Friday, February 8, 2019

People Who Dream! We Need a Few More!

Dreams are the stuff that creates new futures. There have always been dreamers among us that think the world can be a better place. They are the ones who change things, create things, and improve things. Without them we would never change and our society would stay the same forever. We would stop progressing as a species because the dreamers are all gone.

What does it mean to dream? It can be a dream about oneself or the world around them. It could be accomplishing some great feat or something as small as thinking about improvements in your life. It may be to rally a nation or rally a family.

Without the dream there can be no change. One must first think it before one does it. We must dream because we must advance or die. It is hardwired into our system that some of us will always strive to be a little more than what the world tells them is possible.

Not all dreams become reality but all dreams do help improve the world. Some dreams simply don't come true or people are not able to overcome challenges to make them a reality. Yet to dream is still to be a growing and developing person that influences the goals and directions of society. Dream because its in your nature to dream!

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