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A Casual Cup at Pannikin

Pannikin’s is an old world coffee shop that offers a unique atmosphere as well as great coffee. Located within stylized buildings in Encinitas, La Jolla, and Del Mar they provide a great atmosphere for only a couple of dollars. Started in 1968 as a family owned business it has grown to icon status in the small communities where they are located. With a zooming Internet and comfortable seating you are able to enjoy working, socializing, or reading a book. The business has plenty of street traffic and new visitors.  Located a few blocks from the beach and down the street from the local’s weekend farmer’s and artist’s market you will find the location convenient and in the center of bustling activity. The coffee shop is inside a converted house between a used book store and a Maserati dealer so you won’t miss it. Within the immediate area are a number of quaint craft, art, dance, and other studies.   It is worth the effort to walk around a bit. You will first notice the coz

Krakatoa Coffee Shop on Golden Hill San Diego

Krakatoa in Golden Hill California offers an eclectic atmosphere where local artists and students gather to talk, work, and study. With plenty of seating, many bakery options, and a huge patio it is one of San Diego coffee shop patrons favorite places to spend time. Located a few blocks from Balboa Park and within a few miles of the Naval Hospital, zoo, and downtown it gets lots of visitor traffic. The establishment is a coffee shop and café all mixed in one. They have a large selection of muffins, cookies, scones and other goodies that are simply delightful to try. Other items on the menu include exotic names like Vesuvio (egg sandwich) and Pinatubo(toasted telara). Perhaps you are interested in something healthier like hummus and pita or a mixed berry smoothie.   Their food selection is large enough for most interests. Prices on their caffeinated drinks are affordable and under the costs of many competitors. A standard large coffee is $2.25 while a large mocha is also reaso