Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tips for Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Eating at restaurants can be one of the most damaging activities for your diet if you don’t know how to handle it. Healthy choices and options are available if you avoid fast food establishments. Knowing how to lower the bad effects of exceptionally tasting food is important for both enjoying your life and maintaining your fitness goals. Don’t bite your nails…make the right choices!

Most restaurants cook for taste and price while ignoring the health needs of their customers. A growing trend in healthy and organic eating is pushing many restaurants to both label their calories but also their ingredients. Offerings are slowly but surely changing to be healthier but yet are not consistent enough across the country. 

Delicious bread, creamy pasta, and butter packed potatoes. Tastes great….more filling! It is also filling out your pants. Look for options and choosing alternatives will help you dine in style, enjoy your offering, and avoid gaining weight. 

Taking a few steps can save you those extra calories and may keep the unhealthy foods away. Consider the following approaches when eating out:

-Understand the Menu: Read closely and ask questions if you are unsure.

-Avoid Pasta, Rice, and Cheese-based Sauces: Pasta, Rice and Cream-based sauces are loaded with cholesterol raising agents and fat. Find items that are better alternatives. 

-No Bread Basket: Don’t even both bring the white bread basket to your table. It is way too tempting when you’re hungry. 

-Order a Glass of Red Wine: Red wine is known to have positive health effects. You can choose this option when browsing the drink menu.  

-Ask for An Alternative Side Dish: The menu might include something beneficial with a poor side dish. Ask to remove the side dish and exchange it with vegetables or something better. 

-Go for the fish or lean meat: If you are unsure what to order then seek the fish, meat or chicken breast. 

-Pick restaurants with a healthy menu section: Some restaurants offer a health section that has a great benefit in selecting appropriate options. 

-Choose Salad and Soup: When there is no option choose a salad and soup.

-Look up Menus Online: Looking up menus and prices can help in saving you time, money and your waistline. Make sure they have what you want before frequenting.

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