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The Benefits of San Diego County and City Partnering on Charger Stadium Project

San Diego County and San Diego are partnering through putting in $250,000 a piece to hire attorneys, consultants and industry experts to determine the best way to approach keeping the Chargers in San Diego. The plan to collaborate between the two governmental entities is a good one that tells the NFL and the Chargers that they are serious about keeping them here but also about protecting taxpayer interest. San Diego County and the City of San Diego are stakeholders in the same project and would both benefit from keeping the Chargers in the area. Stadiums are expensive beasts that can easily cost over a billion dollars to develop. Most of the expense related to developing and building will be footed by taxpayers to it is important that the full scope of the project is understood. There are times when cities get into projects and quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the project, cost, data, and legal ramifications. Effective legal challenges are mounted and soon what appeared to

Hobby: What to do with old furniture?

Old furniture is something that we throw out from time to time. Perhaps we recently upgraded our décor and bought a new set or we have that piece or two that no longer fits with anything else we own. It could be scratched, nicked, stained or suffered from years of abuse and neglect. Before you throw it out you may want to consider a fixer up project like the one I completed with an old cabinet.   Before engaging in saving a particular piece of furniture ensure that it is solid and only has cosmetic issues. If you desire to cut wood, replace parts, and do other things there is a higher level of skill involved. Basic sanding and painting will work for most projects and leave you with higher quality products. Sometimes you may need to buy a door handle or other small item that may be missing to finish it off.   Those cabinets that are solid and have a stained finish may need to be sanded. The manufacturer is able to sand them down and cure them in a way where not much is go

How to Build an Old Crate Bookshelf

Arts, crafts and hobbies can be a wonderful addition to any person’s life. They provide an outlet for creative juices, allow for personal expression, enhance skills and give one a sense of accomplishment. With all such creative endeavors it is a process of learning. Things rarely turn out perfect but do provide some insight into how to make the next one better or allow for the transference of skills to other areas. This post is about how to build a bookshelf from two crates and a few pieces of wood.  The process is relatively simple and can be done in any small space. With a garage and proper equipment it is possible to do much more in terms of creative and more professional works. However, with just about any size space you can put together something simple like this bookshelf with whatever color or design you prefer.  The bookshelf is very steady and I was actually able to lift it full of books without any problems with the joints, bindings, or any other type of loose