Monday, October 28, 2013

Popular Fresh Fish at Hanes Sushi and Bar in Downtown San Diego

Hanes Sushi and Bar is ranked as one of the best sushi outlets in San Diego. The popular restaurant has been noted for its excellent service and high quality fish products. Lines are long and every table is full of sushi eating enthusiasts. Between the clanging of glasses at the bar, the chef’s chopping of sea catch and the lively conversation one will find a positive dining experience.

KFMB’s Mojo page indicates that the far majority of the customers ranked it 5 out of 5.  Their favorite products are the California Roll, Sashimi, and Avocado rolls. Comments relate primarily to the overall freshness of the products. “Fresh”, “Pieces of Heaven” and “Might be the best in San Diego” are common.

Trip Advisor also ranked the restaurant 5 out of 5 stars in 13 out of 17 reviews. They mentioned quality and freshness as the main attractors. Price was seen as a detractor. Their favorites were Sashimi, Honeymoon Oysters, and Uni (Sea Urchin Eggs). Comments such as “Best Sushi”, “World Class”, and “Very Fresh” abound.

Best prices can be found during the midday lunch specials. Local workers head over to Hanes during their 45 minute lunch break. A full wine list and other specialty drinks are available. Evenings are packed and it is best to make a reservation if you plan on coming before 9PM.

Because we had reservations the wait was not particularly long. The waitress quickly brought us the food and drink menus. The atmosphere was simple yet clean considering it was toward the end of dinner traffic. The chefs made each roll to order and did so in full view of customers. The price was a touch high for three people but overall well worth it.

As Hanes prides itself on freshness and is new to the area it may be capitalizing on its quality and “buzz”. Like most new products, the prices are generally higher than more established restaurants but this could change depending on visitor popularity. There is a natural association of freshness and quality with price that is part of the establishment’s pricing strategy. At present its position is at the top of local sushi establishments and its price reflects that. It appears that Hanes is doing well and will continue to do so for some time.

2760 5th Avenue
San Diego, California 92103

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