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A Small Place Called Tea N More

Its a small place without many thrills but with lots of simple coffee shop charm. Located off of a busy street, it bustles with evening activity of cards, conversation and laptop browsers. Unlike the many other coffee shops in the area this one is a little different. Instead of soups and sandwiches someone can expect to purchase fried rice and honey milk tea with boba. Nothing in the coffee shop is expensive. The furniture is old and full of rips, tears, and other aspects of healthy use. A case of used books and games line one shelf and tables are plentiful. Together they create an atmosphere that is simple and warming to the local population. It has become a popular hang out for the Asian community.  Successful businesses have something unique that separates them from other businesses in the same genre. San Diego is a city known for its mom and pop coffee and tea shops. In this market it can be difficult to complete without geographic diversity. Tea N More seems to have foun

A Casual Cup at Pannikin

Pannikin’s is an old world coffee shop that offers a unique atmosphere as well as great coffee. Located within stylized buildings in Encinitas, La Jolla, and Del Mar they provide a great atmosphere for only a couple of dollars. Started in 1968 as a family owned business it has grown to icon status in the small communities where they are located. With a zooming Internet and comfortable seating you are able to enjoy working, socializing, or reading a book. The business has plenty of street traffic and new visitors.  Located a few blocks from the beach and down the street from the local’s weekend farmer’s and artist’s market you will find the location convenient and in the center of bustling activity. The coffee shop is inside a converted house between a used book store and a Maserati dealer so you won’t miss it. Within the immediate area are a number of quaint craft, art, dance, and other studies.   It is worth the effort to walk around a bit. You will first notice the coz

Wired Café Le Bistro Serves Neighborhood Patrons with a French Twist

Rarely do you find a place that fits many of your personal needs. Those rare finds often bring customers back again and again over the years. Businesses are aware of their customer profiles and seek to continually tune-in on their customer needs by providing the right atmosphere consistently and flawlessly. Even though all businesses make mistakes it is those that offer maintain their focus that are likely to overcome any shortcomings. There are a number of factors associated with the success of individual businesses. Convenience (location), food offerings (variety), price (relative value), atmosphere (servicescape), customer focus (customer profile),and social benefits are a few you can consider. Wired Café is a neighborhood café, with a variety menu, at   prices under $15, which provides a relaxed environment with a touch of ethnic flavor. The staff has an opportunity to become familiar with their regular customers which helps strengthen their customer base. Wired Café