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5 Tips for Busy Professionals Who Want to Get in Shape 2015

The New Year is the time that people want to lose weight and take a few steps to getting themselves in better shape. The problem is that many people have way too much on their plate and can't find the time or commitment to achieve their fitness goals. Despite knowing that habits should change we still have a difficult time making small changes that can add up to being in greater shape and better health. Making small changes can be extremely helpful in hitting your target without stressing about where and when. Make a Commitment: The first step to any fitness program is the need to make a solid commitment beyond the first few weeks of the year marked by the abandonment of so many New Year new comers. It is necessary to change habits in order to develop a long-lasting fitness program that will help you achieve the next level in your goals. This takes a considerable period of time to establish. Start Small: Don't try and take over the world in a day. Habits are formed through

Three Rules to Eating for Weight loss

You want to eat right, lose weight, and improve your health but seem to be having a hard time reaching your goal. Pumping it out on the stair stepper everyday will only do so much if you don’t think about your eating habits. Making a few adjustments to your diet will go a long way in achieving your fitness goals without wasting hours. The three simple rules are: 1-Cut back on portions. 2-Reduce white bread, refined pastas, and crackers. 3-Move to low fat dairy and reduce portions. The vast majority of Americans are overweight due to lack of physical exercise and poor eating habits. Poor eating habits are the main cause of increased pants size and poor health above and beyond exercise. The amount of calories still takes the lead position in weight loss. No fitness training plan is complete without adjusting the food you are eating.  We all love bread but many conventional breads don’t love us back. White bread, white pasta, white rice, crackers, pretzels, and othe

Book Review: Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?

The book entitled Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights? By Dr. Alex Hutchinson provides an excellent overview of modern fitness science and what works and what doesn’t work. As the book is focused on actual research it provides some excellent discussion on the most effective methods of getting in shape and the potential health benefits of doing so.  There are fads and there are fads. Fads come and go with lots of claims and false research projects that are designed to give a specific result that can mislead consumers. Their focus is not on science but on the actual lending of perceived credibility within marketing campaigns and messages. Don’t blindly believe most of the claims of fad diets, pills, and 10 minute widget exercises that will give you six pack abs.  Working out is a process that entails creating stress on the human body. Depending on what someone wants to accomplish they can either move toward brute muscle strength or lean cardio endurance. One can take on a