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Those Without Higher Education Suffer Through Shorter Lives

Education can have a substantial impact throughout our lives and touches just about every aspect of our being include health and marriage. According to Princeton University economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton, men and women who do not go to college live shorter, less healthy lives and continue to lose ground against their more educated countrymen. We know that life can be stressful but pain, stress, unemployment, and social dysfunction seem to take a toll on those who didn't get an education. They are slowed by their economic environment and their stress levels begin to rise.  There is also the problem of consistent healthcare. When you are working menial jobs, or are not fully employed, you don't have the same access to healthcare and this can add up to a shorter life. Neglecting check ups and not having money for procedures can lead to serious illness.  The comparison can be profound. For those

The Importance to the Economy of Independent Law Enforcement

America has laws and these laws are voted on and passed by the people for the benefit of all. While we may not agree with all laws, and sometimes law enforcement may not apply these laws fairly or with the best wisdom, it nevertheless has an important duty to protecting citizens from crime, corruption, and predatory commerce. At the essential root of all economic systems is trust and law enforcement helps to ensure that people trust the system. Independence means that law enforcement should not be at the whim of any politician or entity that could potentially skew the protections its affords its citizens. While judges have an obligation to interpret the will of the people, and often times hit a butterfly with a hammer, it is ultimately the people who have passed these laws that should have the final say. While we may not see this at first look, law enforcement protects the value of the dollar and the economy. Each economic system is based in trust of trade and trust in the value of

Enhancing Scientific Abilities in the Gifted Population

Scientific and creative ability is something that can lead to fundamental advancement of research and findings. However, it isn't always fostered among students and people with the highest capacity. As a nation we have a problem not only supporting the gifted population but also those with advance aptitude toward creative science. While we may talk a great deal about the importance of STEM we leave the exceptionally skilled underdeveloped with almost no opportunities to learn skills and overcome the emotional laden issues that are common in this population. What is giftedness and how does it contribute to scientific abilities? Scientific abilities allows someone to understand and work with scientific process by using use inductive and deductive reasoning to come to valid and logical conclusions. In other words, scientific thinking abilities with a special talent for the science. Its kind of a definition that leads a little to be desired in its circular thinking but it kind of p

EDULEARN18 (10th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning

E DULEARN18 (10th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies) July, 2nd-4th, 2018 Palma de Mallorca, Spain Deadline for abstracts submission is March, 22nd, 2018 (included) Abstracts should be submitted on-line at OVERVIEW You are invited to join the 10th anniversary of EDULEARN (10th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies) that will be held in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July 2018. This conference will provide the ideal opportunity to present your projects and experiences to an international audience in three different formats (oral, poster or virtual). Also, it will offer participants an overview of the current situation of education, research and new learning innovations. You will be able to listen to experts from different countries, representing all continents. If you wish to learn more about how education is changing in

Holiday Shopping Largest Since Recession

U.S. consumers spend $598 billion in retail sales with a $90 billion return rate of products. This is the largest holiday shopping period since the recession. It is seen as a good sign for the economy for the year because a large percentage of the economy is based on retail sales and if the stores start out strong they can balance their budgets and reinvest in new lines for next year. It also shows that people have disposable incomes and are willing to buy.

More Skilled Workers Needed in Michigan

Michigan Still has a shortage of workers. While many times we think that higher education leads to high pay that is all relative on what degree you obtain. Not all people are cut out for college or haven't learned the necessary skills to continue to work through a college degree. There are alternatives for such people that include skilled trades in anything from roofing to dental assistants all the way over to IT certificates. See the list below and their projected growth rates.

Coyote or Wolf in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

My son and I are out on a hunt hoping to shoot some deer before the season ends. As we walk through the woods we scare out a pack of deer. They run straight across our nose and into the frozen swamp. We take our take and try and stalk them out with slow movements and lots of patience. They have much better hearing than us and any sudden movements will scare them off. However, we did come across the remnants of a recent wolf or coyote attack on deer. Just not sure where it came from or what type of animal? Nearly complete eaten carcass, including the bones, full grown deer and lots of tracks and fuss in the snow. So I took a better look at the tracks to determine the time and potential type of attack. -The tracks were slightly smaller than a wolf-A good sign it was a coyote. -The bones were eaten-Another sign it was coyote -About 5-6 animals were involved in the attack-Could be either but lends more to wolf unless it is a large prey. -Full-grown deer: Lends toward wolves.

