Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Why Wisdom Should be Encouraged In Politics and How to Foster It

When we look at politics and behavior in today's world we might be shocked by how certain concepts such as wisdom is not as important as say concepts like power, strength, and "being right". Our culture has shifted somewhat in political landscape to be something less than its full potential. Wisdom is an idea that encompass using past experience and reflecting on knowledge to make the best decision. It is a fundamental guild to "doing the right thing" in any given circumstances.

It is important for people in society to reach beyond the debase into some loftier idea of how humans can be. They are thinking and feeling creatures that have the capacity to take a moment and be objective about life. Wisdom is the highest form of knowledge that should be encourage among our politicians and our youth to ensure they are helping society.

How to Improve Wisdom:

1. Recognize your emotions and let them go before making judgement.

2. Reflect on behavior and choices.

3. Learn from your environment what works and what doesn't.

4. Seek knowledge from a general and specific mindset.

5. Trust those who believe it is possible to be wrong.

6. Talk to people and gain multiple perspectives.

7. Take your time before making decisions.

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