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Eating and Fitness-Seeking Alternatives of Habit

You are busting your rump at the gym and running five miles a day , but you are not achieving your fitness goals . The result is you are not losing weight , staying the same , or worse gaining weight ! The problem isn’t how much you work out but what you put in your mouth . Finding healthy alternatives will make a big difference in whether or not you will be able to achieve your desired body shape . If you look at the average person in this country you will find that approximately 75% are overweight or obese . The problem has become such an epidemic that laws and regulations are being passed to counter the danger . This may be one of the first generations to decline in lifespan. The problem lies in many areas and can be broken down into sedentary lifestyle and overeating. There are many ways to further break this down into average calories burned and the type of food eaten . Between the t

A Saturday Evening of Fitness with Tennis

The tennis racket that was leaning against the wall for the past few months finally got some use. It seemed to be much useful on the court than as a cheap form of house decoration. Health is becoming important to me and so is the opportunity to meet interesting people. Tennis provides an appropriate balance between fitness and fun so that I can sustain movement toward my fitness goals. It wasn’t a particularly warm afternoon for Southern California; somewhere near a breezy 60 degrees. A sweatshirt would have been appropriate in most casual outdoor situations. Within a few minutes, you will no longer think about a sweatshirt; or even the outside temperature. Chasing that green furry ball is all the heat needed to keep warm. Tennis is a fast sport and requires sprinting from one side of the court to the other. The quick dashes, stops, and arm movements  of your muscles, heart and arms.  It is one of those full-body workouts that doesn’t feel like you're doing anything until it

Eating Out When a Healthy Menu is Lacking

Eating out is an activity busy Americans frequently in but don’t often understand the consequences of their food choices.   Some people eat out more than three times a week and this can have an impact on their waistline if they do not adjust their food selections. When Healthy Heart options are lacking an alternative strategy is needed. You can still enjoy your dining experience while eating healthy with a few simple tips. Part of the problem relates to the consumers choice of foods and the other is more akin to menu options.   Consumers regularly select foods that will satisfy their immediate cravings without regard to the longer consequences of poor eating.   At times restaurants don't offer healthy options or nutrition information. A little reflection can go a long way. Some restaurants offer a Healthy Heart option which can be an invaluable food selection tool. The use of Healthy Heart menu options has lots of room for growth in the restaurant industry (Jones, et