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A Day and Life in San Diego-Leroy and the Sea Lion Tour

In search of ocean breeze and sunny skies we headed downtown to a two hour San Diego Bay cruise.   One of the fastest and convenient methods to the city’s activities is to jump on the famous San Diego trolley. As with all public transportation you will meet people from different walks of life. Some are old, many young, well-dressed professionals, and others flocked together in families making their way to a game.  As we walked into the trolley we came across an Indiana Jones looking man sitting quietly assembling all types of flowers, animals, and creatures from palm leaves. With only a few seats available we were forced to sit near the street artist. Perhaps too close for comfort. In the back of my head I kept thinking, “I hope he doesn’t ask for change”.   I watched him suspiciously over the top of the chair. This artist wasn’t just forging palm leaf products but also handing them out to anyone who took interest in his activities. Mothers, little girls, boys…he didn’t

2014 Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival Brings Artistic Delight

2014 Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival brought together the world’s styles of dances for their 20 th Anniversary Celebration.  From the India to Ireland each of the dancers performed native works that represent their unique heritage.  Beautiful colors, excellent choreography, and folk themed music brought delight to a packed audience.  Over 30 dance companies from 18 different countries made their way onto the stage throughout the evening.  The project was funded by the Coronado School of the Arts Foundation that pools grants and donations to promote festivals and other projects for public awareness. Without the generous contributions of the corporate and personal sponsors such activities may diminish. Cultural awareness helps in exposing people to a broader world.  Even though each of the performances had their merit the dancers from Blue Ming Chinese Dance Company put on a spectacular displace of color and coordinated movement. The dance was varied,

How to Build an Old Crate Bookshelf

Arts, crafts and hobbies can be a wonderful addition to any person’s life. They provide an outlet for creative juices, allow for personal expression, enhance skills and give one a sense of accomplishment. With all such creative endeavors it is a process of learning. Things rarely turn out perfect but do provide some insight into how to make the next one better or allow for the transference of skills to other areas. This post is about how to build a bookshelf from two crates and a few pieces of wood.  The process is relatively simple and can be done in any small space. With a garage and proper equipment it is possible to do much more in terms of creative and more professional works. However, with just about any size space you can put together something simple like this bookshelf with whatever color or design you prefer.  The bookshelf is very steady and I was actually able to lift it full of books without any problems with the joints, bindings, or any other type of loose