Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Benefits and Detractors of Layers of Management

Layers of management often creep into businesses. While these can sometimes beneficial they do have detractors that take away from the functioning of business. There are times when such bureaucratic structure is helpful but as employees become more educated they will want additional abilities to make decisions that help their organizations.


-Structure: Highly structured environments that create chains of commands.
-Control: Structure creates control which are often beneficial in bureaucratic institutions.
-Promotions: Layers of management also create opportunities for promotions as the decision tree lengthens.


-Poor Decision Making: Decision making has too many hierarchical layers with each person adding and adjusting for their own needs.
-Lack of Empowerment: Employees don't sense the ability to take responsibility over issues.
-Demotivation: If others make all the decisions motivation decreases.
-Inability to Adjust: Layers of management make decisions slower and less likely to adjust to market needs.

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