Thursday, February 14, 2019

Dog Grooming-Look at the Price! How to Save?

It is tough to imagine the cost of dog grooming. In Michigan it is $20 and in California it is $60. Considering a men's haircut cost $20 it is 2 x the price. Pooches are big business!

Personally, I like my dog clean. I usually wash him myself and try and take care of what I can on my own. Yet sometimes this can get difficult if the dogs hair gets matted. A few ideas on saving are....

-Cut yourself every other time. $35 for a descent cheap electric razor.
-Brush your dogs hair regularly.
-Instead of a full cut get one short and one clean up which is cheaper.
-Look for people on other sites that work from home. They are also cheaper.
-Wash and clean regularly to extend grooming time.

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