How to Detect When People Lie?

Lie detection is a useful skill that can be used in everything from employee recruitment to personal relationships. Most of us have told lies at one time or another. Whether it is a white lie or to gain some advantage we as a human species are prone to such behaviors. Yet that doesn't mean we all engage in them. Most people simply don't because they have developed a strong confidence in themselves and their ability to get what they want without deception. However, lie detection can help protect us against those who are not so honest with their intentions. Let us say you are conducting an interview and someone is lying about their skills, abilities, and background. If you hire this person you may find that you need to fire them in the future if they don't perform according to expectations. While most of us put forward a "good foot" most of us would not consider lying as an appropriate method for selected. Situational Context and Logic: Situational context and

Quality Brands of Local Businesses Increase Foreign Direct Investment

Areas known for quality are rewarded in the global market by future investment. Consumers responded to location of origin perceptions positively with increased purchases that led to increased economic growth in these areas.  A study of 30 source and 34 host countries between 2005 and 2006 found that an increase of 27% in foreign direct investment occurred as a result of a 1% increase in quality perception of intangibles (Kalamova & Konrad, 2010). If governments want to improve their economic position by attracting new investments into the area they will need to move beyond thinking exclusively about price and into the perceptional quality of the products produced in their area and how that quality perception improves economies. Locations that are known for high quality products are rewarded through future investments that leads to additional tax revenue, jobs and other benefits as a result of an expanding local economy. The knowledge-capital model helps understand that local pr

Life Expectancy Declines by 2 Years because of Opioid Addiction

Life expectancy declines 2 years based on Opioid overdose and addiction. The new information helps show how we should restrict such usage to those who need them but not over prescribe them for pain. People turning to alternative sources are becoming addicted.

The Spruce Offers a List of Online Adjunct Faculty Positions

Online teaching is a way of life and faculty are often looking for online adjunct teaching jobs. Often we become familiar with a few websites but skip out on many of the other great websites that give you opportunities. I came across this site and I think you would enjoy it as well. There are lots of online faculty jobs you may enjoy here.

Are there really UFOs on our Planet from a Scientific Standpoint?

Are UFO's possible from a scientific standpoint? I'm not much of a UFO guy but I do enjoy the probabilities of science. An interesting video was released that seem to show something we don't quite understand. Is it a UFO? No one really knows because we were not able to capture it and take a closer look. From a scientific standpoint there is just something of interest and a very rough piece of evidence but without closer observation and detailed analysis one cannot rule out that it came from other sources. What if another country built it? What if some genius in his basement built an advanced drone but we are unaware? A multitude of questions have not been answered. However, we can say for sure that alien life does exist in one form or another. We have seen these remnants on other planets and found them attached to our space stations.   Likely another reason why some governments are pushing for stronger space programs. Most of these discoveries are only about simple organi

Economic Investment and Growth Through Marketing and Brand Management

As the world changes and becomes more integrated American businesses will need to improve and adapt their marketing techniques in order to reach different peoples from different places with different backgrounds. Furthermore, such regions that brand their image will not only help raise their local businesses global reach but also encourage greater investment in their area. While companies continue to seek out new marketing opportunities to expand their reach local governments don't often think on this level. The process of creating a brand relies on the ability of local governments to think like businesses with their product being its current infrastructure, peoples, and local businesses. As they learn to master marketing techniques they will find their areas attracting clusters of businesses. Thriving localities want to be known international to have the draw that is needed to improve their economic growth. An investor seeking to put money into self-driving cars should immedia

What is a Corporate Silo? How to Break Them?

Silos can limit cross-functional decision making and allow inefficiencies to creep in. Silos occur when departments don't communicate well with each other limiting their overall ability to function as a single business entity. The more barriers that are created, typically the more inefficient the business. At the core issue of silo creation is often the leadership team and their desire to create their own fiefdoms. It is natural that as people rise in position they seek more control and additional opportunities to choose their own courses of actions. The department becomes an extension of its senior management. If the wrong tone and culture arises it can limit the interaction between the departments. Limited information sharing leads to decisions within isolation. That means decisions won't be well thought out or take into consideration the skills, needs and abilities of other departments. The organization slowly looses its ability to compete against others that have more e

How Does Fed Interest Rate Hikes Affect You?

