Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Benefits of San Diego County and City Partnering on Charger Stadium Project

San Diego County and San Diego are partnering through putting in $250,000 a piece to hire attorneys, consultants and industry experts to determine the best way to approach keeping the Chargers in San Diego. The plan to collaborate between the two governmental entities is a good one that tells the NFL and the Chargers that they are serious about keeping them here but also about protecting taxpayer interest.

San Diego County and the City of San Diego are stakeholders in the same project and would both benefit from keeping the Chargers in the area. Stadiums are expensive beasts that can easily cost over a billion dollars to develop. Most of the expense related to developing and building will be footed by taxpayers to it is important that the full scope of the project is understood.

There are times when cities get into projects and quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the project, cost, data, and legal ramifications. Effective legal challenges are mounted and soon what appeared to be a good idea is swamped in layers of red tape. Under those circumstances it won't take long for the NFL to figure out their needs aren't going to get fulfilled with this project.

All projects contain an element of risk that can be controlled. By evaluating projects in advance, alternatives, and methods of completion a more comprehensive solution can be formalized. Risk are reduced through the use of an effective plan that takes into consideration the challenges and difficulties that are often a result of expensive and high profile projects.

Successful stadium projects require the ability to plan and understand the scope of the project and then enactment of a strategy for completion (Sampson, 2006). Without defined objectives and knowing what the project is to accomplish there is a high probability that it will move outside of its objectives and include costs and add ons that have little to do with the project itself.

When spending taxpayer money that can have large implications for the area it is important to aim well and shoot once. Protecting taxpayer money and expanding the benefits from keeping the Chargers in town is important business that shouldn't be left up the whim of a few people. Having a team of experts might cost the city and county a little money up front but will save them millions in the long run.

Sampson, B. (2006). Build it and the fans will follow. Professional Engineering, 19 (10).

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