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Experience Authentic British Culture at Shakespeare Pub & Grille

People who dine out regularly experience culture with their food. They enjoy Asian culture through sushi, Mexican culture through tacos and French culture through fine dining. Don’t forget the creamy pasta in Italian restaurants. Yet few think of dining in the British style. If you want to experience the original culture of the first European settlers you may just want to make your way to the Shakespeare Pub & Grille. Fitting since July 4th is tomorrow- request a Samuel Adams! English food is distinct when compared to their American versions. The food is full of variety due to the many cultural influences on the island ( 1 ). For example, spices came from India, Romans brought wine, cabbages, and peas while the Vikings introduced smoked fish. Many of the meats and herbs are grown in the local climate and are customary in British cuisine. Ham is also a favorite main staple.  Shakespeare Pub & Grille offers classic British dishes along with a few newcomers. Consi