The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate a quarter point to a range of 1.25 to 1.5 percent. People often don't understand what impact this rate has to them and how it influences their pocket book. Furthermore, they don't understand how not raising this rate could also impact the cost of goods they buy. The interest rate is the main tool in the chest for government to control the economy. The government uses the benchmark interest rate to speed up and slow down the economy. People often say, "Why would they want to slow down the economy?" They are not rich and feel the economy should go faster and create even more employment. This doesn't see the big picture. As the interest rate rises it costs us more money to take loans for houses, education, cars, and credit cards. This means you will spend less and the economy will slow down. Often the savings rate will also rise and people will put more money in the bank than spend it.  Slowing down the eco

Journal of Advances in Social Science and Humanities (ISSN: 2395-6542)

Journal of Advances in Social Science and Humanities (ISSN: 2395-6542) CrossRef DOI: 10.15520 Call for Papers – December Issue – 2017 Authors are  invited to submit papers for the upcoming December  Issue – 2017 for online Submission visit  online Submission  or you can directly mail to     The journal publishes research papers in the fields of humanities and social science such as anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, criminology, crosscultural studies, demography, development studies, economics, education, ethics, geography, history, industrial relations, information science, international relations, law, linguistics, library science, media studies, methodology, philosophy, political science, population Studies, psychology, public administration, sociology, social welfare, linguistics, literature, paralegal, performing arts (music, theatre & dance), religious studies, visual arts, women studies and soon.    Kin

The 2018 International Conference on Industry, Business and Social Sciences

The 2018 International Conference on Industry, Business and Social Sciences (IBSS 2018) 22nd to 24th August 2018 Tokyo, Japan Dear Colleagues, Hi, this is IBSS Secretary - Ya-Jyun. We are pleased to announce that the 2018 International Conference on Industry, Business and Social Sciences (IBSS 2018) will take place at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan on August 22-24, 2018. Based on the 2017 Tokyo International joint Conferences that had received 416 submissions from 45 countries, with an acceptance rate of approximately 75.72% and a registration rate of around 85.08% of the accepted papers, the 2018 Waseda Tokyo International joint Conferences thus are expected to attract more worldwide participants than that in 2017. IBSS is an international platform for scholars, researchers and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices in the fields of Industry, Business and Social Sciences. Therefore, during the three-day conference, all participants will have plenty of oppor

Why Research Takes Such a Long Time?

Research is a slow process of generating new knowledge that creates benefits in the market or for people's quality of life. Regurgitating old research is easy. You simply take what has already been discovered and repost it on the same lines as existing thinkers. New research requires a different type of skill that even some of the smartest people don't have First there is a level of understanding of existing knowledge. This is the 10K hours rule. It takes about this much time to grasp what other experts are saying and create an unconscious understanding of the deeper mechanics of existing models. One must then begin to experiment with existing knowledge to see what components fit together and what doesn't. Many times this starts with simple mental play and imagination to see new ways of using existing information. New models are formed as the pieces come together. Upon generating a few new ideas it is important to actually try and connect the components and experiment

The Benefits and Detractors of Layers of Management

Layers of management often creep into businesses. While these can sometimes beneficial they do have detractors that take away from the functioning of business. There are times when such bureaucratic structure is helpful but as employees become more educated they will want additional abilities to make decisions that help their organizations. Benefits: -Structure: Highly structured environments that create chains of commands. -Control: Structure creates control which are often beneficial in bureaucratic institutions. -Promotions: Layers of management also create opportunities for promotions as the decision tree lengthens. Detractors: -Poor Decision Making: Decision making has too many hierarchical layers with each person adding and adjusting for their own needs. -Lack of Empowerment: Employees don't sense the ability to take responsibility over issues. -Demotivation: If others make all the decisions motivation decreases. -Inability to Adjust: Layers of management make de

Poem: Infinity of Knowledge Integration

Infinity of Knowledge Integration When time and space are connected, Our conscious accepts the new. Each piece joins the rest, Coordinating into a full view like a symphony. Like a small morsel, To a finished meal. Creating new ideas and conclusions, Integrating knowledge into one. Over the horizon, The heavens and earth become one. Knowledge becomes insight, Insight becomes wisdom. Life will continue on, but at a higher level of understanding.

