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Beautiful Beaches Raise San Diego’s Digital Profile as a Vacation Destination

San Diego Beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country. According to Trip Advisor the beaches of La Jolla, Coronado and Carlsbad made their way into the nation’s top 25 ( McVicker, 2014 ). As a local attraction beaches are a clear draw for people and a way people envision San Diego. The right kind of images can raise the status of an area. If you doubt the brand of San Diego as associated with sunny beaches go ahead and ask someone from any place in the country what the first thing they think of when the city is mentioned. Most likely they will say something about the weather, ocean, beaches, restaurants and military. San Diego is seen as a destination place for vacation and fun. Having positive reviews of San Diego in the news, vacation sites, and in general on cybersphere helps to raise the status of the area. The more times it is mentioned in various information channels and media the higher the association of the image in people’s minds. This can help the area becom

The Attractive Tourist Activity of Snorkeling at La Jolla Cove

Snorkeling is a great activity for both locals and tourists that helps connect to nature while improving health. In California coastal life, snorkeling is a favorite activity of water lovers. Few things are better than being outside in the warm weather and plunging into the ocean to see the world that exists under the waves. La Jolla Cove is considered one of the best places to snorkel in Southern California.  The rock reefs are close to the beach requiring only a few feet of swimming before seeing the wildlife. Even though there are more advanced places to snorkel, the cove offers calm waters, life guards, and all the amenities for beginners. Because one can paddle around the cove without much effort most age ranges enjoy snorkeling at the cove. This is one reason why visitors flock to the area.   To the north are rock formations you can swim out and crawl upon. Try and be safe as the ocean waves can push you right into rocks so it is best to try and climb on them from

A Day and Life in San Diego-Leroy and the Sea Lion Tour

In search of ocean breeze and sunny skies we headed downtown to a two hour San Diego Bay cruise.   One of the fastest and convenient methods to the city’s activities is to jump on the famous San Diego trolley. As with all public transportation you will meet people from different walks of life. Some are old, many young, well-dressed professionals, and others flocked together in families making their way to a game.  As we walked into the trolley we came across an Indiana Jones looking man sitting quietly assembling all types of flowers, animals, and creatures from palm leaves. With only a few seats available we were forced to sit near the street artist. Perhaps too close for comfort. In the back of my head I kept thinking, “I hope he doesn’t ask for change”.   I watched him suspiciously over the top of the chair. This artist wasn’t just forging palm leaf products but also handing them out to anyone who took interest in his activities. Mothers, little girls, boys…he didn’t

McCoy House Museum in Old Town San Diego

James McCoy emigrated from Ireland in 1850 as a member of Brevet-Lieutenant Colonel John Bankhead Magruder's First United States Artillery. McCoy was a catalyst to the growth and development of Southern California ( 1 ).   He was elected county assessor and then sheriff being fully active in the life of the times and eventually was a state senator in 1871. He is responsible for a number of subdivisions around San Diego and helped with limited success to bring the railroad to San Diego ( 2 ). The museum is located in the Old Town Park of San Diego and is free for visitors. As a historical marker it provides a glimpse into yesteryear and how people lived their lives. You can walk into the museum and smell the ancient sights and pieces of life that were once part of common everyday experiences. From the hardwood banisters and ancient rugs you can almost travel back in time.  Mrs. McCoy was somewhat of a poet and wrote them within here letters to other people. You may enj