Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Labor Relations as a Factor of Security and Self-Esteem

There two primary reasons why employee become part of a union. As the world changes companies should look at these two reasons to ensure that their employees feel security and self-esteem from the work that they do. An organization is a village of types and helping employees feel these two needs leads to greater organizational trust and eventually performance. Neglecting these needs increases all types of other issues as they relate to legal and labor relations headaches.

Security: Union workers want security in their jobs. As the workplace becomes more chaotic and companies move overseas they desire stability. While the seniority system may not be great for performance it does provide a level of stability of workers who don't want to be in the cuts of layoffs. When companies can make a commitment to their workers they can lessen the need for union protections.

Self-Esteem: When people engage in an occupation it impacts their self-esteem and the viewpoints of their life. Their occupation becomes part of who they are. The workplace is every bit as important as their households and the work takes on special meaning to them. Helping employees become part of the decision making process and treating them as skilled and valuable members of an organization helps limit the need for unionization.

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