Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finding Great San Diego Restaurants with Coupon Sites

Frugality with money is part art-form and part research. San Diego hosts a substantial amount of outdoor activities, dining, boating events, concerts and more. The problem is that all of this costs money. If you don’t have a fat wallet and have more time than money you may want to check out some discount sites before making a dining reservation. Stretching your dollars can help you in the other areas of your life and a few moments of time are a wise choice. 

Companies offer coupons and discounts to attract new customers. They hope that once the customers make their way into the restaurant for the first time they can be retained for future visits in addition to future revenue. A discount offer raises the incentives of purchasing a product and can be attractive to those who are considering a wide range of alternatives. 

One advantage is that dining discounts directly appeal to those who like to go out and eat on a regular basis. It is a core demographic group that sees discounts as most appealing. The mentality is, “Well I’m going to go eat anyway so why not try this restaurant for 30% off?”  The discount becomes factored into their overall decision-making framework and this result in an affirmative choice. 

The disadvantage of discount sites is that they often appeal to either the savvy deal shopper or the hard core food connoisseur.  Discount shoppers will seek only specials and deals before purchasing while food connoisseurs are unlikely to frequent the same restaurant many times unless it is a convenient choice when other options fail. Discounts in online sites are just one option in building a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Deal Catcher: The site offers discounts on various products, restaurants, events and activities. It hosts lots of great fitness classes that include boxing, biking, yoga, etc… for serious discounts.

San Diego Restaurants: The site offers discounts and coupons for various restaurants within the area. Most of the coupons can be printed and brought into the establishment. You may receive discounts on food, drinks, appetizers and more.

The Goods: The goods offer discounts on dining and a few other items. There isn’t a lot of different stuff on the site but it is worth looking at a few of the coupons. You can text or print the coupon.  

San Diego Org: One of the best sites for finding activities and events in the San Diego area. The offers and coupons apply to food, lodging, whale watching and many other events. This is a good site to save for the weekends.

Restaurant: The site is by far one of the best selections in finding food and drink offerings in the area. You can purchase discount coupons that save you more than the cost. For example, $10 might get you $25 off with a purchase of $37 or more.

Slick Deals: You can find almost anything on this site of which restaurants are one. This is a strong website to search out anytime you need a product or service. It will require you to purchase the item from the website.

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