Creating Export Clusters Through Export Environments

Export environments have characteristics that set them apart from other locations. To move products out of an area and to allow for resources needed for manufacturing to come in it will require infrastructure that moves resources as efficiently as possible. Infrastructure reduces costs for companies and helps to attract more manufacturing as clusters develops. The proper infrastructure, attracting new industries to create cluster growth, encouraging companies that produce products, and serving those products leads to creating a stronger export environment. Export Infrastructure: Roads, Internet, ports, rails, highways, and electrical grid all contribute to the ability to exports. Products must move quickly and efficiently to export locations and sent overseas. Any delays or bottlenecks in these systems are seen as time and money wasting for industries. When companies evaluate an area they will seek understanding of the infrastructure and how it contributes to their profit margins.

Most Common Online Marketing Methods

Online marketing dominates the market. There are numerous methods companies use to get the word out about their products and services. Using the right one to reach your target market can make a big difference is whether or not you are using your resources wisely. The most common online marketing methods are below (Minculete & Chisega-Negrila, 2014): Search Engine Marketing: The method of data collection, search software, and categorization of information. This is the bones behind the Internet. Email Marketing: The collection of emails and dissemination of information using this medium. Viral Marketing: Creating content that users will willingly pass onto their social networks. Affiliated Marketing: Displaying a company’s banner and advertisements on sites for additional revenue. Most people know this as Google Adwords and similar type programs. Internet Advertising: The process of creating advertisements and purchasing places and locations in high traffic areas and site

4 Things Professors Should Be Doing

There are four things that professors should be continuously engaged in which include teaching courses, research, writing/community engagement, and current events. The primary job of professors is to share new knowledge. They must understand, generate, and share their knowledge with students. Professors are thinkers by nature and the process of creation takes a different route than traditional jobs and should be encouraged among universities in order to improve the total quality of knowledge output. 1. Teaching Courses: Teaching courses helps professors understand what is being taught to students and adjust that knowledge when it becomes stale. Teaching is the primary purpose of professors as they are able to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next. 2. Research: Developing knew knowledge helps increase the abilities from one generation to another and fosters greater innovation. An important function of universities is to generate new knowledge that leads to industry chan

The Nature of Time and Time Management

Time management is a skill that relates to the ability to use time wisely to achieve one's goals. We should first discuss what time is from a philosophical level. By understanding the nature of time we can better understand how to use our limited time wisely to get the most done that meets our specific goals. Time management is often seen only in the present without understanding of its context. There are two major philosophies when it comes to time. Presentism and externalism. Presentism says that only present time as we experience it is important. Externalism believes that all points in time are very real but we only experience our current state in our immediate conscious but often think about past and future as potential points. We know that our clock that we punch in on and leave work from is presentism. However, as we think about how our past actions led to present time and how the use of our time leads to different futures we are taking on a little more of an externalism

The Needs of Future Scholars

Scholars and intellectual achievement is a mark of a country's success. As the quality of life, resources, and ability to move away from supporting one needs opens up free time there are those who chose to spend their time in intellectual pursuits. The very innovative success of a nation is based on its intellectual achievement and the resulting patents they produce. We find that genius doesn't exist in a vacuum but is made up of a community and a nation that affords the right environment for those things to happen. As history has taught us, when nations are on their top people engage in intellectual and scientific pursuits because they are awarded by society. This takes a quality of life and environment that seeks the new. Future scholars have needs that a nation should fulfill in order to draw more of them out. 1. Strong primary and secondary education that teaches the fundamentals. 2. A robust higher education education system that allows them to go back to school an

Tips on Finding Equilibrium with the Market through Price Maximization

Finding the right price to maximize profit through equilibrium with the market can be difficult. A product that is initially not selling well may be misplaced or may not be marketed correctly. The wrong words, language, or pictures may be used. However, this is only one compounding variable. Often new business owners overprice their products and customers can feel cheated once they find out. Below are a few tips on finding equilibrium in pricing that affords maximum sales and profitability. Calculate the average price of similar products on the market to find what the ball park range should be.  Calculate the top and bottom averages (i.e. top and bottom 20%) and determine their value.  Compare the three ranges of products and what services and features that your product has.  Based on that comparison determine where your product will fit in terms of quality, customer service, return policy, design, utility and customer reviews.  It is important to ensure that you are not confound

