Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Few Ideas on Eating Lean and Low Fat Protein

Protein is a beneficial addition to your diet but often comes with high calories and loads of saturated fat. Despite its downsides, it is necessary to eat enough protein to ensure that your mind, muscle and body are adequately provided with the nutrients needed to stay healthy. If you are a fitness nut and are concerned about the amount of fat in your daily protein intake consider lean and low fat options.

If you like to exercise and improve your fitness level you will need an ample supply of protein to repair your muscles. It is recommended that men consume between .4 and .8g of protein per pound of body mass (1). .4 is an absolute minimum and .8 for an athlete.

-White vs. Dark Mean Chicken: Chicken is a main staple. There is a difference between legs ad breast. Eating white meat chicken with mostly spices versus marinated is the best alternative.

-Lean Beef: Lean beef versus regular beef is best as it substantially reduces the overall amount of saturated fat in your diet. Use it for cooking in any recipe that requires meat.

-Fish: Fish is one of the best sources of protein with very little fat. How you cook it will determine its overall benefits.

-Lentils, Beans and Legumes: If you desire to obtain protein without the burden of high fat check out lentil, beans and legumes as an alternative.

-Nuts: Only a handful is needed to get you a solid portion of protein. It also helps your heart and cardiovascular system.

-Protein Smoothies: Putting protein into smoothies helps find a balanced way of getting your daily intake needs.

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