Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Are there really UFOs on our Planet from a Scientific Standpoint?

Are UFO's possible from a scientific standpoint? I'm not much of a UFO guy but I do enjoy the probabilities of science. An interesting video was released that seem to show something we don't quite understand. Is it a UFO? No one really knows because we were not able to capture it and take a closer look. From a scientific standpoint there is just something of interest and a very rough piece of evidence but without closer observation and detailed analysis one cannot rule out that it came from other sources. What if another country built it? What if some genius in his basement built an advanced drone but we are unaware? A multitude of questions have not been answered.

However, we can say for sure that alien life does exist in one form or another. We have seen these remnants on other planets and found them attached to our space stations.  Likely another reason why some governments are pushing for stronger space programs. Most of these discoveries are only about simple organisms and have not been fully studied. It is actual alien life but not the type that would get the average person very excited!

We also have the chance to discuss probability. If chance of life on another planet is one in a trillion then it is believed that advanced life has existed at least a billion times already.  Because the universe is estimated to be around 10 billion years old, not like anyone really knows no how many numbers we throw at it, then many of these existing civilizations may have already passed away. There just isn't any evidence or proof because we are limited in our space exploration abilities.

So is this video is proof?

Not really. It only opens the door to additional questions from a scientific standpoint. To know for sure would mean we would need to test and manipulate what we found. A grainy video only gives us a direction to look at but doesn't provide enough information to show anything conclusively other than there is something that can move quickly across the surface of the earth. Additional videos and observations would be needed to show additional information. Once that occurs, we would need to see one in real life and be able to "play with it" to determine precisely where the materials and technology came from.

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