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Eating Bread for Improved Health and Weight Loss

You have read the diet books and browsed the health magazines and finally came to the conclusion that all bread is very bad and should be avoided at nearly any cost. That isn’t the whole truth as some bread leads to weight loss and improved physiological health. Health enhancements depend on the manufacturing process and what is retained inside the flour. Don’t be fooled by coloring, name, or natural ingredients. The most important aspect of all bread is it’s the natural grain you find in it.  Weight Loss: According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition women who eat whole grain wheat were more likely to lose weight while those who ate refined wheat were more likely to gain weight ( 1 ).   The more refined wheat found in white and enriched bread is unhealthy and likely to have an adverse impact on your body.  Health:  Whole grains are rich in fiber and improve the overall functioning of the body while protecting against diseases ( 2 )

Tips for Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Eating at restaurants can be one of the most damaging activities for your diet if you don’t know how to handle it. Healthy choices and options are available if you avoid fast food establishments. Knowing how to lower the bad effects of exceptionally tasting food is important for both enjoying your life and maintaining your fitness goals. Don’t bite your nails…make the right choices! Most restaurants cook for taste and price while ignoring the health needs of their customers. A growing trend in healthy and organic eating is pushing many restaurants to both label their calories but also their ingredients. Offerings are slowly but surely changing to be healthier but yet are not consistent enough across the country.  Delicious bread, creamy pasta, and butter packed potatoes. Tastes great….more filling! It is also filling out your pants. Look for options and choosing alternatives will help you dine in style, enjoy your offering, and avoid gaining weight.  Taking a few ste

Historical Oceanfront Dining at Brockton Villa

Dining in style isn’t hard at the Brockton Villa. Towering over the cliffs you get a great view of the bay, sounds and smells of the ocean, and the fresh outdoor air while toasting the great times. As a historical landmark it is one of those places that offers more than just great food. It is a local icon with its own charm and history. Tourists flock to the restaurant as they walk along the coast and cove.  The barren site was bought by Dr. Joseph Rodes in 1894 for $165. A great ocean front site with access to the cove and the beach. It was a vacationing home in the bungalow style. Over the years it was inhabited by the “turtle lady” who entertained President Truman and bought by Pannikin coffee to turn into a restaurant. It became a historical landmark and local attraction.  Seating occurs on the deck, terrace or inside. Within the ancient building is a warm fireplace and table seating. The terrace affords a great view of the oceanfront while the deck has a little more

Zenbu-The Quaint Sushi Lounge

Zenbu provides a quaint lounge atmosphere while dining on traditional sushi. Located in a meticulously designed and maintained strip mall it is both clean and aesthetically pleasing.  Four different types of seating include bar, patio, high top and lounge. Dark with smooth rock music it creates an upscale and trendy environment.  Each of the plates are provided when one is finished. The plates for couples are served to be shared. They are artistically put together and pleasing to the eye.  Yelp provides a mixed review. However, our experience was pleasant and met our expectations. The décor in the restaurant appears to be updated. Drinks were reasonably priced. Readers recommend the happy hour for the best deals.  Definitely worth a repeat visit!