Saturday, February 9, 2019

Concerns over Income Distribution and Wealth for the "Little Guy"

Life isn't always fair. People with lots of money get an easier time than people with little money. If you haven't tried to climb up from the bottom you have no idea how difficult that is. Even people who work very hard, all the time, receive very few of the rewards. Those that do seem to be in "hot" markets and knew where and how they needed to spend their college dollars.

Let me say that the system does seem a little rigged but also that higher wages don't solve all the problems. If we pay Americans more, companies just move overseas and circumvent our laws. At the same time, we do know that those who are wealthy and in charge of such companies receive advantages by keeping wages low.

There is no easy solution to this and people who say they do often have no idea what they are talking about. They are either on the Left or the Right of the argument. No doubt we need to do something about how people are paid and how they are not. The system must be cleaned from undo influence that hampers small businesses and American families.

The first thing I might think about is how to ensure that American small family businesses have an opportunity to succeed. They should have some protections from being "swamped" by larger more powerful companies. A small inventor should not be sued by a larger company just to bankrupt them and take the patent.

That would require our judges to be moral. They often look at the fine points of the law and dissect in that mindset. It is hard to legislate morality. The judges will need to agree that certain value of fair play are important in society.  The rules should not be skewed in favor of the powerful or otherwise these rules just become part of the problem.

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