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Dining and Wining in Finchs Alleyway

When was the last time you sipped wine or ate dinner in an alley? Unless you are looking for free scraps of food I would bet that you haven’t done it very often. Finch’s Bistro and wine bar affords an opportunity to enjoy a California alleyway with a little style and without the dumpster diving. Nestled between a number of businesses is a little slice of sophisticated enjoyment and European style arrangements.  The menu includes French, Seafood and American dishes with a fairly large spread of options. The five areas of interest are small plates, lunch, dinner, wine, and desert.   Small plates include selections such as wrapped roasted asparagus for $11 or mussels of the day for $13. Lunch is also equally affordable with the Finch Burger for $13 and the Portobello ravioli for around $13.  Supper time brings a different venue. You may be interested in the lobster carbonara for $19 or something a little more standard such as braised chicken for $18. Of course you will need