7th Global Business and Finance Research Conference

7th Global Business and Finance Research Conference Date: 22 – 23 February 2018 Venue: Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Submission Deadline: 22 January 2018 Registration Deadline: 9 February 2018 Theme: Research for Progress Website: Email: Theoretical and empirical papers or case studies relating to all broad areas of Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Business Ethics and International Business are invited for the above international conference. This conference is supported by five international peer reviewed journals indexed by Ulrich, EBSCO of USA and ERA of Australia. This conference is sponsored by World Business Institute (WBI), Australia, (please see ) which is supported by fellows from over hundred countries and has collaborative relationship with many universities, institutions and publishers. Unlike other predatory conferences, WBI conferences provide professional services to the

Profit Maximization By Avoiding Short-Term Stock Decisions

In the world of large hedge funds and stock prices the risks to company decision making compound as leaders seek to maintain short-term stock value while often ignoring the fundamentals of good business. As the fundamentals are improved the overall stock value rises as a result of organizations that develop strong strategic plans for 5 and 10 years out. Beating the stock market market rests on a higher level competitive position with relevant products and services. It is an addictive game to play the stock market like a short-term trader seeking to make small adjustments everyday to keep the stock price high. As we do this the decisions we make may make sense in the short-term but could impact a business as it seeks to grow and gain market share. Such decisions often come across as arbitrary and not well thought out. Let me give you an example. When times are tough companies often lay off employees but then fail to retain those skills needed to capture new revenue streams. While la

Ski Brule A Little Place with a First Opener

Ski Brule is a ski resort in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is one of the very first places to open for the season. Others resorts in the area typically open up a few weeks later. They are also known for being one of the last places to close up for the season. This year the hill is already packed with skiers who are enjoying the new made snow. Lodge: The lodge is warm and offers food and drink for those who enjoy warming up. You can order in the bar or the restaurant. Ski Shop: If you forgot something the ski shop will have it. Pricing: The pricing is a little less than most of the other ski resorts at $49 or $39 if you get advanced tickets at local locations. The day I went it was a little warm but the hill was open and the trails well manicured. There was a race that day so one of the runs was closed. Easy parking and friendly staff this is a place I expect to come back often.

What Managers can Learn from the Philosopher Nagel on Objective Performance Management

Managers have a responsibility of objectivity when it comes to management of employees and the daily functioning of their departments. Being emotionally wrapped into the the daily conversations of employees or taking wildly emotional stances not based in sound business logic does not help in growing a successful business. Learning to objective means stepping back from the daily bustle and learn to observe and see the big picture. Erwin Schrodinger restates some of Nagel's beliefs in What is Life? (1944) stating " moderately satisfying picture of the world has only been reached at the high price of taking ourselves out the picture, stepping back into the role of the non-concerned observer. " According to Erwin one comes to higher knowledge and general satisfaction by not being dipped head first into the daily bustle. We learn from our senses but we interpret from our impressions and mental constructions. Knowing that one's immediate beliefs are not the truest inter

Sneaking in Your Workout Throughout the Day

Working out throughout the day is important part of staying healthy. If you live a busy life it can be very difficult. Sometimes we work all day and into the evening and can't find time. The problem is that without this workout we don't get the full benefit of a healthy life and may find that our mental performance also suffers. It is possible to find a little time if you consider breaking your workout up to 20 minute home or workouts. 1.) Watch Youtube cardio programs or read a book on weightless work outs. 2.) Use your lunch break to climb stairs or go for a walk. 3.) Use your office space to do yoga, squats, sit ups and other methods. 4.) Develop an evening routine that includes fitness between household chores.

