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Hobby: What to do with old furniture?

Old furniture is something that we throw out from time to time. Perhaps we recently upgraded our décor and bought a new set or we have that piece or two that no longer fits with anything else we own. It could be scratched, nicked, stained or suffered from years of abuse and neglect. Before you throw it out you may want to consider a fixer up project like the one I completed with an old cabinet.   Before engaging in saving a particular piece of furniture ensure that it is solid and only has cosmetic issues. If you desire to cut wood, replace parts, and do other things there is a higher level of skill involved. Basic sanding and painting will work for most projects and leave you with higher quality products. Sometimes you may need to buy a door handle or other small item that may be missing to finish it off.   Those cabinets that are solid and have a stained finish may need to be sanded. The manufacturer is able to sand them down and cure them in a way where not much is go