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Two Benefits of Hosting Comic-Con in San Diego

Over a hundred and thirty thousand people attended this year’s Comic-Con convention in their enthusiasm to submerge themselves in the spirit of “geekhood”. Comic enthusiast contributed $203 million and booked over 378,000 rooms in the area over the past three years ( 1 ). This means big windfalls for hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the area.  There are two benefits from Comic-Con that helped to steer a course for San Diego. The first is the immediate benefits to local businesses and the second is the long-tail of marketing of San Diego to the world. Businesses may see a short burst of revenue but also may find their environment improving over the long-run.  Sometimes people need an excuse to see the beauty of San Diego. Conventions such as Comic-Con give young people a reason to visit San Diego who might have otherwise have optioned for another place. Some of those people will be impressed by the area and may come back for a vacation or another time when a larg

Beautiful Beaches Raise San Diego’s Digital Profile as a Vacation Destination

San Diego Beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country. According to Trip Advisor the beaches of La Jolla, Coronado and Carlsbad made their way into the nation’s top 25 ( McVicker, 2014 ). As a local attraction beaches are a clear draw for people and a way people envision San Diego. The right kind of images can raise the status of an area. If you doubt the brand of San Diego as associated with sunny beaches go ahead and ask someone from any place in the country what the first thing they think of when the city is mentioned. Most likely they will say something about the weather, ocean, beaches, restaurants and military. San Diego is seen as a destination place for vacation and fun. Having positive reviews of San Diego in the news, vacation sites, and in general on cybersphere helps to raise the status of the area. The more times it is mentioned in various information channels and media the higher the association of the image in people’s minds. This can help the area becom

Taking a Beach Break at Newbreak Coffee and Cafe

After spending an afternoon on the sand smelling like coconut tanning oil beach enjoyers walk over to Newbreak Coffee and Café for their favorite beverage and snack. Offering homemade food and a street side location across from the beach it has earned its spot as a local icon. Foot traffic in the Ocean Beach area is robust with people browsing surfboard shops, beach clothing outlets and mom & pop restaurants.   It is a beach community that attracts a special kind of resident who rents a local apartment and spends their day on the water or an out-of- state tourist that fly in for a week to experience authentic beach life. Food and beverages are the main attraction for Newbreak as customers walk across the street to grab something quick to eat before making their way back to the beach for some time in the sun.   Patrons can order eggs, omelets, soups, muffins and gourmet sandwiches.   Each of the items takes considerable care and effort to prepare adding to its quality.  

Finding Great San Diego Restaurants with Coupon Sites

Frugality with money is part art-form and part research. San Diego hosts a substantial amount of outdoor activities, dining, boating events, concerts and more. The problem is that all of this costs money. If you don’t have a fat wallet and have more time than money you may want to check out some discount sites before making a dining reservation. Stretching your dollars can help you in the other areas of your life and a few moments of time are a wise choice.  Companies offer coupons and discounts to attract new customers. They hope that once the customers make their way into the restaurant for the first time they can be retained for future visits in addition to future revenue. A discount offer raises the incentives of purchasing a product and can be attractive to those who are considering a wide range of alternatives.  One advantage is that dining discounts directly appeal to those who like to go out and eat on a regular basis. It is a core demographic group that sees disco

The Old Fashion Style of Twiggs Coffeehouse and Bakery

Twiggs Coffeehouse and Bakery offers a homey atmosphere with traditional coffee shop décor and plenty of tables. Located in the University Heights business district it has created a name for itself through its bakery items and custom cakes. At any particular time you can find all types of people ranging from business professionals to students engaging in lively conversation and munching on a chocolate chip cookie.  This is not your “cookie cutter” establishment with franchise style décor. It is a real, down to earth, traditional 1950’s style coffee shop. Living room furniture with lamps rests in the corners while a variety of well worn tables are spread about the floor. It has a “throwback” charm of a time before the advent of computers.  Twiggs also supports the arts. Located in a makeshift theater connected to the main coffee shop are amateur improvisation and skits. Cost was $5 and offered an opportunity for locals to engage in the community. A few dozen people look

Spanish "Old World" Coronado Village

In Coronado’s Downtown District and a block from the beach is a little known Spanish style alleyway that hosts hidden treasures of small shops and architectural wonders. Located within the Village of Coronado and El Cordova Hotel are dining establishments like Miguel’s Cocina and carpet shops like the Galleria that match anything you might find in Old World Spain.  El Cordova Hotel is a traditional hacienda style local attraction. It was built for the wealthy industrialist Elisha Babcock in 1902 and was converted so a Spanish Village hotel in 1939. Since that time it has been updated many times and a number of shops are interconnected. While you wait for your dining number to be called you may walk around and see the fountains and historic architecture.   Miguel’s Cocina is located in the hotel’s courtyard. It offers a beautifully covered patio or indoor dining experience. The prices are reasonable ranging from $12-$20 per plate. Their offerings are Mexican by genre and