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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Health Food at Urbane Cafe

Cafes are popular places to eat that offer casual food at lunch time prices. No need to scarf down something heavy  and then carry that feeling with you over the next hour. Urbane Cafe has high quality food that fulfills the needs of a health conscious consumer. Located near USD in a busy business outlet off the trolley Urban Cafe offers an urban atmosphere at a reasonable price.

Health food and healthy lifestyle are popular today. That doesn't meant that everywhere we go to eat will also follow that standard. At Urbane Cafe they have a health focus with their food and this draws a lot of interest from local patrons. College students, the business class, and families enjoy their offerings

Urbane Cafe is well known for their soups, salads, and sandwiches. Try the southwest chicken sandwich or one of their soups. Because it is so popular expect the line to be long at lunchtime and early evening. You can opt for their catering or take out options.

If your a vegetarian you are going to like this place. Most of their soups and salads are under the $10 price. I had the Santa Maria BBQ Chicken Salad and was impressed by the variety of vegetables and quality of the ingredients. If you want a vegetarian sandwich I would suggest the Pesto & Sundried Tomato Sandwich. 

5375 Napa St

San Diego, CA 92110

Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Prices at Sushi Diner

Looking for great sushi but without the high sushi price? Sushi Diner is a local hot spot near Mesa College that offers some of the best prices in the area with a lot of sushi rolls. It isn’t a large establishment that has a lot of tables so don’t come expecting to find seating for a large group. More like a shack that has been converted to a sushi restaurant they still provide a warm but compact décor.

For around $10 you can order yourself a large plate of sushi that will be plenty to fulfill your palate. They have a large selection of different types of sushi for all those with fickle tastes. Cooked, raw, no rice, etc…are there for your choosing. Just peruse their menu and find what you are looking for and pick over the options. 

As a casual dining outlet you won’t be able to make a reservation. Simply just show up at the door and wait. Typical times will be under 10 minutes but you could wait a little longer. Service is fast and friendly so don’t expect to stand outside the door for very long. 

Sushi Diner carries a Bob Marley theme throughout the establishment. If you don’t believe me go into the bathroom. Bob Marley was a Jamaican Reggie singer that advocated for social change in the 70’s. He became popular for his Exodus album that led to the solidification of his musical mastery.

Sushi Diner
7530 Mesa College Dr, #B
San Diego, CA 92111

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Experience Authentic British Culture at Shakespeare Pub & Grille

People who dine out regularly experience culture with their food. They enjoy Asian culture through sushi, Mexican culture through tacos and French culture through fine dining. Don’t forget the creamy pasta in Italian restaurants. Yet few think of dining in the British style. If you want to experience the original culture of the first European settlers you may just want to make your way to the Shakespeare Pub & Grille. Fitting since July 4th is tomorrow- request a Samuel Adams!

English food is distinct when compared to their American versions. The food is full of variety due to the many cultural influences on the island (1). For example, spices came from India, Romans brought wine, cabbages, and peas while the Vikings introduced smoked fish. Many of the meats and herbs are grown in the local climate and are customary in British cuisine. Ham is also a favorite main staple. 

Shakespeare Pub & Grille offers classic British dishes along with a few newcomers. Consider Fish & Chips, Sheppard’s Pie, Steak & Mushrooms Pie, peas as a side dish and proper fries. No these are not the French Fries Americans have come to love. Proper British fries are thick and served with curry sauce or gravy. 

Have you ever seen a British pub without Ale? In the spirit of tradition Shakespeare offers an extensive menu of wines, spirits and ales.  Some varieties include Guinness, Harp Lager, Newcastle Brown Ale, Bass Pale Ale and many more. As you browse the Ale, Lagers, and Ciders you will find that most are produced in England, Ireland, Scotland and other associated areas.

Offering such craft beers enhances the pub’s appeal. According to the British Food Journal the craft beer market is gaining market share at the expense of broad line macro producers (Murray & O’Neill, 2012). The age range, income, and educational levels of the average craft beer drinker are driving the market to higher levels of growth. 

You may think that the British don’t have a specific culture in the same way that American’s don’t have a unique culture. This of course is based upon limited perspective. Anyone that has immigrated will tell you that both the Americans and British have their own distinct identities.  Come experience the culture and historical significance of Shakespeare Pub & Grille. 