The Benefits of Bottom Up Management

Bottom up management occurs when decisions are made from the lowest positions possible within the workplace. There are numerous benefits when organizations change from a top-down approach to a bottom-up approach which includes better vetted decisions, employee empowerment, better skills, lower turnover, and generally better performance. Vetted Decisions: This occurs when more people look at a problem and then seek to find solutions from a diverse set of eyes. Employees typically come from different backgrounds with different experiences and can open up new pathways of thinking or see problems before they rise. Employee Empowerment: When employees have an opportunity to make decisions that impact them they feel empowered to take ownership over problems. As each employees success is tied to the business they feel a greater sense of ownership over the organization. Better Skills: Making decisions also means we understand the context of those decisions. Employees know that their skil

What does Wal-Mart's change to Walmart Signify about Future Strategies?

January 1st Wal-Mart will be rename Walmart in order to accept its move into e-commerce. The company has been beat out by Amazon and the desire of people to price compare and purchase online. Walmart has been seeking ways of ensuring its low cost dominance over the past few years. Walmart has a few things going for it that many other companies don't. 1.) Its distribution system is one of the best in the world. If it decided to it could purchase a fleet of smaller trucks at each of its stores and start delivering. This doesn't seem to be in their plans but moving to more distribution focus makes sense considering it is one of their greatest advantages. 2.) Its purchasing power allows it to buy products at a cheaper price than anyone else. Amazon is made up of smaller providers and use the system as a marketspace. However, Amazon is starting to purchase hot selling items on its own. Walmart will need to compete in this arena. 3.) It has acquisitioned and improvement

24th ORLANDO International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference

24th ORLANDO International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference Theme: Promoting Global Competitiveness, Innovation, and Sustainability ORGANIZED by: International Association of Applied Business Research - IAABR Jointly with Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies – Academic OASIS DATES: March 16 - 18, 2018 PLACE: Courtyard Orlando Lake Buena Vista in the Marriott Village 8623 Vineland Avenue, Orlando, Florida, USA Deeply discounted, special rates are still available for the participants in 2018 IAABR/ Academic OASIS – Orlando Conference. Here is the link where the conference participants may book their reservations at the special deeply discounted conference rates: . Conference participants may also call 1-888-789-3090 to book their reservations and use the group name of "IAABR Orlando Conference". Please note that special rate reservations must be made by MARCH 1ST, 2018 (the cutoff date), or until t

Network Development For Cluster Innovation and Economic Growth

No business functions at its highest potential in isolation and formal and informal network development is important for corporate growth and functioning. While these networks may exist within a company and its suppliers it may also exist among competitive companies. Because a large part of cluster growth is based on the exchange of ideas and the necessary components such as finance to achieve growth there must be a conduit of exchange to increase idea sharing. Business within a cluster are connected by people, information, resources and finance. The more connections we can develop and the closer the proximity, typically the more advantage companies receive as they share important components of doing business. They become a supportive network that continues to develop and build off of each other. The Internet and IT networks have become a big part of this model. As people, businesses, and administrators move online there is a substantial increase in GDP of the area. That equates to

The Little Pack that Holds Alot

You are hiking up the side of a mountain or blazing through a local event. Carrying a full backpack isn't likely to be helpful when you only need a few items for the day. Using a cross-body shoulder strap packs are a great way to minimize weight while still holding the items you need. While they don't offer the same level of carrying capacity you can certainly put phones, wallet, water, first aid, and basic rations in one of these packs. Much more effective than the traditional "fanny pack". Other uses include biking and walking. When I go sailing I often like to bike over to the race marina from my boat and I will used one of these packs because it fits my gloves, hat, water and food for the day. $18.99 Free Shipping

Labor Relations and Unionization as a Factor of Security and Self-Esteem

There two primary reasons why employee become part of a union. As the world changes companies should look at these two reasons to ensure that their employees feel security and self-esteem from the work that they do. An organization is a village of types and helping employees feel these two needs leads to greater organizational trust and eventually performance. Neglecting these needs increases all types of other issues as they relate to legal and labor relations headaches. Security: Union workers want security in their jobs. As the workplace becomes more chaotic and companies move overseas they desire stability. While the seniority system may not be great for performance it does provide a level of stability of workers who don't want to be in the cuts of layoffs. When companies can make a commitment to their workers they can lessen the need for union protections. Self-Esteem: When people engage in an occupation it impacts their self-esteem and the viewpoints of their life. Their

