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A Small Place Called Tea N More

Its a small place without many thrills but with lots of simple coffee shop charm. Located off of a busy street, it bustles with evening activity of cards, conversation and laptop browsers. Unlike the many other coffee shops in the area this one is a little different. Instead of soups and sandwiches someone can expect to purchase fried rice and honey milk tea with boba. Nothing in the coffee shop is expensive. The furniture is old and full of rips, tears, and other aspects of healthy use. A case of used books and games line one shelf and tables are plentiful. Together they create an atmosphere that is simple and warming to the local population. It has become a popular hang out for the Asian community.  Successful businesses have something unique that separates them from other businesses in the same genre. San Diego is a city known for its mom and pop coffee and tea shops. In this market it can be difficult to complete without geographic diversity. Tea N More seems to have foun

Café 976 Develops Customer Experiences the Green Way

Cafes are a natural part of the urban landscape but Café 976 takes this idea to a higher level. The establishment offers a colorful servicescape brighter than what you might find in your grandmother’s garden. As a converted home Café 976 is retro, trendy, and environmentally friendly. Located a few blocks from Pacific Beach the café acts as a stopping point for locals and students.  The foliage provides enough cover for a little privacy but not so much to restrict interaction with others. The furniture is old and brightly colored similar to what you might find in a garden but much more functional. The yard is sectioned off into little interaction areas around a tree, a courtyard, or deck. If you don’t like the company in one area move over to the next.  A positive experience encourages customers to engage in word of mouth advertising. A study of coffee shops showed that managing customer experiences in the functional and emotional domains led to higher customer sa

Taking a Beach Break at Newbreak Coffee and Cafe

After spending an afternoon on the sand smelling like coconut tanning oil beach enjoyers walk over to Newbreak Coffee and Café for their favorite beverage and snack. Offering homemade food and a street side location across from the beach it has earned its spot as a local icon. Foot traffic in the Ocean Beach area is robust with people browsing surfboard shops, beach clothing outlets and mom & pop restaurants.   It is a beach community that attracts a special kind of resident who rents a local apartment and spends their day on the water or an out-of- state tourist that fly in for a week to experience authentic beach life. Food and beverages are the main attraction for Newbreak as customers walk across the street to grab something quick to eat before making their way back to the beach for some time in the sun.   Patrons can order eggs, omelets, soups, muffins and gourmet sandwiches.   Each of the items takes considerable care and effort to prepare adding to its quality.  

Sights and Smells at Skybound Coffee and Desert Lounge

Skybound Coffee and Desert Lounge may have opened its door in May but is already getting public exposure as a sweet tooth’s and coffee lover’s pit stop. Offering organic coffee in small-batch production, pastries, gelatos and an emphasis on local products the market appears to be responding. Located near the busy activity of the Gaslamp District and a few blocks from the Westerfild Horton Plaza they appeal to vacationers and metro dwellers. The coffee lounge is fairly simple by design and offers an artisan baker’s charm. A smorgasbord of pastries with puffy white frosting and creamy custard dance before your eyes. It is hard to pass by the display case and not feel the beckoning call of a sweet nirvana. If you are looking for something a little less zingy to the taste buds delve into a croissant or bagel. In the restaurant business sweets are not just for looking at but also have a fragrance that raises the purchase amount. A study conducted by Krishna, et. al. (2014) found t

Claire de Lune Offers the True Coffee Lounge Experience

Coffee Lounges offer an inviting atmosphere with laissez-faire experience. Claire de Lune provides an eclectic environment where people of all ages and types sit, read, browse the internet and engage in conversation. Looking more like a living room than a coffee shop people will feel at home regardless of their attire and background.  As part of the North Park community they attract a wide following. The street is busy with stores, restaurants, bars, and activities. Foot traffic is high and the coffee shop fits with local market demographics. People seem to congregate there as they make their way through the commercial area.  Friday and Saturday nights offer free music for patrons. The genre of the music changes but can be in the African, Latin, Guitar, and similar strains. For the price of the coffee you can sit down and enjoy live entertainment by local musical talent. Few places will offer the same.  Claire de Lune also attempts to be a positive influence in the