If you decide not to frequent the restaurant then I shall refer to Shakespeares quote in Act As You Like (Act 3 Scene 2)- “Truly, thou art damned like an ill roasted egg, all on one saide.”
Don’t forget to visit the theater next door!
3701 India St.
San Diego, CA 92103

Murray, D. & O’Neill, M. (2012). Craft beer: penetrating a niche market. British Food Journal, 114 (7).

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Does Brand Image Keep Rockin Baja..."Rockin"?

Rockin Baja in Old Town San Diego offers a full menu of Mexican Baja food. Known for its food, drinks and entertainment it has positive reviews from customers. The atmosphere is unique offering lots of knick knacks to gain your attention throughout the restaurant. Fountains, wall hangings, authentic décor, and plant life dot the well-designed floor space. It is one of those places where so much lively entertainment, bright décor and spicy food enhance your mood.

Live entertainment is a big attraction for Rockin Baja. Patrons come to toast to good times and listen to the singers while they order a bucketful of authentic Baja food. Lobster, fish tacos, and other zesty Mexican style plates are on the menu. Originally started in the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Nuevo its brand has been franchised to a couple of locations around San Diego. 

Using identifiable food types, décor, music and a unique location image helps to create a strong brand from the multiple pieces that help people formulate an image of the restaurant. Customers are willing to pay more for brand-image based upon dimensions of image associations (Sonnier & Ainslie, 2011). When the music, food, décor, and image associations align with each other they create better mental recall and higher value to customers. 

A few of their specialties include the Big Baja Bucket with Seasoned Lobster Tails, Baja Style Shrimp, Carne Asada & Grilled Chicken. Includes “All You Can Eat” Ranchero Beans, Mexican Rice, Flour Tortillas, Honey Chili Butter and Fresh Salsas. You can also try the Lobster Tacos del Patron which has Battered fried Maine Lobster topped with shredded cabbage, crema fresca, tomato, onion, fresh sliced avocado and cilantro ranch dressing. Served on warm flour tortillas. 

The food follows the Baja tradition in its taste and style. Baja is a region of Northwestern Mexico that includes well known locations such as Tijuana, Ensenada and La Paz. There is also a place called Baja California that is actually part of Mexico that is somewhat cut off from the mainland by the Sea of Cortes and contains many of the same cultural characteristics (1). The area is known for its spicy seafood and hot and rugged landscape. Few Pintos and electric cars there.

Rockin Baja is a place that you won’t easily forget. Many of the patrons come back frequently throughout the year. Tourists like to visit the historical offerings of Old Town and then make their way over to Rockin Baja less than a block away. Heavy foot traffic, a few blocks from public transportation and right in the vicinity of a major attraction helps Rockin Baja keep on “Rockin”. 

Rockin Baja
3890 Twiggs St
San Diego, CA 92110 

Sonnier, G. & Ainslie, A. (2011). Estimating the value of brand-image associations: the role of general and specific brand image. Journal of Marketing Research, 48 (3).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Healthy Mediterranean Food and Traditional Entertainment at Haritna’s Restaurant

Haritna Restaurant offers authentic Mediterranean food at a price that is affordable for individuals and families. From their homemade bread to their charbroiled chicken you will find their food tantalizing and full of flavor. Listen to the live music, watch the belly dancers, have a hookah on the covered deck, and eat till your hearts full in this traditional Palestinian environment.

Haritna’s is a cross between a lounge and a restaurant. One can order tea and play chess with others or eat a full course meal. Perhaps you will be more interested in having a drink and hookah on the patio. The restaurant is affordable to most people and offers a relaxed environment without the need of the formalities of a suit and tie. 

According to Mayo clinic traditional Mediterranean diet is healthy, reduces risks of heart disease, incidents of cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s (1). An analysis of 1.5 million people who ate the Mediterranean diet reaped better health and lower risks of disease. The use of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and olive oil was low in carbohydrates and bad fats.

Traditional Palestinian food incorporates lentils, rice, meat and fish. The type of food offered ranges from where it originated. Kibbee and various charbroiled meats are most common dishes.  You may want to try the Middle Eastern salad called Tabbouleh. The offerings fit within the family of Mediterranean. 

7303 El Cajon Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91942