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The Benefits of San Diego County and City Partnering on Charger Stadium Project

San Diego County and San Diego are partnering through putting in $250,000 a piece to hire attorneys, consultants and industry experts to determine the best way to approach keeping the Chargers in San Diego. The plan to collaborate between the two governmental entities is a good one that tells the NFL and the Chargers that they are serious about keeping them here but also about protecting taxpayer interest. San Diego County and the City of San Diego are stakeholders in the same project and would both benefit from keeping the Chargers in the area. Stadiums are expensive beasts that can easily cost over a billion dollars to develop. Most of the expense related to developing and building will be footed by taxpayers to it is important that the full scope of the project is understood. There are times when cities get into projects and quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the project, cost, data, and legal ramifications. Effective legal challenges are mounted and soon what appeared to

Ideas for the Development of Qualcomm Stadium

Qualcomm stadium is a big part of San Diego's identity but may soon be underutilized and difficult to sell. If a new stadium is approved this will leave a very large stadium facility in the prime location of Mission Valley with only a few feasible options. Most of these options are likely to include destroying the stadium and finding a new use for the prime estate. A few ideas have been floating around. The movement downtown is anything but certain.  MTS’ chief executive, Paul Jablonski, in a letter to the Mayor Kevin Faulkner's task force outlines that building a new stadium is impractical at best and would be nearly 10 years out before completion ( 2 ). The proposal is to include an expansion on the convention center and obtain parts of the MTS bus yard.  In the scenario where a new site for the Chargers is settled upon this would leave the old Qualcomm stadium up for grabs. The problem is that there are not a whole lot of entities around San Diego that would have a us