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Unemployment Applications Tick Upward, 10.1 million new jobs, Tech Layoffs and Reshoring

232,000 unemployment benefits applications for the week ending May 27 ticked upward. The article US applications for unemployment benefits tick up slightly as labor market remains healthy discusses the concepts and states that the U.S. economy added 10.1 million job openings at a time when unemployment is low ( You would think this would create upward pressure on wages? ).  Increase jobs at a time when unemployment is low will likely put some emphasis on the need to increase production as well as find creative ways of lattice supply chain development where U.S. workers are at the highest return on value location in the production system. Tech industry had some recent lay offs but it appears that at this point the market can still absorb most of those workers. I have a friend in the tech industry that got hit a week or so ago with a lay off notice. He says that the market is global so if he can't find a job in the U.S. he may relocate to Europe. His assessment is that the market
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Delta County MI Solar Presentation (May 23rd, 2023) : Presentation, Questions, Farm Animals, Tesla and Redundant Electrical Grids!

Tesla: Life and Legacy Representing the underpinnings of an era. Most of the meeting was lecture style presentation on solar panel multi use farming. Some of the questions from the attendees related more to ordinances, property values, annexation and contamination. What is interesting is that they brought in a solar expert to help inform people of some of the risks and benefits of solar farming. That helps to create better decision making because residents then have an opportunity to make informed decisions on those things that impact their community and lives. Likewise, you will see people discuss energy diversity and nuclear power. Many of these local issues will likely have parallels in other locations as they pertain to concerns, processes, and discussions of the new emerging Digital Era ( i.e. electric cars, nano technology, robotics, space flight, etc. ) We are electrifying our nation and I generally support those efforts because they are renewable and they provide a rich altern

Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) Focuses on Supply Chains

The last few years have  brought up a number of  supply chain issues. Supply chains are important and that comes from the development of treaties, agreements, and other understandings of how to conduct business. With the many different supply chain issues that have arisen over the past few years there is no wonder there is an attempt to improve these pathways. There will be a level of coordination among a number of nations to help improve access to certain resources for all of them. Consider that manufacturing and nation building requires a level of consistent and steady supplies. Geopolitical issues, COVID, and canal blockage have taught us that certain materials and supplies might better be secured through more manageable networks. ( I wrote a few pieces a while ago  Adaptive Supply Chains , Clusters and Networks , Supply Chain Integration ,  DC Exports ) You may also be interested in the purposes of supply chain enhancements.... The White House states "..revitalize U.S. manufac

Russia and Belarus Giving Away Nukes: How the Business Climate Changes

As we think about the supply chain interruptions that have occurred the past few years we begin to see this split continue to grow around geopolitical issues. Russia has transferred nuclear weapons to Belarus and that is a sign of escalation. As expected, it is condemned. The business climate will change because of these escalatory situations that create new business risks. For the most part, this is expected. Personally, I think we should be reducing these nuclear stocks across the globe. Spreading them out to other countries creates inherent risks for management. The article below indicates that these weapons are being traded for loyalty ( At least that is what I understand. ). Its a concerning gesture and if life has taught man anything loyalty that is bought is fleeting.  It looks like an unwarranted and political based escalation because it is Russia that invaded Ukraine and not the other way around. Everyone seems to have respected Russian territory thus far so there is no threat

Memorial Day 2023

Today is a day of remembrance. We went through a lot of sacrifices as a nation and lost a lot to have those freedoms. Today, I'm going to attend one of the memorial services. 

Hate Narratives and Clan Justice: A few detractors of such systems.

The Mayflower Compact, 1620 by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris Desiring religious freedom. Hate is a very difficult thing to deal with because it often is comingled with other bad behaviors like extremism, aggression and sometimes even corruption. When behaviors are clan driven you can get a lot of people, perhaps 100+ plus people, including officials, to buy into an intentionally set hate narrative designed to create havoc. When this occurs, the Constitution and basics rights are smothered to help ones race, clan, religious or social affiliations with few rights or protections for targets ( Often minorities but could be anyone the clan focuses dislikes ). Aspects of systems can sometimes find social stakeholders more important than fulfilling their essential duties and I think we need the keep the big picture in mind when dealing with these problems. We should talk about this like a thought experiment of possibilities if someday we find clan based rules circumventing the official rules. It gi

Tentative Debt Agreement Obtained for U.S. Government Funding and Debt

This is good news. That doesn't mean that we don't have a problem and more work to do to balance the budget but a big hurdle in stability was found. Not everyone is going to be happy but its a start.