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Natural Products at Filippi's Pizza Grotto

Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto is well known by locals to offer some of the zestiest and affordable pizza in the area. You will not find Americanized pizza sold by the slice but you will find authentic Italian pizza with full flavors. The food is so good that the line will reach across the block and it is suggested patrons go early to avoid this wait.  In the front of the restaurant is a grocery store that carries Italian imported brands. They do support the local fishing industry by purchasing San Diego seafood and sell this brand as well as use it in their ingredients.   Whether you are seeking past or old world sauce you can browse their market while you wait. The restaurant has been in business for over fifty years and is still owned by the founding family. Even though they have 14 locations, the one in San Diego is the best known. The cheese is natural and so are the rest of the ingredients. The atmosphere is casual offering non-alcoholic and beer and wine. For under $10