Sunday, December 3, 2017

Is it wise to buy in bulk?

If you ever entered a Sam's Club or Costco you will find that many of the items are sold in bulk. It doesn't have to be these two stores as many places offer bulk food as well. Determining when to and when to not buy in bulk is important for helping you save money.

Most of the time buying in bulk is a great idea. At other times it is not a great idea as you may end up spending much more than you need. Consider the following before you make a purchase.

1.) Is it perishable and will you use it in time? Items like canned goods, coffee, toilet papers, hardware supplies, etc... can be stored for a long time.

2. Will you use the item? Sometimes we buy things on the spur of the moment but we don't actually need them. Make sure you buy when you will use the item a lot.

3.) Is the per piece price lower than what you can find at other places? This is the primarily reason why people buy in bulk.

4.) Are there other people who will split the bulk? Sometimes you can find people who will take half of the bulk purchase so you don't need all of it.

5.) Does it fit within your budget? No matter what if the item doesn't fit within your budget it is a problem.

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