Saturday, December 9, 2017

4 Things Professors Should Be Doing

There are four things that professors should be continuously engaged in which include teaching courses, research, writing/community engagement, and current events. The primary job of professors is to share new knowledge. They must understand, generate, and share their knowledge with students. Professors are thinkers by nature and the process of creation takes a different route than traditional jobs and should be encouraged among universities in order to improve the total quality of knowledge output. 1. Teaching Courses: Teaching courses helps professors understand what is being taught to students and adjust that knowledge when it becomes stale. Teaching is the primary purpose of professors as they are able to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next. 2. Research: Developing knew knowledge helps increase the abilities from one generation to another and fosters greater innovation. An important function of universities is to generate new knowledge that leads to industry change. 3. Writing and Community Engagement: Engaging in the community and writing helps professors enact change through greater awareness of how thing could be and how they should be done. It is a process of educating the public. 4. Current events: Reading journals, the news , and connecting to industries leads to an understanding of the problems society faces as well as the specific problems of their chosen fields of study.

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