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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Few Ideas on Eating Lean and Low Fat Protein

Protein is a beneficial addition to your diet but often comes with high calories and loads of saturated fat. Despite its downsides, it is necessary to eat enough protein to ensure that your mind, muscle and body are adequately provided with the nutrients needed to stay healthy. If you are a fitness nut and are concerned about the amount of fat in your daily protein intake consider lean and low fat options.

If you like to exercise and improve your fitness level you will need an ample supply of protein to repair your muscles. It is recommended that men consume between .4 and .8g of protein per pound of body mass (1). .4 is an absolute minimum and .8 for an athlete.

-White vs. Dark Mean Chicken: Chicken is a main staple. There is a difference between legs ad breast. Eating white meat chicken with mostly spices versus marinated is the best alternative.

-Lean Beef: Lean beef versus regular beef is best as it substantially reduces the overall amount of saturated fat in your diet. Use it for cooking in any recipe that requires meat.

-Fish: Fish is one of the best sources of protein with very little fat. How you cook it will determine its overall benefits.

-Lentils, Beans and Legumes: If you desire to obtain protein without the burden of high fat check out lentil, beans and legumes as an alternative.

-Nuts: Only a handful is needed to get you a solid portion of protein. It also helps your heart and cardiovascular system.

-Protein Smoothies: Putting protein into smoothies helps find a balanced way of getting your daily intake needs.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Eating and Fitness-Seeking Alternatives of Habit

You are busting your rump at the gym and running five miles a day, but you are not achieving your fitness goals. The result is you are not losing weight, staying the same, or worse gaining weight! The problem isn’t how much you work out but what you put in your mouth. Finding healthy alternatives will make a big difference in whether or not you will be able to achieve your desired body shape.

If you look at the average person in this country you will find that approximately 75% are overweight or obese. The problem has become such an epidemic that laws and regulations are being passed to counter the danger. This may be one of the first generations to decline in lifespan.

The problem lies in many areas and can be broken down into sedentary lifestyle and overeating. There are many ways to further break this down into average calories burned and the type of food eaten. Between the two food is likely the hardest challenge to overcome.

Much of what we eat is based on habit, and it can be difficult to change automated habits. The problem is that they are so embedded in your memories, backgrounds and ethnicity that it is strenuous to think about changing. Who doesn’t remember mac & cheese as a child or hot cocoa? Throw in a couple of pudgy pies and you might as well put a few more notches on your belt.

Yummy warm memories that taught you how to be chubby!

Finding alternatives and slowly adjusting your eating is a more successful way of getting in shape. As eating is our biggest challenge, it makes to improve this as soon as you decided to get into a fitness program. Finding small changes and adjustments through the use of alternatives can make a big difference in our overall outcome.

Consider the difference the calories in regular apple pie of 420 and low-fat apple pie of 190. Imagine if you could drop your calorie county by 50% every time you put something into your mouth. Finding alternatives may just turn fat gain into fat loss without changing the actual quantity of food. With a little research, you might be able to figure out how eat more food than before while reducing your overall calorie intake. The next time you eat breakfast have oatmeal instead of your favorite frosted cereal.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Prices at Sushi Diner

Looking for great sushi but without the high sushi price? Sushi Diner is a local hot spot near Mesa College that offers some of the best prices in the area with a lot of sushi rolls. It isn’t a large establishment that has a lot of tables so don’t come expecting to find seating for a large group. More like a shack that has been converted to a sushi restaurant they still provide a warm but compact d├ęcor.

For around $10 you can order yourself a large plate of sushi that will be plenty to fulfill your palate. They have a large selection of different types of sushi for all those with fickle tastes. Cooked, raw, no rice, etc…are there for your choosing. Just peruse their menu and find what you are looking for and pick over the options. 

As a casual dining outlet you won’t be able to make a reservation. Simply just show up at the door and wait. Typical times will be under 10 minutes but you could wait a little longer. Service is fast and friendly so don’t expect to stand outside the door for very long. 

Sushi Diner carries a Bob Marley theme throughout the establishment. If you don’t believe me go into the bathroom. Bob Marley was a Jamaican Reggie singer that advocated for social change in the 70’s. He became popular for his Exodus album that led to the solidification of his musical mastery.

Sushi Diner
7530 Mesa College Dr, #B
San Diego, CA 92111

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Choosing Pretzels as a Healthy Snack Alternative

Finding healthy snacks that go along with your fitness program is not easy. The amount snacks with bad carbohydrates, processed and fatty foods are everywhere and making better choices is difficult. Americans suffer from extra pounds that are caused by a lethargic lifestyle and poor food choices. Pretzels are a great alternative to what you might find on your local supermarket shelf.  Whole wheat pretzels offer an even better snack option. It is these small decisions on an everyday basis that culminate to higher level of fitness and health. 

A 100-gram serving of pretzels (16) has about three grams of total fat and no cholesterol with 88%  consisting of healthy unsaturated fats while a comparable portion of potato chips have 36 grams of fat (1). Saturated fats and deep frying oil, often found in potato chips, add to cholesterol and body weight. Many pretzel brands are baked which lowers the negative effects. 

You may be concerned over the salt on pretzels. Sodium is a mixed debate in the health fields. For decades people believed that sodium raised cholesterol and blood pressure. According to research, when people cut back on sodium they experienced a 1% drop in blood pressure but also raised cholesterol levels by 2.5% and triglycerides by 7% (2). Salt is a mixed bag and doesn’t appear to have a positive or negative effect when eaten in moderation. 

The type of pretzel you buy appears to be the most important consideration. Some are processed flour, others sourdough and still others are whole wheat. The 100% whole wheat varieties are best. When they are sesame sticks, no trans fat, no cholesterol, no artificial colors, and no preservatives you have made the best choice. If you are a snack person, focus on making those small choices that lead to higher health instead of trying to change your entire diet all at once. When done well you can reduce heart disease by 25-46%, stroke 37%, type 2 diabetes 21-27%, cancer of digestive system 21-43%, hormone related cancer 10-40%, and obesity (3).

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Three Rules to Eating for Weight loss

You want to eat right, lose weight, and improve your health but seem to be having a hard time reaching your goal. Pumping it out on the stair stepper everyday will only do so much if you don’t think about your eating habits. Making a few adjustments to your diet will go a long way in achieving your fitness goals without wasting hours. The three simple rules are:

1-Cut back on portions.
2-Reduce white bread, refined pastas, and crackers.
3-Move to low fat dairy and reduce portions.

The vast majority of Americans are overweight due to lack of physical exercise and poor eating habits. Poor eating habits are the main cause of increased pants size and poor health above and beyond exercise. The amount of calories still takes the lead position in weight loss. No fitness training plan is complete without adjusting the food you are eating. 

We all love bread but many conventional breads don’t love us back. White bread, white pasta, white rice, crackers, pretzels, and other finely processed grains will damage your weight loss prospects through high carbohydrates (1). Whole grains provide the right ingredients due to the grain not being crushed and the nutrients removed. Look for whole grains, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta as alternatives (2).  

Cream, milk, butter and cheese will damage your weight loss achievements. Lower your dairy consumption and switch to low-fat alternatives. Dairy products contain milk sugar that slows down weight loss and generates a strong insulin response (3). You can use low-fat varieties such as skim milk, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat cheese while still getting the calcium you need (4).