Customer Service with a Smile

Customer service is a large part of retaining your current revenue streams. While it would seem that it isn't a lot, much can be said for how people view your staff and how you might be willing to help customers feel satisfied with their purchase. Something as simple as a smile can make all the difference in whether or not someone purchases your products/services again and again. Consider that the interaction with the customer sets the "face" of the organization. When that interaction is positive they will naturally feel that the staff is helpful. These personal interactions put the customer in a better mood which becomes part of their impression of the company. There is also a mental spill over effect that occurs. A negative interaction by one grouchy employees will reflect on the entire business. In the opposite, a positive interaction will embed the memory and feeling together anytime someone thinks of the company. Thoughts and feelings are associated. When we re

Helping Students to Help Themselves

Students come from all different educational and family backgrounds that leads to persistence and success in the classroom. Some of the hurdles that students have could seriously hamper their ability to be successful. Persistence and grit is based within the deeper understandings of life and their ability and helping them achieve success might take a slightly unorthodox approach. 1. Positive and encouraging tone. 2. Understanding the educational deficiencies they faced in high school. 3. Connecting them to a community of supportive students. 4. Raising the value of education to them personally by making curriculum applicable to their lives. 5. Determining their motivations and goals in life and building plans specifically for them. 6. Raising their self-perception and self-efficacy. 7. Constant contact and engagement.

Is it wise to buy in bulk?

If you ever entered a Sam's Club or Costco you will find that many of the items are sold in bulk. It doesn't have to be these two stores as many places offer bulk food as well. Determining when to and when to not buy in bulk is important for helping you save money. Most of the time buying in bulk is a great idea. At other times it is not a great idea as you may end up spending much more than you need. Consider the following before you make a purchase. 1.) Is it perishable and will you use it in time? Items like canned goods, coffee, toilet papers, hardware supplies, etc... can be stored for a long time. 2. Will you use the item? Sometimes we buy things on the spur of the moment but we don't actually need them. Make sure you buy when you will use the item a lot. 3.) Is the per piece price lower than what you can find at other places? This is the primarily reason why people buy in bulk. 4.) Are there other people who will split the bulk? Sometimes you can find peopl

Adapting Messages to Your Audience Increases Communication Skills

Each communication channel has a specific audience you are trying to reach. Knowing who that audience is and how to best communicate with them on their own level will do much to improve the relation and retention of information. When working as a manger it is important to think about the language and style before you write. Language: Words are symbols. Each group of people have specific symbols which are often unique to their backgrounds. For example, employees of a particular company share a history embedded into their organization. They may not always be aware of it but it determines how "commerce" and interaction are conducted in that environment. Using language (symbols) that relate to them help to ensure the essence of the message is better received. Each person will interpret that message and having it relate specifically to your audience improves upon the information transference. Style: Tone and style help determine the overall intent and meaning of the words (s

Small Town Parades Drive Traffic Downtown

Small town parades are not only great for getting the community downtown but also getting them into one place to start the Christmas shopping seasons. Bars and restaurants get their fill but so does those stores that stay open during the time. As business create floats they show their connection to the community and also advertise. Community Togetherness: Drawing people together to engage in a community activity that leads to greater connection among members but also greater loyalty to the area. Shopping: Stores that stay open during the parade often find people go down early and leave late. Bars and restaurants get a significant boost but so can businesses if they advertise deep discounts. Advertising: Floats and displays are not just a community activity but also lead to advertising. Each eye focuses on each float and company as it passes. Community Loyalty: Engaging and interacting with the community leads to life-long relationships with businesses. As people think a

How Little Unique Businesses can Create?

Sometimes small businesses can raise their value by offering something unique when compared to other businesses. For example, on Shelter Island in California, there is a small restaurant on the fishing pier that offers simple beverages and food. While this won't receive the same amount of traffic as the one in Ocean Beach it nevertheless has carved out a niche. Their demographic is based in the people who live in the area and those who go fishing on the pier. Each afternoon a crowd gathers to put their fishing poles out. They need things to eat and drink while they are fishing and this, as well as the tourists, is their crowd. Opening at 3PM they offer frozen bait and snacks. Small business often have a hard time creating a place when competing against larger businesses. The market for this store is smaller than what most chains would be interested in. By putting up a business sign in a small market they have effectively locked this market out to competitors. Trying not to