Friday, December 8, 2017

The Needs of Future Scholars

Scholars and intellectual achievement is a mark of a country's success. As the quality of life, resources, and ability to move away from supporting one needs opens up free time there are those who chose to spend their time in intellectual pursuits. The very innovative success of a nation is based on its intellectual achievement and the resulting patents they produce.

We find that genius doesn't exist in a vacuum but is made up of a community and a nation that affords the right environment for those things to happen. As history has taught us, when nations are on their top people engage in intellectual and scientific pursuits because they are awarded by society.
This takes a quality of life and environment that seeks the new.

Future scholars have needs that a nation should fulfill in order to draw more of them out.

1. Strong primary and secondary education that teaches the fundamentals.
2. A robust higher education education system that allows them to go back to school and learn in a convenient manner.
3. A political and social environment that supports differences of opinions.
4. Strong social networks to share ideas and gain a sense of inclusion.
5. Adequate distribution of income that rewards risk taking and entrepreneurship.
6. Investment that encourages new ideas to fully develop into marketable products and services.
7. Cultural expressions such as art, poetry, crafts, and theater.

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