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Zenbu-The Quaint Sushi Lounge

Zenbu provides a quaint lounge atmosphere while dining on traditional sushi. Located in a meticulously designed and maintained strip mall it is both clean and aesthetically pleasing.  Four different types of seating include bar, patio, high top and lounge. Dark with smooth rock music it creates an upscale and trendy environment.  Each of the plates are provided when one is finished. The plates for couples are served to be shared. They are artistically put together and pleasing to the eye.  Yelp provides a mixed review. However, our experience was pleasant and met our expectations. The décor in the restaurant appears to be updated. Drinks were reasonably priced. Readers recommend the happy hour for the best deals.  Definitely worth a repeat visit!

Popular Fresh Fish at Hanes Sushi and Bar in Downtown San Diego

Hanes Sushi and Bar is ranked as one of the best sushi outlets in San Diego. The popular restaurant has been noted for its excellent service and high quality fish products. Lines are long and every table is full of sushi eating enthusiasts. Between the clanging of glasses at the bar, the chef’s chopping of sea catch and the lively conversation one will find a positive dining experience. KFMB’s Mojo page indicates that the far majority of the customers ranked it 5 out of 5.   Their favorite products are the California Roll, Sashimi, and Avocado rolls. Comments relate primarily to the overall freshness of the products. “Fresh”, “Pieces of Heaven” and “Might be the best in San Diego” are common. Trip Advisor also ranked the restaurant 5 out of 5 stars in 13 out of 17 reviews. They mentioned quality and freshness as the main attractors. Price was seen as a detractor. Their favorites were Sashimi, Honeymoon Oysters, and Uni (Sea Urchin Eggs). Comments such as “Best Sushi”, “Wo

Natural Products at Filippi's Pizza Grotto

Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto is well known by locals to offer some of the zestiest and affordable pizza in the area. You will not find Americanized pizza sold by the slice but you will find authentic Italian pizza with full flavors. The food is so good that the line will reach across the block and it is suggested patrons go early to avoid this wait.  In the front of the restaurant is a grocery store that carries Italian imported brands. They do support the local fishing industry by purchasing San Diego seafood and sell this brand as well as use it in their ingredients.   Whether you are seeking past or old world sauce you can browse their market while you wait. The restaurant has been in business for over fifty years and is still owned by the founding family. Even though they have 14 locations, the one in San Diego is the best known. The cheese is natural and so are the rest of the ingredients. The atmosphere is casual offering non-alcoholic and beer and wine. For under $10

Red Tracton: Meat Lover's Paradise in Solana Beach

The Red Tracton is a full service steakhouse with 1950’s old world charm. Immediately upon leaving valet you will notice that history with the plaques, pictures, and horse racing paraphernalia through time dotting the walls. When compared to many of the restaurants in the area Red Tracton is a meat lover’s heaven. The meat is so fresh and marbled that you swear you can hear a cowbell just a few minutes before the food is served.   With hefty proportions and a nostalgic old world servicescape you are not likely to be disappointed with your experience. The restaurant offers a nice bar, setting arrangements and light D.J. music on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At the time I went on Saturday evening there was a full bar with a few people dancing to soft rock and golden oldies genre music. On non D.J. nights there is piano music to fill the background air to entertain the guests. The bar area and dining area are separate with sound proof glass to deaden the noise so patrons can talk