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Poem: The Course Bearing Ship

A Day and Life in San Diego-Leroy and the Sea Lion Tour

In search of ocean breeze and sunny skies we headed downtown to a two hour San Diego Bay cruise.   One of the fastest and convenient methods to the city’s activities is to jump on the famous San Diego trolley. As with all public transportation you will meet people from different walks of life. Some are old, many young, well-dressed professionals, and others flocked together in families making their way to a game.  As we walked into the trolley we came across an Indiana Jones looking man sitting quietly assembling all types of flowers, animals, and creatures from palm leaves. With only a few seats available we were forced to sit near the street artist. Perhaps too close for comfort. In the back of my head I kept thinking, “I hope he doesn’t ask for change”.   I watched him suspiciously over the top of the chair. This artist wasn’t just forging palm leaf products but also handing them out to anyone who took interest in his activities. Mothers, little girls, boys…he didn’t

Adjusting Aperture to Highlight Products in Marketing Images

Aperture in photography is important for encouraging more artistic shots. Artistic shots help to improve upon marketing messages contained within the picture. Companies regularly seek out photographers that are capable of creating different kinds of art products that highlight key points within a picture. Aperture is just one of the main adjustments to stronger photographic results.  Aperture changes the depth of the field within the picture. You will find the front sharper than the rear. This is great for taking pictures that highlight a particular item and blur out a distracting background. Advertisers may change the aperture to ensure that the product stays in central focus and that the eye naturally rests at a particular place within the picture.  Different types of people see different things within a picture. Helping potential customer’s focus on a particular aspect of a message is part art and science. It requires the right angles, scenery, content, and artistic s

Are all Businesspeople Artists?

Art and business are often seen as two radically different fields that appear on the surface to have very little in common with each other. Art is for the romantic while business is for the realist. Art is a dreamer’s occupation and business is for the hard-nosed adherent to the facts of life. This artificial mental barrier may not be true as we think for art and business are integrally tied to the ability to see possibilities.   There are obvious connections between the two once we start digging into the nitty gritty of their existence. For example, in marketing business requires the use of art to create stories, messages, and themes. It would be difficult to attract new customers in an atmosphere of marketing fatigue unless you are willing to do something unique. Most of us remember the really creative commercials that take into consideration visual artistic design.  Let us move a little deeper into the use of art and business for product development. Successful busin