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Healthy Living: Stuffed Tomatoes to Complement Your Dish

You can eat right without losing the taste. Eating healthy sometimes requires adjusting our taste buds to food of higher nutritional value. Stuffed tomatoes is an excellent recipe that is full of nutrients that support your fitness goals, doesn’t require much time, and holds its natural tastes. If you’re looking to make a simple side dish to complement your rice or sit in sizzle with your steak consider stuffed tomatoes. It is a low calorie option that doesn’t take much effort to prepare and complements a wide variety of pallets. This is a helpful recipe that improves on just about any dish you are planning to serve.   It is beneficial to incorporate a healthy amount of tomato into your diet. Research has shown that the tomato protects against cardiovascular disease, ultraviolet light, osteoporosis, and cognitive dysfunction (Burton-Freeman & Reimers, 2011). It also acts like an antioxidant that removes harmful pollutants from the body.  182 calories Directions

Hillcrest Farmer's Market Brings Flocks of Followers

Purchase Picture Dr. Murad Abel The ancient medical philosopher by the name of Hippocrates stated, “ Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ” What we put in our mouth has a natural impact on our overall health. Hillcrest Farmer Market is a trend setter in setting the pace local bazaars that seem to be making their way into the downtowns of many major cities. They offer a wide range of vegetables, fruit, food, seafood, flowers, and homemade products made by local artisans and small farmers who seek to strengthen their home based businesses. One of the best features of this market is that it is fun to simply just peruse the offerings even if you don’t immediately busy something. One can spend more than an hour eating, browsing and crowd watching. The smell of grilled food permeates the air with small white blooms of smoke that rise as beacons to taste bud delight. Sauce dripping hamburgers, freshly charred lamb meat and sweet pies are some of the tantalizing trea

Tips for Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Eating at restaurants can be one of the most damaging activities for your diet if you don’t know how to handle it. Healthy choices and options are available if you avoid fast food establishments. Knowing how to lower the bad effects of exceptionally tasting food is important for both enjoying your life and maintaining your fitness goals. Don’t bite your nails…make the right choices! Most restaurants cook for taste and price while ignoring the health needs of their customers. A growing trend in healthy and organic eating is pushing many restaurants to both label their calories but also their ingredients. Offerings are slowly but surely changing to be healthier but yet are not consistent enough across the country.  Delicious bread, creamy pasta, and butter packed potatoes. Tastes great….more filling! It is also filling out your pants. Look for options and choosing alternatives will help you dine in style, enjoy your offering, and avoid gaining weight.  Taking a few ste