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Historical Oceanfront Dining at Brockton Villa

Dining in style isn’t hard at the Brockton Villa. Towering over the cliffs you get a great view of the bay, sounds and smells of the ocean, and the fresh outdoor air while toasting the great times. As a historical landmark it is one of those places that offers more than just great food. It is a local icon with its own charm and history. Tourists flock to the restaurant as they walk along the coast and cove.  The barren site was bought by Dr. Joseph Rodes in 1894 for $165. A great ocean front site with access to the cove and the beach. It was a vacationing home in the bungalow style. Over the years it was inhabited by the “turtle lady” who entertained President Truman and bought by Pannikin coffee to turn into a restaurant. It became a historical landmark and local attraction.  Seating occurs on the deck, terrace or inside. Within the ancient building is a warm fireplace and table seating. The terrace affords a great view of the oceanfront while the deck has a little more

Georges on the Cove-Terrace Dining Experience

George’s on the Cove offers a fine dining experience in the price range of $20 to $35 per person. As the evening ocean air makes its way up the cliff and the sounds of ruffling waves dash against the cove walls you can be dining in style. You won’t miss a single shooting star under the nighttime canopy on the third floor terrace. George’s on the Cove has three levels which include the basement, mid floor and the upper deck. Both the upper deck and the mid floor areas have access to cove views. Each floor contains a bar and their own chef. If you don’t like the offerings on one floor you may consider checking the menu on one of the others. If you’re just looking for a place to drink wine you can sit in the plush cellar on the lower floor. Lunch specials are $10 to $15 with items like the Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables for $ 14 made with hummus, tzatziki, house made pita. Evening dining ranges from $17 to $27 per person. You might want to try the Spaghetti with Clams

Fine La Jolla Italian Dining at Piatti's Restaurant

Piatti Restaurant and Bar is a fine dining Italian restaurant that focuses on high quality food and a huge selection of barrel wine. They offer extras such as the vegetarian plates, gluten free food, and children’s menu. They are located in the unique La Jolla Shores neighborhood blocks from the beach. With tree covered patios and tablecloth dining they provide an excellent atmosphere for many occasions.  Prices are affordable with Insalatas like Grilled Hearts of Romaine Wrapped with Parma Prosciutto, Drizzled Hazelnut Vinaigrette offered for   $10.95. Panini such as Roasted Leg of Lamb, Pesto, Arugula is on the menu for $14.25. If you are in the mood for starch, you might want to try Rolled Pasta Filled with Wild Mushrooms, Ricotta, Spinach, Porcini Mushroom Cream Sauce for $15.5. Piattis started in 1987 and attempts to create a design that matches the needs of the community. Each servicecape is designed to bring a romantic Italian atmosphere   Low lighting, full b