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The Ocean View-San Diego's Beach Culture

Few things offer more tranquility than the blue ocean front and summer warm beaches. San Diego has some of the world's best beaches where Tommy Bahama umbrellas and sandals are part of the natural landscape. La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, and Imperial Beach offers distinct feel and vibe. Each has their own community built up around the beach culture. What is the beach culture? Beach culture is very laid back where few things in life seem to matter. Time stops for those in it. Many adherents spend hours in the beaches and parks sitting on the tables, spread out on a blanket, surfing, and eating in many of the local restaurants. It is a culture where one lives in the moment and cares little for the normal motivations in life. If you spend some time in these communities you come to find that they have distinct groupings of people in the beach enclaves where they live. They often know each other by name and see the same faces beyond 5:00pm when most of the outside beach

Beautiful Beaches Raise San Diego’s Digital Profile as a Vacation Destination

San Diego Beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country. According to Trip Advisor the beaches of La Jolla, Coronado and Carlsbad made their way into the nation’s top 25 ( McVicker, 2014 ). As a local attraction beaches are a clear draw for people and a way people envision San Diego. The right kind of images can raise the status of an area. If you doubt the brand of San Diego as associated with sunny beaches go ahead and ask someone from any place in the country what the first thing they think of when the city is mentioned. Most likely they will say something about the weather, ocean, beaches, restaurants and military. San Diego is seen as a destination place for vacation and fun. Having positive reviews of San Diego in the news, vacation sites, and in general on cybersphere helps to raise the status of the area. The more times it is mentioned in various information channels and media the higher the association of the image in people’s minds. This can help the area becom

Trash isn’t Sunken Treasure-Keeping the Ocean Clean

The ocean is a precious resource that shouldn’t be wasted on poor habits.  For those living on the coast and in the coastal lifestyle you know how important the ocean is to your way of life and the recreational activities you enjoy. Sailing, surfboarding, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking are just some of the fun activities in the San Diego area.  Pollution and waste damage the environment for everyone and with a little care our beaches can be cleaned and improved. Last weekend I decided to take my snorkel and Nexus phone to La Jolla Cove in an attempt to see some of the ocean wildlife. Paddling along the ocean top and diving for interesting objects on the bottom I came across a lady’s sandal. A fairly expensive one at that so I’m sure she didn’t intentionally part with it! I didn't know Nemo was doing retail? It didn’t take much to clean up the mishap. I just dived down, grabbed it and came back up to the surface, swam near the shore and flung it onto the beach th

Just South of La Jolla Cove and Beyond the Sandy Beach Pictures

Just down the coast from La Jolla Cove is another beach that attracts local and out of town visitors. Walking along the slippery ocean covered rocks you will come to a few enclaves that contain the tide’s residue of sea life and wonders. The sun sparkles off of the ripples of small wading pools while sea creatures wait for their return home.  Clams huddle together and starfish kiss the rocks. Nature’s handiwork creates smooth stones that resemble water washed deserts. As the ocean waves assault the coast a few visitors have traversed hopping stones to make their way to new sites by anyone but locals.  Enjoy the pictures