Saturday, December 2, 2017

Small Town Parades Drive Traffic Downtown

Small town parades are not only great for getting the community downtown but also getting them into one place to start the Christmas shopping seasons. Bars and restaurants get their fill but so does those stores that stay open during the time. As business create floats they show their connection to the community and also advertise.

Community Togetherness: Drawing people together to engage in a community activity that leads to greater connection among members but also greater loyalty to the area.

Shopping: Stores that stay open during the parade often find people go down early and leave late. Bars and restaurants get a significant boost but so can businesses if they advertise deep discounts.

Advertising: Floats and displays are not just a community activity but also lead to advertising. Each eye focuses on each float and company as it passes.

Community Loyalty: Engaging and interacting with the community leads to life-long relationships with businesses. As people think about certain stores they saw in the parade, help build decorations with, or who sponsored them they will often become long term customers.

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