming elections. Education and Social Security take a backseat to the need to keep Americans employed.

Rightly so. There are changes in the wind that many people will become distinctly aware of in the next decade. Information and money transfers across the globe in a quickening pace and this is going to disrupt the global economy while pushing local economies to adapt or collapse. New economic models will need to be developed to predict and foster change.

Consider how much has changed in the past 30 years and how much faster in the next 30 years. China is on the rise and the Millennials will be in charge of the national economy but also influencing international commerce. Economic integration and innovation is likely to speed up making education and learning more important. There will very be few stop signs to change beyond isolationism.

While the economy and jobs is important most Americans rely on our politicians to help them understand how the economy works. They know a good economy equals a solid paycheck, purchasing power, and a better life. Why this happens is only partly based on science and in many cases speculation...and this is where politics fills the interpretation gap. 

Knowing When to and when Not to Talk to a Coworker

Coworkers are like family as we spend most of our day, every week, sitting next to and communicating on some level with our coworkers. Most coworkers are excellent and easy to get along with. However, there are some who are not so easy to get along with and the more you talk with them the worse it will get. Those trouble workers should be politely dismissed and ignored for greater workplace health.

Most people are contributors through their positive personalities and mature disposition. They can hold a reasonable conversation and seek to treat people appropriately. They can create the most enjoyable workplace as reasonably possible and want positive relationships with others.

When you are surrounded with positive people the workplace will be enjoyable. You will be more motivated to come and engage in meaningful work. The workplace is only partly about the work and more so about how you feel and interact with others at work.

Toxic people poison everyone around them and should be avoided at all costs. They have a negative outlook on life and won't contribute anything of real value to you or the workplace. By being polite but also firm you can maintain your boundaries with them. Avoid getting into non-work related discussions with them.

With all relationships consistency has value. Consistency in your personality will draw positive people and detract from the motivation from negative people. When someone is seeking advantages at the expense of others they look for personalities that don't seem to be confident or change based on the circumstances. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Does Yoga Improve Book Smarts and Academic Performance?

Yoga may have additional benefits that move beyond general health and into improved educational outcomes. According to new research in the journal Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine Yoga may improve cognitive function and mood of students. If your hitting the books hard you might want to engage in some yoga activities to improve performance. 

An analysis of nine studies found an effect size  for mood indicators, tension and anxiety, self-esteem, and memory. This doesn't mean it improved functioning in all cases but that there is some indication that students performance will increase based on their yoga practice. The results didn't make any determination on the type of yoga that was most helpful. 

Even though the study was geared toward children the benefits are likely to be applied to adults as well. Particularly, adult students suffer from anxiety, poor cognition, mood changes, and other ailments that impact their performance. The more balanced the personality becomes the more likely improvements will be seen in performance. 

Emotional intelligence is an important indicator of success in nearly all fields. If yoga helps in the improvement of focus and emotions then it is bound to have some improvement on educational performance. Persistence in practice and the ability to focus on school work can influence the overall academic performance. Engaging in regular yoga practice might just make you a little smarter.