Saturday, February 9, 2019

How to Be Scientific and Creative

Scientific minds and creative minds are often seen as separate things. They are not! The scientific mind might explore minute details and the creative mind may experiment with new forms but they share something in common. They share that they are actively seeking to understanding something. The process of using specific data and creating a framework for that data to put it within context is important.

Scientific people weigh and balance. They use measurements to determine the strength between variables. They also seek out additional information to help "fill in the gaps". By learning the scientific method they can investigate ideas with sufficient confidence. They create valid and supported results.

The creative mind is more about creating forms and exploring the relationships between different variables. They are willing to think outside of standard wisdom and find new ways of seeing information. The creative person like art, music, and other exploratory activities.

The creative and scientific mind works best when it is in the same individual. One investigates in depth ideas while the other one creates new connections. You can't solve new and scientific problems without at first trying to find novel connections between the information. To be of a full mind requires the ability to think rationally and in unique ways.

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