Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Make Choices by Focusing on the Long Term

Each decision we make moves from one possibility to the next one. We are the sum of the choices we make as they represent how we view and navigate through the world. Each time we face a problem we make another choice. So on and so forth each and every day. One could theoretically go back and check all your choices throughout your life and determine your patterns of thinking.

We are Limited by Imperfect Information.

Of course we also know that "perfect" information isn't always available when we make these choices. We are at a disadvantage with our limited understandings so looking at short term gains is not always helpful. Without perfect information it is often wise to make choices so you maximize opportunities. Limited information poses a risk.

Make Choices that Maximize Opportunities.

Likewise, it is helpful for being strategic about your life and about business. Having some goal that maximizes opportunities in the future allows you to weigh and balance the different options using the same vantage point. If you consistently apply the goal you will be able to connect all of your choices.

Evaluate Your Choices

Finally, it is also helpful in reducing stress. If you focus on the long-term then small set backs are not the end of the world. You just adjust and keep on moving toward your goals. There will be lots of different roadblocks and obstacles on the way so you might as well minimize their stress value.

Minimize Impact

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