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Sogno di Vino and Their Little Italy Wine Tasting Charm

Sogno di Vino literally translates as “to dream of wine” and is located in San Diego’s bustling Little Italy district. It is an artistically designed establishment that offers multiple seating arrangements for private dining, living room socializing or night air patio eating. The southern wall is erected with considerable care as a scone lighted stone replica that contributes to the overall Renaissance decor.   The ambience lighting is low and advances a more elegant feeling while the music is just loud enough to create a soothing white noise to cover those awkward pauses in conversation. The wine list is extensive and provides red, white and bubbles varieties.   You may want to try a white Feudo disisa Grillo from Sicily or a red Protos Tempranillo from Spain. Consider a Riesling with their Smoke Salmon salad made with bed of fresh spinach with orange slices, pecans and cherry tomatoes tossed in our orange vinaigrette. Another option is the Sauvignon Blanc matched with

2013 La Mesa Christmas in the Village Pictures

La Mesa Christmas in the Village is an annual event only on December 13 th and 14 th with activities starting around 5:00 P.M. From parades to street entertainment there are a lot of things to do. The Victorian style stores are quaint and host specials during this popular event. Shopping, music, food, rides, puppet shows and even Santa come to La Mesa during this time.  The event is approximately three to five blocks long and many of the frequenters move their way to the entertainment and to the wine bars. Most people will find something that interests them. The atmosphere is focused more on children and family than anything else. Street side parking is easy to find and if you do not feel like walking a few blocks public parking is available for two dollars for a couple of hours.  Enjoy the pictures. La Mesa Merchant’s Association San Diego Coast Life

Georges on the Cove-Terrace Dining Experience

George’s on the Cove offers a fine dining experience in the price range of $20 to $35 per person. As the evening ocean air makes its way up the cliff and the sounds of ruffling waves dash against the cove walls you can be dining in style. You won’t miss a single shooting star under the nighttime canopy on the third floor terrace. George’s on the Cove has three levels which include the basement, mid floor and the upper deck. Both the upper deck and the mid floor areas have access to cove views. Each floor contains a bar and their own chef. If you don’t like the offerings on one floor you may consider checking the menu on one of the others. If you’re just looking for a place to drink wine you can sit in the plush cellar on the lower floor. Lunch specials are $10 to $15 with items like the Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables for $ 14 made with hummus, tzatziki, house made pita. Evening dining ranges from $17 to $27 per person. You might want to try the Spaghetti with Clams

Dining and Wining in Finchs Alleyway

When was the last time you sipped wine or ate dinner in an alley? Unless you are looking for free scraps of food I would bet that you haven’t done it very often. Finch’s Bistro and wine bar affords an opportunity to enjoy a California alleyway with a little style and without the dumpster diving. Nestled between a number of businesses is a little slice of sophisticated enjoyment and European style arrangements.  The menu includes French, Seafood and American dishes with a fairly large spread of options. The five areas of interest are small plates, lunch, dinner, wine, and desert.   Small plates include selections such as wrapped roasted asparagus for $11 or mussels of the day for $13. Lunch is also equally affordable with the Finch Burger for $13 and the Portobello ravioli for around $13.  Supper time brings a different venue. You may be interested in the lobster carbonara for $19 or something a little more standard such as braised chicken for $18. Of course you will need