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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hobby: What to do with old furniture?

Old furniture is something that we throw out from time to time. Perhaps we recently upgraded our d├ęcor and bought a new set or we have that piece or two that no longer fits with anything else we own. It could be scratched, nicked, stained or suffered from years of abuse and neglect. Before you throw it out you may want to consider a fixer up project like the one I completed with an old cabinet.


Before engaging in saving a particular piece of furniture ensure that it is solid and only has cosmetic issues. If you desire to cut wood, replace parts, and do other things there is a higher level of skill involved. Basic sanding and painting will work for most projects and leave you with higher quality products. Sometimes you may need to buy a door handle or other small item that may be missing to finish it off.


Those cabinets that are solid and have a stained finish may need to be sanded. The manufacturer is able to sand them down and cure them in a way where not much is going to stick. By lightly brushing the entire piece with sand paper you are able to prepare the piece for painting. The wood granules become rough and raised enough to hold the paint.


Once the process of sanding is complete you should put on at least two coats of paint. In my case, I used mocha but you may want to try a different color. The purpose of two coats is to ensure that everything is covered uniformly. Sometimes trying to put too much paint on at one time can cause dripping or running which leaves little bubbles in the paint.


You may want to end with a satin finish. It will help to make it look nice and smooth with a slight shine. The satin spray will also protect against moisture and wear and tear. Other products are available that will better coat the top for protection against condensation, water, or other scratches. This depends on your planned usage and the amount you want to spend. Assuming that you own the cabinet the total project will cost around $10.


People engage in home projects for all types of reasons. It may be a hobby, something to do, or a home business. In my case, I desire to ensure that all of the mismatched stuff thrown into my home office matches so I will be going piece by piece until they are finished. This cabinet will be used for a t.v. stand and free the surface space of my desk for other uses.


Steps 1: Take off knobs, decoration, etc…


Steps 2: Sand surface to ensure paint sticks or nicks are removed.


Steps 3: Spray paint, stain, or paint with a brush.


Steps 4: Repeat step 3


Step 5: Allow to Dry


Step 6: Use satin finish.