Monday, December 11, 2017

Creating Export Clusters Through Export Environments

Export environments have characteristics that set them apart from other locations. To move products out of an area and to allow for resources needed for manufacturing to come in it will require infrastructure that moves resources as efficiently as possible. Infrastructure reduces costs for companies and helps to attract more manufacturing as clusters develops. The proper infrastructure, attracting new industries to create cluster growth, encouraging companies that produce products, and serving those products leads to creating a stronger export environment.

Export Infrastructure: Roads, Internet, ports, rails, highways, and electrical grid all contribute to the ability to exports. Products must move quickly and efficiently to export locations and sent overseas. Any delays or bottlenecks in these systems are seen as time and money wasting for industries. When companies evaluate an area they will seek understanding of the infrastructure and how it contributes to their profit margins.

Attracting Industries into Clusters: Cities will need to actively seek out investment by international and domestic companies that are producing goods for the global market. Some of this cluster growth is through brand awareness of the city's benefits, infrastructure improvements and environmental/tax structures.

Export Oriented Manufacturing: Industries should be export oriented to dominate the global market. American businesses should be able to products with higher quality and progressive pricing in order to dominate the market. While domestic producing companies are highly beneficial an export orientation will need to move these products overseas.

Enhancing value through Global Service: Raising value of products also means providing the service quality of a demanding customer from a global perspective. Returns, questions, concerns, and protections are part of raising products value. American businesses that work in a global market will need to support their products so that the "guarantee"' of their quality is high.

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