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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hillcrest Farmer's Market Brings Flocks of Followers

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The ancient medical philosopher by the name of Hippocrates stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” What we put in our mouth has a natural impact on our overall health. Hillcrest Farmer Market is a trend setter in setting the pace local bazaars that seem to be making their way into the downtowns of many major cities. They offer a wide range of vegetables, fruit, food, seafood, flowers, and homemade products made by local artisans and small farmers who seek to strengthen their home based businesses.

One of the best features of this market is that it is fun to simply just peruse the offerings even if you don’t immediately busy something. One can spend more than an hour eating, browsing and crowd watching. The smell of grilled food permeates the air with small white blooms of smoke that rise as beacons to taste bud delight. Sauce dripping hamburgers, freshly charred lamb meat and sweet pies are some of the tantalizing treats that will make their way across your nose.

If you are more interested in the fruits and vegetables plenty of farmers make their way to the market from the city’s outskirts to display their harvest. Some of the best deals in the city can be found on this street right out in the open for you to pick over. At times you will find the prices less than half the local supermarket as farmers seek to unload the rest of their items. You can’t get fresher than dirt to mouth existence of local farmer market products.

Freshly cut flowers are almost always on the shopping list. Hillcrest Farmer’s Market offers choice flowers from local greenhouses that have been babied from nursery to market graduation. Recently cut and well manicured they attract their own crowd of enthusiasts. Buyers put them on their kitchen table to brighten and room and freshen the atmosphere. Few things beat the natural d├ęcor of Mother Nature’s handiwork.

One of the main attractions is the natural and small manufacturing groceries offered by vendors. Want to cook something for the grill? Buy grass fed chicken or pick up some natural beef. Perhaps you need some smoked cheese or organic eggs. The market focuses on organic and naturally produced offerings without all the preservatives and pesticides.

Hillcrests Farmer Market’s website offers a lot more information that may be helpful for you to find the products and vendors that frequent the market. Enjoy some of the pictures.

Open every Sunday 9-2 p.m.
Lincoln Street and Normal Avenue
3960 Normal Street (Hillcrest DMV Parking Lot)
San Diego, CA 92103